Richmond Herald

Richmond Herald

Richmond Herald of Arms in Ordinary is an officer of arms of the College of Arms. From 1421 to 1485 Richmond was a herald to John, Duke of Bedford, George, Duke of Clarence, and Henry, Earl of Richmond, all of whom held the Honour (estate) of Richmond. However, on the accession of Henry VII in 1485, Richmond became a king of arms and remained so until 1510, when the office became that of a herald in ordinary of the Crown. The badge of office is a red rose of Lancaster dimidiating the white rose en soleil of York, ensigned by the royal crown. Although this device has all the characteristics of a Tudor invention, it is likely to be of fairly recent derivation.

The current Richmond Herald of Arms in Ordinary is Patric Laurence Dickinson, LVO, MA (Oxford).

Holders of the Office

"Brackets indicate a date or approximate date for which there is evidence that the named person was holder of this office. The reigning monarch is given if the date is not known more precisely."

Herald of John, Duke of Bedford

*(1430) Peter Bouchard, Esq.
*(Hen VI) Thomas More, Esq.

Herald of George, Duke of Clarence

*(Edw IV) William Brereton, Esq.
*(1473) Thomas Griffin, Esq.

Herald of Henry, Earl of Richmond

*(1485) Roger Machado, Esq.

King of Arms

*(1485) Roger Machado, Esq.
*1498-1510 Robert Browne, Esq.

Herald of Arms in Ordinary

*1511-1522 John Joyner, Esq.
*1522-1536 Christopher Barker, Esq.
*1536-1540 John Narboone, Esq.
*1540-1547 Gilbert Dethick, Esq.
*1547-1557 Lawrence Dalton, Esq.
*1557-1566 Nicholas Narboone, Esq.
*1566-1585 Hugh Cotgrave, Esq.
*1585-1597 Richard Lee, Esq.
*1597-1597 William Camden, Esq.
*1597-1615 John Raven, Esq.
*1615-1635 Sir Henry St George
*1635-1660 George Mainwaring, Esq.
*1660-1677 Sir Henry St George
*1677-1704 Henry Dethick, Esq.
*1704-1707 John Hare, Esq., FSA
*1707-1721 Peter Le Neve, Esq.
*1721-1722 Robert Dale, Esq.
*1722-1737 Charles Whinyates, Esq.
*1737-1755 James Lane, Esq.
*1755-1763 Francis Grose, FAS
*1763-1764 Henry Pugolas, Jun., Esq.
*1764-1780 Peter Dore, Esq.
*1780-1803 Ralph Bigland the Younger, Esq.
*1803-1838 Joseph Hawker, Esq.
*1838-1846 James Pulman, Esq.
*1846-1873 Matthew Charles Howard-Gibbon, Esq.
*1873-1882 Henry Harrington Molyneux-Seel, Esq.
*1882-1889 Arthur Staunton Larken, Esq.
*1889-1919 Charles Harold Athill, Esq., MVO, FSA
*1919-1928 Sir Gerald Woods Wollaston, KCB, KCVO
*1928-1942 Henry Robert Charles Martin, Esq., FSA
*1943-1961 Sir Anthony Richard Wagner, KCB, KCVO, DLitt, FSA
*1962-1967 Robin Ian Evelyn Milne Stuart de la Lanne-Mirrlees, Esq.
*1967-1980 John Philip Brooke Brooke-Little, Esq., CVO, FSA
*1980-1989 Michael Maclagan, Esq., CVO, FSA, FRHistS
*1989-Present Patric Laurence Dickinson, Esq., LVO

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* Heraldry
* Officer of Arms
* The College of Arms


* "The College of Arms, Queen Victoria Street : being the sixteenth and final monograph of the London Survey Committee", Walter H. Godfrey, assisted by Sir Anthony Wagner, with a complete list of the officers of arms, prepared by H. Stanford London, (London, 1963)
* "A History of the College of Arms &c", Rev. Mark Noble, (London, 1804)

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