Zhao (surname)

Zhao (surname)

Zhao (pinyin: zhào, Wade-Giles: Chao, simplified Chinese: , traditional Chinese: ) is a common Chinese family name, which ranks 8th largest number of people with this surname in Mainland China. The origin of the family name came from the people of State of Zhao in ancient China.

Zhao is the first surname in the Hundred Family Surnames. Zhao is the first surname because Zhao was the name of the emperor when the book was created. The book was created as a form of census.

The family name can be transliterated to Chew, Chiu, Jiu,Jew and Teoh.

Zhao can also be a less common family name 兆 (Siu in Cantonese.)

Zhao is represented in Korean by either Cho or Jo.

Zhao is represented in Vietnamese by Triệu.

Prominent people with family name 赵/趙

*The Zhao royals of the State of Zhao
*The Triệu/Zhao royals of Triệu Dynasty/Nanyue
*The Zhao royals of the Song Dynasty
*Chao Liang-Yu, CIO of D&J Educational Inc.
*Rosalind Chao (Simplified Chinese: 趙家玲), an American actor
*Elaine L. Chao (Simplified Chinese: 趙小蘭), United States Secretary of Labor
*Yuen Ren Chao (Simplified Chinese: 赵元任), a Chinese linguist
*Zhao Hongbo (Simplified Chinese: 趙宏博), a pairs figure skater
*Zhao Jingshen (Simplified Chinese: 趙景深), novelist.
*Zhao Jiping (Simplified Chinese: 赵季平), composer
*Zhao Mengfu (Traditional Chinese: 趙孟頫), calligrapher.
*Zhao Shuli (Simplified Chinese: 赵树理), novelist
*Zhao Tuo (Traditional Chinese: 趙佗), founder of the Nanyue kingdom.
*Zhao Wei (Simplified Chinese: 赵薇), actress
*Zhao Wenzhuo (Simplified Chinese: 赵文卓), martial artist and actor
*Zhao Benshan (Simplified Chinese: 赵本山), comedian/actor/director
*Zhao Yun (Simplified Chinese: 赵云), a general during the era of Three Kingdoms.
*Zhao Ziyang (Simplified Chinese: 赵紫阳), Chinese politician, placed under house arrest after symphathizing with the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.
*Zhao Shawn (Simplified Chinese: 赵晟旸), telebroadcaster for Unami Tube
*Zhao Erfeng (warlord)
*Zhao Erxun (governor of Sichuan)
*Zhao Yabo (Adult entertainer)

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* [http://english.people.com.cn/200506/03/eng20050603_188345.html Chinese Zhao surname history]

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