THC (disambiguation)

THC (disambiguation)

The acronym THC has several possible meanings:

* Tetrahydrocannabinol, the main active chemical compound in Cannabis
* Tenet Healthcare, an American healthcare provider; THC is its stock ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange
* Thermohaline circulation, an ocean current
* "The Harvard Crimson", the student newspaper of Harvard University
* Terminal Handling Charge
* Temperature & Humidity Chamber
* Texas Historical Commission
* The History Channel
* Tan Holdings Corporation
* The Hackers Choice
* Tenderloin Housing Clinic, a low-income housing organization in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood
* T.H.C., a band that plays trip hop and electronica music.
* Total HydroCarbons, as in an emissions standard
* Transport Holding Company

THC may also refer to a modified dashboard for the Xbox game console, which later was replaced with UIXFact|date=October 2007.

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