Bank (disambiguation)

Bank (disambiguation)

A bank is a financial institution.

Bank may also refer to:

In natural geography:
* Bank (sea floor), a shallow area in a body of water
**Georges Bank, near the US state of Massachusetts
**Grand Banks, off the coast of Newfoundland
**Great Chagos Bank, the largest bank in the world, near Maldives
**Saya de Malha Bank, near the Agalega Islands
* River bank or stream bank, the lateral confines of a stream bed, river, canal, or channel; see shore for a similar concept on non-channel waterways
* An earth bank, a construction of soil used to define land boundaries

In human geography:
* Bank Street (Ottawa), Ottawa's main street
* Bank Station (OC Transpo), a bus stop in Ottawa's downtown transit corridor
* The Banks, a huge development project in Cincinnati, Ohio
* The area of London close to the Bank of England, and to Bank and Monument stations
* Bankə, Azerbaijan
* Promysel Narimanova, Azerbaijan
* Vəng, Azerbaijan

Bank may also be:
* BANK (art collective), a London art collective active in the 1990s
* Bank (tobacco), a brand of rolling tobacco.
* Bank engine (or Helper), on the Railways, a locomotive attached to the rear of a train, usually to add haulage power over a short distance
* Blood bank
* Cylinder bank, a single row of cylinders in an internal combustion engine
* Gene bank
* Seedbank
* Bank paper, thin paper
* Data bank, a storage area for information in telecommunications
* Banked turn, a road surface set at an incline for better car stability
* "The Bank (1915 film)", a 1915 film staring Charlie Chaplin
* "The Bank (2001 film)", a 2001 film
* Bank shot, a shot in cue sports
* Bank shot, a type of shot used in Basketball
* Bank or roll, an aerobatic maneuver, also see flight dynamics
* Environmental bank, government-regulated environmental projects intended to create "credits" which are bought to offset negative impacts to natural resources

ee also

* Banks
* Banker (disambiguation)
* Cache
* Embankment
* Phone bank
* Storage

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