David Pinto

David Pinto

David Pinto is the author of the blog Baseball Musings[1][2], a general-interest baseball blog, as well as a columnist for Sporting News. He previously worked at Project Scoresheet, STATS, Inc., ESPN,[2] Baseball Info Solutions, and Baseball Prospectus.

In April 2007, Pinto became an author for Baseball Prospectus. On September 26, 2007, he wrote a farewell column to Baseball Prospectus readers and announced that he would begin writing a regular column for Sporting News.

In addition to his blog, Pinto updates the Day by Day database on his website. This database allows users to look at a player's performance over a given period of time, or compare players over a set time period. He also calculates an advanced defensive measure called the Probabilistic Model of Range (also known as PMR), and has a tool on his site which allows users to calculate the most effective lineup based on given players' statistics.

Pinto resides in Longmeadow, Massachusetts with his wife of almost 20 years, Marilyn. They have one daughter, Melinda, and a dog, Phoebe.


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