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Havoc Records

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founded = 1992
founder = Felix Havoc
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genre = Crust punk
Hardcore punk
country = United States
location = Minneapolis, Minnesota
url = http://www.havocrex.com

Havoc Records is an underground crust punk record label based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Havoc Records was founded in 1992 by Felix Havoc. According to Felix, "I learned a lot about how to produce and distribute records in this period. Havoc Records began in 1992 as the vehicle to realize the "Burn this Racist System Down" 7" by Destroy, the band I sang for from 1988 to 1994. The next three releases were all bands that Destroy had played with on tour that I liked. The rest of the releases have been bands I heard or saw that I really liked. From the get go Havoc records has been about supporting and exposing aggressive, anti-authority, anti-society hardcore punk bands." "

The label specializes in US and Scandinavian underground punk bands. Havoc Records is run according to DIY hardcore principles where artistic integrity is placed before commercial interests. Havoc Records has released around 50 records, selling just over 250,000 records and CDs in the last 14 years.


The catalog number indicates the format (ie. 12 for 12" record, 5 for CD, 7 for 7" record)

*HC1202 DS-13 'Killed By The Kids'
*HC1203 Holding On 'Just Another Day'
*HC1204 9 Shocks Terror 'Zen And The Art Of Beating Your Ass'
*HC1205 Skitsystem 'Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen'
*HC1206 Wolfbrigade 'Progression/Regression'
*HC1207 Vitamin X 'Down The Drain'
*HC1210 Skitsystem 'Grå Värld / Svarta Tankar'
*HC1211 From Ashes Rise / Victims split
*HC1212 Tear It Up 'Taking You Down With Me'
*HC1213 Various Artists 'No Hold Back All Attack' 3xLP
*HC1214 The Restarts 'System Error'
*HC1216 Caustic Christ 'Can't Relate'
*HC1217 Kaaos 'Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos'
*HC1218 Vitamin X 'Bad Trip'
*HC1219 From Ashes Rise 'Nightmares'
*HC1220 Skitsystem 'Allt E Skit'
*HC1221 Wolfbrigade 'A D-Beat Obyssey'
*HC1222 Victims 'In Blood'
*HC1223 R.A.M.B.O. 'Bring it!'
*HC1224 Martyrdöd 'In Extremis'
*HC1225 Riistetyt Re-issue
*HC1226 Riistetyt Re-issue
*HC1227 Regulations 'Self-titled'
*HC1228 Kylesa 'To walk a middle course'
*HC1229 Dead Stop 'Live For Nothing' (US PRESS)
*HC1230 Regulations 'Electric guitar'
*HC1231 Skitsystem 'Stigmata'
*HC1232 Victims 'Divide and conquer'
*HC1233 Caustic Christ ‘Lycanthropy’
*HC1234 Kylesa ‘Time will fuse its Worth’
*HC1235 Severed Head of State ‘Power Hazard’
*HC5001 Code 13 'Discography'
*HC5002 DS-13 'Killed By The Kids'
*HC5003 Holding On 'Just Another Day'
*HC5004 Misery 'The Early Years'
*HC5006 Wolfbrigade 'Progression/Regression'
*HC5007 Vitamin X 'Down The Drain'
*HC5008 Destroy 'Discography'
*HC5009 9 Shocks Terror 'Discography'
*HC5011 From Ashes Rise / Victims split
*HC5012 Tear It Up 'Taking You Down With Me'
*HC5013 Various Artists 'No Hold Back All Attack' 3xLP
*HC5016 Caustic Christ 'Can't Relate'
*HC5022 Victims 'In Blood'
*HC5023 R.A.M.B.O. 'Bring it!'
*HC5025 Riistetyt '2000-2005'
*HC5027 Regulations 'Self-titled'
*HC5030 Regulations 'Electric guitar'
*HC5031 Skitsystem 'Stigmata'
*HC5032 Victims 'Divide and conquer'
*HC7001 Destroy 'Burn This Racist System Down'
*HC7002 Civil Disobedience 'In A Few Hours Of Madness...'
*HC7003 Aus-Rotten 'Fuck Nazi Sympathy'
*HC7004 Bristle 'The System EP'
*HC7005 Code 13 ‘Doomed Society’
*HC7006 Masskontroll 'Warpath EP'
*HC7007 H-100’s ‘Texas Death Match'
*HC7008 Code 13 ‘They Made a Wasteland and Called it Peace
*HC7009 Murderers ‘Self-titled’
*HC7010 Distraught 'Self-titled'
*HC7011 Heist ‘Pain is Causing Life’
*HC7012 Protesti '8 Track EP'
*HC7013 Brother Inferior/N.O.T.A. Split
*HC7014 Tampere SS ‘Sotaa’
*HC7015 Tampere SS 'Kuollut & Kuopattu'
*HC7016 Code 13 'A Part Of America Died Today'
*HC7017 Demon System 13 'Aborted Teen Generation'
*HC7018 Spazm 151 'Power Songs For The Kids'
*HC7019 United Super Villains 'Escapist'
*HC7020 Clusterbombunit 'And The Dirty Little Weapons"
*HC7021 Kaaos 'Nukke-EP'
*HC7022 Nine Shocks Terror 'Mobile Terror Unit'
*HC7023 Demon System 13 / Code 13 '13 Song Split' 7"
*HC7024 Tear It Up 'Self-titled'
*HC7025 Vitamin X 'People That Bleed'
*HC7026 Assembly Of God 'Submission Obedience Denial'
*HC7027 Riistetyt 'Tervetuola Kuolema'
*HC7028 Caustic Christ 'Self-titled'
*HC7029 Amdi Petersen's Arme 'Blod Ser Mere Virkligt Ud Da Film'
*HC7030 Spitting Teeth 'Don't Believe The Hype'
*HC7031 Path Of Destruction '1 A.M.'
*HC7032 Damage Deposit 'Do Damage'
*HC7033 Any Last Words 'Self-titled'
*HC7034 Damage Deposit 'Straight to the bottom'
*HC7035 Caustic Christ 'Government job'
*HC7036 Riistetyt 'Tuomiopaiva'
*HC7037 Riistetyt 'Kahleet'
*HC7038 The State 'No Illusions'
*HC7040 Vitamin X 'Rip It Out'
*HC7042 Dodsdomd ‘Seven Deadly Sins’
*HC7043 Fucked Up 'Litany'
*HC7044 Moderat Likvidation ‘Nited’
*HC7045 Moderat Likvidation ‘Marionett I Kedjor’
*HC7046 Moderat Likvidation ‘Kottahuve’
*HC7047 Mob 47 ‘1984 ep’
*HC7048 Regulations ‘Different Needs’

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