Panda (disambiguation)

Panda (disambiguation)

Panda may refer to:

Biology and medicine

* Giant Panda
** Qinling Panda, a subspecies of the Giant Panda
** Pygmy Giant Panda, the earliest known ancestor of the Giant Panda
* Red Panda which may be related to the raccoon
* Panda (plant), a genus of the family Pandaceae
* PANDAS or P.A.N.D.A.S. is Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptoccal infections
* Panda eyes may refer to bilateral periorbital bruising, a sign of a fracture of the base of the skull


* Fiat Panda, a city car manufactured by Fiat
* Panda car, a patrol car used by the British police
* Panda Software, a software company specialising in antivirus software
* Panda3D, a library of subroutines for 3D rendering and game development


*A Brahmin pandit who acts as a religious guide, for example at Hindu death ceremonies, as in the holy cities of Haridwar or Varanasi
*Panda (band), a Mexican group
*Panda (musician), a Dutch electronic musician
*Panda Bear (musician), alias used by experimental musician Noah Lennox
*Giant Panda (group), an underground hip hop group from Los Angeles, California


* Panda Express, a fast-food Chinese restaurant chain operating in the USA
* Canal Panda, a Portuguese television channel dedicated to children's programming
* Panda (Tekken character)
* Fierce Panda Records, a record label
* Chinese Silver Panda, a silver coin produced by the People's Republic of China
* Sexual Harassment Panda, a character in an episode of South Park
* Kung Fu Panda, movie
* Panda or Empanda, an Ancient Roman goddess

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