Fiat (disambiguation)

Fiat (disambiguation)

Fiat is an Italian automobile manufacturer.
* Fiat Aviazione, the former aircraft manufacturing division of Fiat.

Other meanings

Fiat may also mean:
* Fiat currency, money issued by government fiat
* Fiat (policy debate), a theoretical construct in policy debate
* Military fiat, process where a decision is made and enforced by military means without participation of political elements
* Fiat, Indiana, a small town in the United States
* The Fiat Tagliero Building in Asmara, Eritrea
* "Let there be" in Latin, as in
** Fiat Lux, "Let there be light," in Genesis
** Mary's "Fiat", the Virgin Mary's response to the Annunciation ("Let it be to me according to thy word")
* FIAT (FInite element Automatic Tabulator), a Python package for computing general families of finite elements
* Felony Investigative Assistance Team, Illinois

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