List of political science journals

List of political science journals

This list presents representative academic journals with in the field of political science.

*"American Journal of Political Science"
*"American Political Science Review"
*"Annual Review of Political Science"
*"Australian Quarterly" [ journal home]
*"British Journal of Politics and International Relations"
*"Canadian Journal of Political Science"
*"Comparative Politics"
*"European Political Economy Review" [ journal home]
*"Foreign Policy" [ journal home]
*"Foreign Affairs" [ journal home]
*"Government and Opposition"
*"International Affairs" []
*"Journal of Common Market Studies"
*"Journal of Conflict Resolution"
*"Journal of Democracy" [ journal home]
*"Journal of International Policy Solutions" [ journal home]
*"Journal of Peace Research"
*"Journal of Politics" [ journal home]
*"Journal of Politics & Society" [ journal home]
*"Economic and Political Weekly" [ journal home]
*"Michigan Journal of Political Science" [ journal home]
*"Peace Review" [ journal home]
*"Perspectives on Politics" [ journal home]
*"Political Geography"
*"The Political Quarterly"
*"Political Science Forum"
*"Political Science Quarterly"
*"Political Studies"
*"Political Studies Review"
*"Politics and Policy" [ journal home]
*"Politics & Society"
*"" [ journal home]
*"Public Administration and Development" [ journal home]
*"Review of Politic"
*"Revista de Ciencia Política" [ journal home]
*"World Political Science Review" [ journal home]

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