List of characters in The Mummy series

List of characters in The Mummy series

The following is a selected list of characters who've appeared throughout the Mummy series (The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and the spin-offs The Scorpion King and ). Main and minor characters are included.

The Mummy

Richard "Rick" O'Connell

Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) is the central protagonist of the film. He served in the French Foreign Legion before becoming an adventurer. Evelyn and her brother Jonathan, save him from being hanged early in the movie so that he can lead them to the lost city of Hamunaptra. A subplot throughout the film is the growing romance between Rick and Evelyn. Rick provides much of the action of the film, culminating in his killing of Imhotep.

Evelyn "Evy" Carnahan

Evie Carnahan (Rachel Weisz) is another protagonist, she is a clever, intelligent, but clumsy Egyptologist in Cairo's Museum of Antiquities. She, along with Rick and her brother, Jonathan travels to the lost city of Hamunaptra, where she hopes to find a rare ancient book. When some Americans find a book but not the golden book of Amun-Ra but in fact the book of the dead which gives life, Evy steals the book from the American egyptologist who was sleeping and reads a page of it which unintentionally resurrects Imhotep. Imhotep wants to use her body to resurrect his long-dead lover, and he takes her captive. Upon being rescued, she reads a page from the book of Amon-Ra, rendering Imhotep mortal. Rick then pierces Imhotep in the stomach. while he goes down into the water, he returns to mummy form, and Evie says in Egyptian,

"Death is only the beginning."

Jonathan Carnahan

Jonathan Carnahan (John Hannah) is Evelyn's older brother: he is a thief of considerable skill with some knowledge in reading ancient Egyptian and athletic skills nearing those of O' Connell's. Johathan also shown to have some skills in marksmenship, often holding his own against mummies when armed with a gun. He is the source of comic relief in the film, through his desire for treasure and irrepressible demeanour. He also has a slight distrust and dissaproval of Americans and their wild attitude. He is the one who finds the Egyptian key with the map to Hamunaptura hidden inside.

Ardeth Bay

Ardeth Bay (Oded Fehr) is a member of the Medjai, the Muslim descendants of the original Medjai - the Pharaoh's sacred bodyguards; a group, who have watched over and guarded Hamunaptra for centuries. They are sworn to do all in their power to prevent the release of Imhotep. Despite being an enemy of the protagonists as they begin digging, Ardeth Bay becomes an ally when it becomes apparent that they all must work together to stop Imhotep.

Ardeth Bay was raised as a Medjai in the Sahara desert, being taught from birth that he could never, ever allow anyone to re-awaken Imhotep, a cursed mummy with immortal powers and (currently) imprisoned in suspended animation. This treacherous former-priest had been buried deep below the legendary city Hamunaptra, The City of the Dead, along with the two magical books The Book of the Dead and The Book of Amun Ra. For over three-thousand years, the Medjai, a secret society of brave warriors descended from the loyal bodyguards of Pharaoh Seti I, had silently guarded the decrepit city, either killing or scaring off all who found it or approached it.

Bay’s first actual appearance in The Mummy was during the opening battle between an outnumbered team of French Foreign Legionnaires and wild Tuareg bandits, which took place in the ruins of Hamunaptra. He paid extra-close watch on one of the soldiers: an American named Rick O’Connell, as he desperately fought the raging Tuareg.

Ardeth Bay is an anagram of "Death By Ra." The same name was used by Boris Karloff's character in the original Mummy film.

Gad Hassan

Gad Hassan (Omid Djalili) is the warden of Cairo Prison set out to hang Rick for deserting his post in the French Foreign Legion, but rather had it in mind to execute simply because it would pay fifty pounds to execute Rick rather than to turn him in. For a 25% cut of the profits made from the expedition, Warden Hassan agreed to release Rick from being hung, as Rick was being hung as the terms were discussed.

