Bank shot

Bank shot

Bank shot, Bank Shot or bankshot may refer to:

* Bank shot, a basketball shot that relies on the ball bouncing off the backboard and into the basket.
* Bank shot, a Cuegloss|Bank shot|shot in cue sports, such as pool (pocket billiards) and snooker, in which an object ball is rebounded off one or more of the table's cushions in order to be pocketed (potted), or for some other reason such as playing a safety.
* Bank shot, an air hockey and foosball move similar to the above in which the puck or ball, respectively, is bounced off one or more of the walls of the game table in order to enter the opponent's goal.
* "Bank Shot", a 1972 comedy novel about a bank robbery, part of Donald E. Westlake's "John Dortmunder" series:* "Bank Shot", the 1974 comedy film adaptation of the above novel, with George C. Scott in the lead role

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