Spin may refer to:

* Rotation or spin, a movement of an object in a circular motion
* Spin (physics) or particle spin, a fundamental property of elementary particles
* Spin (flight), a special and often intense case of a stall
* Spin (public relations), a heavily biased portrayal of an event or situation
* Spin (breakdance move)
* Spinning (textiles), the process of creating yarn from various raw fiber materials

In media:
* "Spin" (film), a 1995 documentary film of politicians' behind-the-scenes conversations
* "Spin" (novel), a novel by Robert Charles Wilson
* "Spin" (magazine), a pop music magazine
* "Spin" ("House" episode)

In music:
* Spin (radio), a single play of a song
* Spin (band), a band from the Maltese Islands
* "Spin" (album), the first solo album by Darren Hayes
* "Spin" (Lifehouse song), a song by Lifehouse from "Stanley Climbfall"
* "Spin", a song by Taking Back Sunday from "Louder Now"
* "Spinnin'", a song by Soul Asylum from "And the Horse They Rode in On"
* "Spinning", a song by Christopher Cross from "Christopher Cross"
* "Spin" (Eric Roche album), an album by Eric Roche

In sports:
* Spin bowling, a type of bowling technique in cricket
* Spinning, a form of high-intensity exercise using a stationary exercise bicycle
* Poi spinning, a form of juggling
* Figure-skating spin, a skating move
* Wheelspin, spinning the wheels of a vehicle in place

In computing:
* SPIN (software) or Secure Peered Internet
* Spin (programming language), a high-level programming language
* SPIN (operating system), an OS based on Mach
* SPIN (software process), a Software Process Improvement Network
* SPIN model checker, a software tool
* Busy spin, a technique in which a process continually checks whether a condition is true

In other uses:
* Spin group, a particular double cover of the special orthogonal group SO("n")
* Metal spinning, the process of forming metal over a mandrel while spinning around a lathe
* Sufi spinning, a twirling meditation
* Fokker Spin, an airplane built by Anthony Fokker

ee also

* "Spinning Around", a song by Kylie Minogue

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