Much to Evelyn's chagrin, Warden Hassan came along on the expedition with the intent to protect his investment. As soon as the expedition led by Rick had reached the City of the Dead, the Warden's greed had spelled out his fate for when he had gone off alone searching for valuables to pocket in the ruins, he came across a mural with what looked like jewels encrusted in. In his occupation with prying off the jewels, he failed to notice that one had slipped his pouch where it should have gone and instead fallen to the floor, where the stone cracked open to reveal a hideous scarab beetle that tore open the Warden's shoe and began eating its way up the Warden's body while he screamed in agony and the insect reached the Warden's brain. In his agony, the Warden sprinted off, shrieking, squarely into a solid rock wall, killing himself.

Beni Gabor

Beni Gabor (Kevin J. O'Connor) is Rick's old Hungarian war buddy who abandoned Rick during a battle with desert raiders. He leads a group of Americans to Hamunaptra, but while there betrays them and begins to work for Imhotep after being promised treasure. Eventually, he is devoured by scarab beetles in the temple's treasure chamber at the end of the film.

Allen Chamberlain

Allen Chamberlain (Jonathan Hyde) is an Egyptologist that travels with a trio of rowdy Americans, their guide, Beni; and a number of native diggers to reach Hamunaptra. Once under the employ of the Metropolitan Museum of New York, Dr. Chamberlain left "under a cloud of scandal", as Evelyn had put it.

Dr. Chamberlain was, of his party, the most prudent when it came to searching the ruins of the city for artifacts, while the three Americans that accompanied him were solely interested in attaining gold and jewels. Dr. Chamberlain knew of the booby-traps and lore that surrounded the City of the Dead and so was more than reluctant to open the chest containing the Book of the Dead, but did at any rate, and was thus subject to the curse that entailed. Once Evelyn had mistakenly called Imhotep, as she had found his corpse, back to life, Dr. Chamberlain screamed out against it, but it was too late. Imhotep had begun to consume those that had a hand in the opening of the chest, consuming Burns first. Dr. Chamberlain had made it back to Cairo with the others, but separated himself from their group before Rick and the others could get him back to safety from the mummy's grip. Dr. Chamberlain had begun to escape but instead ran into Imhotep, who had consummated the curse and assimilated Chamberlain's organs and fluids, leaving behind a dried husk in Chamberlain's clothes.


A bespectacled American adventurer, Burns was one of the treasure hunters that made his way to the City of the Dead, looking for treasure. Burns was as intent on finding treasure as the other Americans but was not as much a fighter as his companions. Burns was one of those present when the chest containing the Book of the Dead was opened, and because of this was a pawn of the curse that sealed it. Burns was caught by the mummified Imhotep, who was brought mistakenly to life by Evelyn, who had read from the book, and was robbed of his eyes and tongue by the mummy, but was rescued by the Medjai before the mummy could do any more harm. Burns made it to Cairo, where a "Prince Imhotep" paid him a visit in his hotel room under the pretenses of purchasing the canopic jar that was in Burns' possession, but with intent to finish consummating the curse, killing Burns.


Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) is the main antagonist of the film. In 1290 BC., Imhotep was High priest under the rule of King Seti I. He began an affair with King Seti's mistress, Anck-su-namun, and they murder the King when he discovers it. After doing so, they are discovered and Anck-su-namun commits suicide with the intention of having Imhotep resurrect her. He attempts to do so but is captured at Hamunaptra, and is punished by enduring the Curse of Hom Dai, a ritual that involved mummifying Imhotep alive with his sarcophagus filled with carnivorous scarab beetles. As a result of the curse, Imhotep was made an undead fiend with control over sand and other elements. Three thousand years later, during an archaeological dig, Imhotep was accidentally unleashed and revived. After regenerating his body using the flesh and organs of the thieves who had opened a cursed chest, he set about trying to resurrect Anck-su-namun again, this time using Evelyn for a sacrifice. Ultimately, Imhotep is defeated when his immortality is taken by the powers of the Book of the Amun-Ra and he is impaled by a scimitar. As he decays back into his skeletal mummy form and falls into the pool from which he summoned Anck-su-namun's Ba, Imhotep vows to return to have his revenge.


Anck-su-namun (Patricia Velásquez) is the lover of Imhotep and the beautiful mistress of Pharaoh Seti I, she is the one who kills the pharaoh at the beginning of The Mummy after a night of passion with Imhotep, and then waits for Imhotep to resurrect her so they can continue their relationship. Anck-su-namun appears only briefly in The Mummy as she is undead, like Imhotep, and she tries to kill Evelyn in order to become fully alive after her Ba entered her decayed body. However, Jonathan takes command of Imhotep's guards and has them stab Anck-su-namun to death in the climactic fight sequence.

