Luigi (disambiguation)

Luigi (disambiguation)

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Luigi is an Italian given name. It may refer to:

In fiction:

* Luigi, a character from the Mario series of video games developed by Nintendo
* Luigi (Cars), 1959 Fiat 500 in the Pixar movie "Cars"
* Luigi Risotto, a minor character from The Simpsons
* Mama Luigi, the thirteenth and final episode of "Super Mario World"
* Luigi (Coronation Street), was a recurring character in the soap Coronation StreetIn other fields:

* Luigi Alamanni, Italian poet and statesman
* Luigi Bianchi, Italian mathematician
* Luigi Colani, German industrial designer
* Luigi Guido Grandi, Italian philosopher and mathematician
* Luigi Lo Cascio, Italian actor
* Luigi Miraglia, Italian latinist and pedagogue
* Luigi Orione, Italian saint
* Luigi Pirandello, Italian writer
* Luigi Ulivelli, Italian long jumper
* Luigi Verderame, Belgian singer usually known just as Luigi

ee also

* Louis (name)

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