Dorothy J. Heydt

Dorothy J. Heydt
Dorothy J. Heydt
Born June 6
Pen name Katherine Blake
Occupation writer
Nationality American
Genres Science fiction, Fantasy

Dorothy J. Heydt is a U.S. author of science fiction and fantasy. She lives on the U.S. West Coast and is an active participant in the Usenet newsgroups rec.arts.sf.written and rec.arts.sf.fandom, and in science fiction fandom in general. She is the originator of the Eight Deadly Words, and other pithy fannish quotes. She was the originator and first editor of the Star Trek Concordance, an extensive resource guide first published in March 1969.

A linguist, she invented one of the first widely used Vulcan conlangs in 1967 for a Star Trek fan fiction series. Its words were picked up and used by other fan fiction authors such as Claire Gabriel. One term, ni var, meaning an art form in which two contrasting aspects of a subject are compared, is still used on Star Trek: Enterprise, as the name of a Vulcan ship.

She has written numerous short stories and two novels; she sometimes writes as "Katherine Blake." Many of her stories appear in collections edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

While not one of the founding members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, she did participate in the early years and helped establish important elements of the ceremonies, such as the "Oath of Fealty" used in peerage ceremonies.[citation needed]




  • The Interior Life (1990, as Katherine Blake)
  • A Point of Honor (1998)

Short Stories

  • Through Fire and Frost (1982)
  • Things Come in Threes (1984)
  • The Song and the Flute (1986)
  • The Sum of the Parts (1987)
  • The Noonday Witch (1987)
  • Moonrise (1988)
  • Paradox Lost (1988)
  • Festival Night (1988)
  • Last Quarrel (1989)
  • Death in Thendara (1990)
  • Ratsbane (1990)
  • Back to Basics (1991)
  • Avarra's Children (1991)
  • The Death of Ranat's Pass (1992, as Katherine Blake)
  • The Master of Kanthuri (1992)
  • Queen of the Dead (1992)
  • The Gift of Minerva (1993)
  • Growing Season (1993)
  • The Wind Man (1993)
  • A Little Night Music (1995)
  • Penelli's Harp (1995, as Katherine Blake)
  • The Curse of Tanit (1996)
  • The Little Pink Worm (1996)
  • Vengeance (1997)
  • A Certain Talent (1997)
  • As Three to One (1998)
  • The Sick Rose (1998)
  • Screaming Bloody Murder (1998)
  • A Voice in the Night (1998, as Katherine Blake)
  • Honey from the Rock (1999)
  • An Exchange of Favors (2000)
  • In the Sacred Places of the Earth (2001)
  • Lord of the Earth (2002)
  • Blood Will Tell (2003)
  • Journey's End (2004)

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