The Mummy Returns

Richard "Rick" O'Connell

Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) is now married to Evelyn and together they have a son named Alex. Through conversations with Ardeth Bay, it is revealed that he is the descendant of the Medjai. He tries to fight the notion of his role being fated. In the end, Rick finally accepts his destiny and succeeds in killing the Scorpion King and sending his Army of Anubis back to the Underworld.

Evelyn "Evy" Carnahan O'Connell

Evy O'Connell (Rachel Weisz) is now married to Rick and together they have a son named Alex. Through several flashbacks, Evy discovers that she is the reincarnation of Nefertiri, an ancient Egyptian princess, the daughter of King Seti I to be exact, and guardian of the Bracelet of Anubis. She has been having dreams and vague recollections of her past life. Nefertiri is revealed to be the one who summoned the Medjai to help her father, who was being murdered by Imhotep and his traitorous lover, Ank-su-namun.

Alexander 'Alex' O'Connell

Alex O'Connell (Freddie Boath) is the son of Evy and Rick O'Connell. When he puts on the Bracelet of Anubis, it reveals to him the path to the pyramid of the Scorpion King. He is captured by Imhotep's followers, and much of the film focuses on the attempts of his parents to rescue him. He has a witty and bratty (he actually insults and challenges Imhotep) attitude, but is good-hearted and intelligent far beyond his years, a trait his parents never hesitate to acknowledge.

Jonathan Carnahan

Jonathan Carnahan (John Hannah) is Evy's brother. He has a golden stick which is later revealed to be the Scepter of Osiris, which is actually a spear that could be collapsed into a sceptre, and apparently the only weapon capable of slaying the Scorpion King. He is still as greedy and comedic as in the first film, but apparently has a girlfriend at the time that Imhotep's followers invade the O'Connell household.

Ardeth Bay

Ardeth Bay (Oded Fehr) returns as an ally of the O'Connells. He goes through many trials to stop the release of the Scorpion King, but doesn't succeed, and unfortunately, the Scorpion King is released. He leads his people in a desperate battle against the Anubis Warriors that form the Scorpion King's army. He also possesses a pet hawk named Horus, which he uses to send messages to the other Medjai Tribes. Horus is later shot and killed by Bay's nemesis, Lock-Nah, and he later has his revenge in a deadly duel. He leads the Medjai in the battle against the Army of Anubis.


Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) returns as the movie's main antagonist. Having been resurrected and freed from the resin he had been trapped in at the end of the first movie by a group of cultists and Anck-Su-Namun, Imhotep proceeds to seek out the Bracelet of Anubis, which was the key to finding the lair of the Scorpion King, an ancient warrior who's power Imhotep needs as he is still mortal. After finding the bracelet on the arm of Alex O'Connell, Imhotep captures the boy and uses him to find the lair of the Scorpion King. Once Imhotep reaches the lair, he is robbed of his telekinesis, immortality, and other powers granted by the Curse of Hom Dai by Anubis. When the Scorpion King responds to Imhotep's summons, Imhotep tricks him into attacking Rick O'Connell. When Rick kills the Scorpion King and sends him and his army to the Underworld, the palace begins to collapse. Rick and Imhotep both nearly fall into a chasm, that apparently leads to the underworld, and grab onto the ledge. While Rick is rescued by Evelyn, Anck-Su-Namun leaves Imhotep to die while he begs for her assistance. After this betrayal, Imhotep loses the will to live and willingly casts himself into the pit.

Anck-su-namun/Meela Nais

Anck-su-namun has a vastly improved role in this film. She is shown to be far more treacherous than in the first film, and even relishes in her treachery, e.g. when she passionately kisses Imhotep atop the British Museum after she has kidnapped Alex O'Connell. Part of Anck-su-namun's soul was reincarnated as a millionaire by the name of Meela Nais, the name by which she is known before she allows Imhotep to have her past-life's Ba enter her body to completely become Anck-su-namun. Knowing that Evelyn was the reincarnation of her rival Princess Nefertiri, Anck-su-namun succeeds in killing her, though she is forced to fight Evelyn in a brief battle until they arrive near the end of Rick's fight with the Scorpion King. But as later revealed, Anck-su-namun never truly loved Imhotep as he had with her, leaving him to fend for himself as she ran off, only to die a painful death after falling into a pit of scorpions.

