German Type IX submarine

German Type IX submarine

Type IXB was an improved model with an increased range. It was the most successful version overall with each boat averaging a total of over 100,000 tonnes sunk.

Famous IXB boats included "U-123" under the command of Reinhard Hardegen, which opened up the attack in the US waters in early 1942 known as Operation Drumbeat, and "U-107" out of Freetown, Africa under the command of Hessler, which had the most successful single mission of the war over with close to 100,000 tonnes sunk.

Fourteen Type IXB U-boats were built by AG Weser of Bremen.

"U-64" - "U-65" -
"U-103" - "U-104" -
"U-105" - "U-106" -
"U-107" - "U-108" -
"U-109" - "U-110" -
"U-111" - "U-122" -
"U-123" - "U-124"

Type IXC

Type IXD was significantly longer and heavier than the IXC/40. They also had two pairs of diesels one pair for cruise and one pair for battery high speed or battery recharge. There were three variants: the IXD1, IXD2 and IXD/42. The IXD1 had unreliable engines and they were converted to transports.The IXD2 comprised most of the class. The IXD/42, was almost identical but with more engine power (5,400 ehp instead of 4,400). In 1943 and 1944 the torpedo tubes were removed from a number of IXD boats and they converted for transport use. In their new role the could transport 252 tonnes of freight.

Thirty Type IXD U-boats were built by AG Weser of Bremen.
U-177 - U-178 -
U-179 - U-180 -
U-181 - U-182 -
U-195 - U-196 -
U-197 - U-198 -
U-199 - U-200 -
U-847 - U-848 -
U-849 - U-850 -
U-851 - U-852 -
U-859 - U-860 -
U-861 - U-862 -
U-863 - U-864 -
U-871 - U-872 -
U-873 - U-874 -
U-875 - U-876

Several Type IXD/42 U-boats were contracted to be built AG Weser of Bremen, but only two were commissioned. They were:

U-883 was launched on April 28, 1944 and commissioned March 27, 1945. Her career ended in Operation Deadlight.

U-884 was launched on May 17, 1944 but was badly damaged on March 30, 1945 by US bombs while still in dockyard hands.

U-885, U-886 U-887, and U-888 were laid down but construction halted on September 30, 1943 when all IXD/42 contracts were cancelled.

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