Peduncle (botany)

Peduncle (botany)

In botany, a peduncle is a stalk supporting an inflorescence, or after fecundation a fruit.

The peduncle has the structure of a stem. It is usually green, and without leaves. It can however sometimes support small leaves, or be colored. The end of the peduncle supports the flower, consisting of petals, sepals, carpel, etc.

The peduncle can be ramified, in this case the ramifications are called pedicels.

Cherry peduncles may have some curative properties. They can form antibodies used in photosynthesis, in order to prevent wilting during harsh conditions. Fact|date=June 2008

The Pedonculate oak owns its name to the fact that its fruits (the acorns) are handled by a long peduncle.

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