Mathayus (The Scorpion King)

The Scorpion King (Dwayne Johnson) is a seldom-seen yet key character in the film, appearing at the beginning and in the climax. He was once a warrior who made a deal with Anubis in a bid for revenge. After he carried out his vengeance he was taken by Anubis and transformed into a massive centauroid scorpion-monster. In this form, Imhotep tricks him into fighting with Rick. Eventually Rick kills him with the Spear of Osiris.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

The O'Connells return, though Evelyn and Alex are played by new actors, Maria Bello and Luke Ford respectively.

Emperor Han

Emperor Han (Jet Li), also known as the Dragon Emperor, is the main antagonist of the third film. Han was a ruthless warlord who desired immortality. To that end, he sought the sorceress Zi Yuan for the secrets of immortality. He orders his first in command, General Ming Guo, to never touch Zi Yuan, for he wishes her to be his queen. However, Zi Yuan has fallen in love with Ming Guo and, after making Han immortal, wishes to live with him; in response, Han has Ming Guo killed. It is shortly revealed that Han was cursed once he was made immortal and turns into stone, as does his army. His body, however, is excavated by Alex O'Connell and placed in a museum, where he is revived through the intervention of General Yang. Once revived, Han manages to find Shangri-la where he completes his immortality and gains shapeshifting powers. He then kidnaps Lin, the daughter of Zi Yuan, and goes to the site where he was excavated, where he revives his terracotta army and kills Zi Yuan in close combat. In the end, he himself is killed when stabbed through the heart by Rick and Alex O'Connell with two pieces of a dagger forged for the purpose of his destruction.

Zi Yuan

Zi Yuan (Michelle Yeoh) is an immortal whom Han sought out to receive the eternal life she possesses. She encountered Ming Guo, Han's general, who was sent to find her, and they fell in love. Han forbade Ming Guo from touching Zi Yuan, but they defiantly embraced and she was impregnated with whom would grow up to be her daughter, Lin. After granting Han his immortality, she wished to be with Ming Guo, but Han instead had him killed. He then stabbed Zi Yuan, but not before she revealed that she had in fact laid a curse upon him that turned him and his army into stone. She managed to escape into the mountains where she was recovered by a yeti and taken to Shangri-La, where she gave birth to her daughter. For the next 2,000 years they guarded the secrets of Emperor Han until he was revived. Han enters Shangri-La and lifts his curse, becoming fully immortal and gaining greater powers, and kidnaps Lin, taking her to where his body was found. Zi Yuan follows him with the O'Connells and sacrifices her own immortality to raise an army of the Emperor's undead enemies to combat his newly-raised terracotta army. She battles Han in close combat where she is mortally wounded, but is able to provide Lin and the O'Connells a special dagger they use to destroy him.


Lin (Isabella Leong) is Zi Yuan's daughter and protector of the Dragon Emperor's Tomb. Born 2,000 years ago after the death of her father, Ming Guo, at the hands of Emperor Han, Lin was raised in Shangri-La and kept young and immortal with the water there. She tries to stop Alex O'Connell from unearthing the Emperor's body, but she is prevented by Alex's partner Roger Wilson, who is actually working to resurrect him. She and Alex meet again in Shanghai where Han is put on display, where she reveals Wilson's treachery and tries to stab Han's corpse in the heart with the only dagger that can kill him before he is resurrected, only to find that the body she stabbed in the display's sarcophagus is a decoy and that Han's body is concealed within the terracotta sculpture of him. Han is revived, and Lin fails to kill him in the ensuing chase. She guides the O'Connells to Shangri-La in the Himalayas, summoning the aid of the yeti living there. She also develops feelings for Alex, but claims they cannot be together as, once her immortality is revealed to him, she may never overcome the pain of watching Alex die of age as she lives forever, much like her mother did with her mortal father. Soon Han breaks into Shangri-La and becomes an immortal shapeshifter, kidnapping Lin and taking her to the site where he was unearthed. He raises his army and battles Zi Yuan, who had sacrificed both Lin's and her own immortality to raise an undead army to fight off Han's; Alex, meanwhile, rescues Lin. Han mortally wounds Zi Yuan, who tells Lin to go kill the Emperor. Lin, however, is despondent, leading the O'Connells to fulfill this wish. After Han is defeated, the now mortal Lin settles with Alex.

