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This is...

"This is..." is a series of children's travel books written and illustrated by Czech author Miroslav Sasek between 1959 and 1974.

Sasek originally intended to write three books: "This is Paris", "This is London", and "This is Rome". Because of those titles' popularity, Sasek ultimately extended the series to 18 books.

Four of the "This is" books were adapted into movies in the early 1960s: "This is New York", "This is Venice", "This is Israel", and "This is Ireland".

The "This is" series went out of print. In 2003, publisher Rizzoli began reissuing some of the titles, although not in the original publication order. So far eight titles have been reprinted, with two more scheduled to be reissued in January, 2007.

Books in the series

*"This is Paris" (1959) (republished 2004)
*"This is London" (1959) (republished 2004)
*"This is Rome" (1960) (scheduled to be republished 2007)
*"This is New York" (1960) (republished 2003)
*"This is Edinburgh" (1961) (republished 2006)
*"This is Munich" (1961)
*"This is Venice" (1961) (republished 2005)
*"This is San Francisco" (1962) (republished 2003)
*"This is Israel" (1962)
*"This is Cape Canaveral" (1963) (later republished as "This is Cape Kennedy")
*"This is Ireland" (1964) (republished 2005)
*"This is Hong Kong" (1965) (scheduled to be republished 2007)
*"This is Greece" (1966)
*"This is Texas" (1967) (republished 2006)
*"This is the United Nations" (1968)
*"This is Washington, D.C." (1969)
*"This is Australia" (1970)
*"This is Historic Britain" (1974)


* [ Welcome to the wonderful world of Miroslav Sasek]
* [ Sasek titles from Rizzoli New York]

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