General Ming Guo

General Ming Guo (Russell Wong) was Han's first of command, and his closest friend. He was sent to find Zi Yuan, a sorceress who could grant Emperor Han immortality, and he fell in love with her upon first sight. Han ordered Ming Guo to never touch Zi Yuan, but they defiantly embraced, and he impregnated her with a daughter. For this treachery, Ming Guo was executed, but not before Zi Yuan placed a curse on Han that turned him into stone. Ming Guo was then buried under the Great Wall. 2,000 years later, Ming Guo was resurrected by Zi Yuan to lead an undead army consisting of Han's enemies buried under the wall with him again the also resurrected Han's terra cotta army. Although Zi Yuan was killed at the Emperor's hands, Han was ultimately defeated and his army literally crumbled. Victorious, Ming Guo and his army moved onto a presumably blissful afterlife, where he would spend eternity with Zi Yuan. Ming Guo can safely be considered the first undead ally of the O'Connells in "The Mummy" series.

General Yang

(Anthony Wong Chau-Sang )General Yang isHan's supporter, setting up the Dragon Emperor's revival and following him to Shangri-La with his assistant Choi. He dies with Choi when the get crushed at the end of the film.

Mad Dog Maguire

A pilot, who is an old friend of Rick O'Connell's. He helps the O'Connells make their way to Tibet on their journey to Shangri-La. He has a serious drinking problem.

Roger Wilson

Roger Wilson (David Calder) was Alex's supporter in his expedition of the Dragon Emperor Han's tomb, but is really in league with General Yang, who wishes to resurrect the Emperor. After excavating the Emperor's petrified body and placed in a museum in Shanghai, Wilson requested that Rick and Evelyn O'Connell bring the Eye of Shangri-La to there, which would be used to resurrect the Emperor. Wilson insists that the newly resurrected Emperor take him with him, but the Emperor uncaringly kills him by knocking his head off.


Choi (Jessey Meng) is General Yang's assistant and possibly his lover. She helped General Yang to revive the Dragon Emperor. Refusing to let him go despite his order, she died with General Yang when she and him where crushed by a wooden crank.

The Scorpion King

Mathayus (The Scorpion King)

Mathyaus, The Scorpion King (The Rock) is an Akkadian mercenary who is hired to kill the king's sorcerer, He is betrayed by his client's son and witnesses his brother's death. With the aid of Arpid, a horse thief, he escapes a fatal death and vows revenge for his brother. He travels to Gomorrah with Arpid to break in and kill Memnon, but fails and comes across the sorceress. He kidnaps her but eventually teams up with her and Balthazar to kill Memnon. He then claims the throne as the Scorpion King and establishes a peaceful rule with the sorceress as his queen.

As portrayed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the film The Scorpion King and The Mummy Returns, Mathayus was once a man who knew only death and murder as his purpose in life, but possessed a soft spot for children and women. He was a sarcastic warrior who enjoyed battle and a greatly humorous person during combat and in dangerous situations, perhaps to give him more confidence in his predicaments. He also has a close friendship with his two brothers, and strongly believes in vengeance and honor, frequently quoting an old Akkadian oath: “Live free…die well.” By the time he and his brethren are introduced, they are purportedly the last of the Akkadians during a time of conflict and bloodshed by the conqueror Memnon. They are tasked in assassinating his sorceress but his brothers perish when they are betrayed. He swore revenge when he escapes Memnon's confinement with a horse thief. He inadvertently rescues the sorceress who saves him from certain death on one occasion by a weapon laced with scorpion venom. She claims that should he survive, the blood of the Scorpion shall flow within his veins (hence his title). He later rallies the rebels with Nubian leaders Balthazar and Queen Isis to stand up towards Memnon's tyranny. With Cassandra's help, he ultimately defeats Memnon in defiance of her vision (where he is depicted as perishing). As the rule of the Legendary City Gomorrah, he is crowned king by the denizens of the latter city after the tyrant's death, establishing his kingship and legend as the Scorpion King.

However, by the time of "The Mummy Returns"’ prologue, Mathayus is now a ruthless king and general who is in the process of a massive crusade against the known world. When his forces are defeated after a seven-year-long campaign against the Egyptian capital Thebes, Mathayus finds himself stranded in the vast desert, dying of thirst. Then, in his final moments before dying, the Scorpion King made one last attempt to redeem his honor and defeat his enemies, pledging service to the god Anubis in return for using his invincible Army. This displays Mathayus’ Akkadian sense of justice and warped sense of redemption. He succeeds in redeeming his honor, but his soul is taken by the god to be cursed in his unending service and sealed his soul in limbo underneath the pyramid of the Oasis Kingdom of Ahm Shere, originally created as a sanctuary for him. To break his undying curse, whoever defeats him in fair combat is either granted control of his army of Anubis, and can either command them in battle or return them to the Underworld, an opportunity that Imhotep seeks to exploit in hopes of conquering the world. After five thousand years, the God Anubis grants Mathayus the body of a Scorpion to challenge Imhotep and Rick O'Connell. However, in the skirmish, he is ultimately freed from his curse by Rick O'Connell's bravery when he stabs the Spear of Osiris through him, sending him and Anubis' army back to the Underworld and putting an end to his 5 millennia curse.

A new prequel film is scheduled to be released directly to video in the US in August 2008. It concerns a younger Mathayus played by Michael Copon, telling his origins and back-story before becoming an assassin. Dwayne Johnson did not reprise the character, and the film’s villain is named “Sardon.”

The Scorpion King character was Dwayne Johnson’s first-ever starring role as a leading man, paving the way for him becoming a modern-day action film celebrity. Reviews for the Scorpion King were mostly negative or mixed, with many critics focusing on the overly stylized concept of history that the film adopted, and the unoriginal, unrealistic story line. However, some, such as noted critic Roger Ebert, sensed potential in Johnson, saying that he had the charisma and coolness to become his own action star in the tradition of action movie actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.


Arpid (Grant Heslov) is a sneaky horse thief who becomes Mathayaus’ comedy-relief sidekick. Throughout the film, he encounters moments where he is actually critical to the plot, such as when earlier in the film, he rescues Mathyaus from a gruesome death by carnivorous fire ants, and when, at the climax, he surprisingly displays an act of courage when he desperately lights the sacks of “Chinese magic powder” (gunpowder) after being captured by Memnon’s soldiers. This represents his character’s personal journey, from a lying, clumsy and goofy sidekick to an important hero in his own right.


Memnon (Steven Brand) is a merciless tyrant and warlord who has been conquering the lands of Egypt, and eventually the known world. He is infamous as supposedly “the greatest swordsman the world had ever seen,” and has incredible fighting skills and reflexes; a good example being when he easily snatches a point-blank shot arrow with his palms, halting it just before it pierces his stomach. Throughout the film, Memnon is obsessed with an ancient prophecy concerning the ‘House of Scorpio,’ when the gods shall choose favor upon a warrior and make him invincible. However, the vast majority of this subplot did not appear in the final film, though they are available to watch on the DVD. He is attracted to Cassandra, an overwhelmingly beautiful sorceress with the gift of foresight, thus giving Memnon an invaluable advantage in battle. With her powers, she can predict the outcome of every battle, giving Memnon the opportunity to make changes and alterations in strategy to make the situation turn out in his favor. According to Cassandra, Memnon captured her as a little girl and forced her to join him. She has always secretly hated Memnon, and throughout the film Memnon is (mostly) confident that her loyalties are with him. But when she is kidnapped by the Akkadian assassin Mathayus, Memnon becomes furious and slowly rumors begin to spread that Cassandra has switched sides. Up until the time Cassandra returns from captivity (in reality having truly switched sides and returning to hold off Memnon’s final raid at sunrise), he has a desire to bed her and make her queen once he is victorious. But then he begins to notice that Cassandra has lost some of her power (due to a romantic relationship with Mathyaus) and soon realizes the truth. When the rebels arrive for the final battle, Memnon takes her hostage and Mathyaus comes to her rescue. Memnon then engages the Akkadian in a brutal swordfight, where he reveals the extent of his prowess, and even lights the blades on fire to surprise and distract Mathyaus. In the final face-off, Mathayaus brags that the gods favor him, referencing the prophecy. Mathyaus then rips an arrow out of his back (shot earlier by one of Memnon’s men) and uses it to shoot Memnon in the stomach while he is distracted in his enormous confidence. Ironically, it turns out Mathyaus is the warrior prophecized to take on the mantle of Scorpion King. Memnon is knocked off the roof of his temple by the force of the arrow’s hit, and is engulfed in a cloud of fire caused by an explosion of gunpowder by the rebels. He then falls to the street, on fire, and finally meets his just end.


Cassandra (Kelly Hu) is the sorceress held captive by Memnon, and has powers of future perception, giving Memnon the strategic advantage. Cassandra has a weakness in that if she is ever to have sexual intercourse she shall lose her magic powers. She is kidnapped by the assassin Mathyaus, and reveals her hatred for her captor. She slowly begins to respect and even love the Akkadian warrior, to the extent that she willingly risks her life to heal Mathyaus from fatal scorpion venom. She is then motivated to return to Memnon after seeing a vision of the brave rebels being slaughtered by his armies. She claims to still be with Memnon and that she still has her powers, but Memnon notices her change in attitude. During the final battle, Cassandra attempts to sacrifice herself for Mathyaus by jumping in front of an arrow shot by an enemy soldier, but Mathyaus twirls her around in time to take the hit with his shoulder.When Mathyaus finally succeeds by using this arrow to slay Memnon once and for all, Cassandra is there to watch Memnon’s forces bow down to him as the new Scorpion King. She is last seen accompanying Mathyaus in biding farewell to Balthazar, and sharing a loving kiss with the great Akkadian and predicting his future reign as King by his side as his Queen. It is then revealed that sexual intercourse did not (and would not) strip Cassandra of her powers of foresight, but she fabricated the legend to keep Memnon at a distance as long as possible.Note: Cassandra’s name is never spoken or referenced in the final film, however a deleted scene on the DVD has Memnon addressing her as Cassandra.


Balthazar (Michael Clarke Duncan) is a Nubian warrior who is allied with King Pheron and the rest of the brave rebels opposing Memnon’s tyrannical conquest. He is an imposing black-skinned leader with many piercings and a hairstyle slightly resembling dreadlocks. He is distrustful of Mathyaus (and Akkadians in general) at first. When Mathyaus and Cassandra, along with Arpid, arrive in Balthazar’s oasis village, he still has not changed his opinion. He then engages Mathyaus in a vicious hand-to-hand face-off after they break each others’ swords out of pure strength and muscle. Mathyaus is eventually the winner, but throughout the fight Balthazar retains the upper hand, punching and tackling the Akkadian with incredible ferocity. Later on, they forge a truce in order to lead one last desperate assault on Memnon’s forces. Throughout the climax, he mostly deals with Memnon’s soldiers, defeating them all with ease. He even seems to enjoy pummeling his foes, evidenced by his grin and the line: “So…who dies first?” When Mathyaus goes off to rescue Cassandra, Balthazar tosses him his sword, wishing him well. Then, when the rebel’s makeshift version of Chinese gunpowder is lit and explodes, the wall of fire from the explosion engulfs the remaining thugs Balthazar is fighting, and he only manages to save himself by ducking into a large corner in the wall next to him.With their victory over Memnon and Mathyaus declared the new Scorpion King, Balthazar heads off back to his home. He finally has respect and trust for Mathyaus, wishing him good fortune in his rule and stating that Balthazar’s people will always be indebted to him. He then sets off back home.

The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior

A new prequel to The Scorpion King has been announced, and it is likely that there will be many new characters introduced in this chapter of the Mummy franchise. It was released on August 19, 2008.

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