Captain Hero's Marriage Pact

Captain Hero's Marriage Pact

Infobox Television episode
Title=Captain Hero's Marriage Pact
Series=Drawn Together
Airdate=November 9, 2005
Writer= Reed Agnew, Elliot Blake

Caption = Hero imagines how his wedding would be.
Director= Chuck Sheetz
Production = 205
Guests = Chris Edgerly
Prev=Little Orphan Hero
Next=Clum Babies

"Captain Hero's Marriage Pact" is the eleventh episode of the animated series "Drawn Together".


Captain Hero gets a visit from his "backrub buddy" UFG (Unusually Flexible Girl), who turns to him for rebound sex every time she's dumped. In the middle of having sex, UFG reminds Hero that while at Superhero University, they agreed to get married if they were both still single when they turned 30. As it turns out, it's UFG's 30th birthday, and she expects Hero to fulfill the pact. Hero panics, especially when he learns the next morning that UFG is in love with him and has been holding out so that she could marry him. Hero enlists Wooldoor to tell UFG for him that he doesn't intend to marry her; UFG has a breakdown, and so frightens Wooldoor with her fears about dying alone that he agrees to marry her so that he doesn't have to face that fate either.

Meanwhile, Foxxy sees a "where are they now?" special on TV that features The Foxxy 5, her old band from the 1980s. Learning that the world considers her and her band to be has-beens, Foxxy takes offense and declares that a comeback is in order. She tracks down her old bandmates, and they celebrate their reunion with a night of heavy drinking and lesbian sex. The next morning, Foxxy learns that her bandmates were killed in a hit and run car accident, and that she's the only survivor because she left early. With Spanky acting as her producer, Foxxy records a tribute song detailing her bandmates' grisly demise, and the song becomes a smash hit which revives her career. When she goes out to the garage, however, she discovers the twisted, still living remnants of her bandmates embedded in the grill of her van; she was so drunk that she didn't remember plowing them down. Realizing that if anyone finds out, her comeback will be ruined, Foxxy leaves them in the garage to die. However, her attempt to turn Spanky's farts into another hit single is met with a stern lesson from Spanky about integrity. She concedes that Spanky is right, and goes out to the garage to make it up to her bandmates, but it is too late. The band members have escaped with the van, and eventually they end up recording a song of their own, trumping Foxxy's comeback.

Hero, realizing now that he can't have UFG, wants her, and subsequently plots to sabotage her marriage to Wooldoor. He dresses up as Wooldoor and urinates on UFG, but it turns out that she's into urophilia, and she becomes even more enamored of Wooldoor. When Hero reveals that he was the one who urinated on her, UFG decides to go back to Hero; however, now that Hero has her again, he no longer wants her. Hero goes to Wooldoor to ask him to take her back, but after a big argument, they both conclude that neither of them really wants her. When UFG finds out, she becomes despondent and runs out crying. Hero and Wooldoor, now unable to have her, both want her again. Confronting her in the backyard, each grabs one of her arms, and they engage in a tug of war with her.

In the living room, Clara and Toot (who until now had been absent from the episode) emerge from the basement, where they've spent the week building a high-powered potato gun. They fire it off, and the force of the gun propels a potato through the wall of the house and into the backyard, hitting UFG squarely in the face and killing her. Wooldoor is upset that his and Hero's actions led to UFG's death, but Hero notes that since he and Wooldoor were holding on to UFG's arms when she died, that meant that her one great wish was fulfilled: she didn't die alone. Wooldoor decides that this makes him and Captain Hero wonderful people, and they go inside, leaving UFG's corpse in the backyard with a potato embedded in its face-- but the "potato-face" develops a smile and a wink, to show that UFG died happy.

Musical number: "Crashy Smashy Die Die Die," an upbeat song (in the style of "La-la-la-la-labia") in which Foxxy pays warped tribute to her bandmates. Its music video features Foxxy wearing just a thong and cavorting with a snake in a burnt-out city full of car and plane crashes. After the remaining band members escape from Foxxy's garage, they record a song of their own, an R&B-style song called "Drunk Ass Bitch".

Notes and inside references

* The Foxxy 5 band members are: Foxxy Love (tambourine and lead vocals), Foxxy Phat (guitar), Foxxy Dark (drums), Foxxy Yella (bass guitar), and Lil Foxxy (keyboards). The Foxxy 5 had previously been depicted in "Hot Tub" with completely different artwork for Foxxy Love's bandmates; they were just generic musicians, and had not yet been given the distinct identities they have in this episode. On the Season 1 DVD release, in the deleted scene where Foxxy Love is introduced, the Foxxy 5 band members were different in color and race.

* When Foxxy first sees her band on TV, they are singing "La La La La Labia" from "Clara's Dirty Little Secret".

* All five members of the Foxxy 5 (including Foxxy Love herself) are voiced by Cree Summer.

* The Foxxy 5 is said to have hit the charts in 1984. Given that Foxxy's age was given at 23 in the first season, this would make her two to three years old at the time this occurred. The most obvious explanation for this is that cartoon characters don't really age, and thus Foxxy is 23 no matter how long she has actually lived.

* This episode takes place around late December/early January since Ling-Ling is seen alone at his birthday party. In the episode "Super Nanny", Ling-Ling's driver's license gives his date of birth as 1/1/04. Since UFG turns 30 in this episode, it is possible she and Ling-Ling share the same birthday (depending on whether it had passed midnight when she told Captain Hero it was her 30th birthday "today").

* When Captain Hero is impersonating Wooldoor, he has a dead bird tied to his head for the head wings, a banana on his nose, a chunk of door including the doorknob as a tail, and of course, white cotton socks on his feet. Wooldoor's theme music plays during this scene.

* This episode reveals that Wooldoor's full name is Wooldoor Jebediah Sockbat.

* UFG's mother's name is Unusually Jewish Woman, providing yet another Judaism reference in the series, as well as referencing one of comedy's most used stock characters, the Jewish mother.

* After being absent the entire episode, Toot and Clara suddenly appear at the very end of the episode and comment on how they haven't been getting any screen time this week. This is an inside joke in that both characters are voiced by Tara Strong, whose voice work in this episode was largely devoted to voicing Unusually Flexible Girl. However, Executive Producer Bill Freiberger has stated that Tara being Unusually Flexible Girl "didn't affect Toot and Clara in the episode. There was nothing for them to do in that story so we just added them into the ending." On a similar note, Freiberger stated that "The number of lines Toot has doesn't affect the number of lines Clara has (or vice versa). We have four hours with Tara Strong each week to record her lines. But Tara's so good at what she does that it rarely takes more than two hours to record the most Toot/Clara heavy shows. And we'll usually throw in a couple of guest characters for her as well (when you have someone that good you might as well take advantage of the situation, right?)." [] []


* When the news reporter states that the Foxxy 5 members are dead, the hats and tails of the members can be seen at the crime scene. However, when Foxxy discovers the van with the band members embedded in the front of it, they all have their hats and tails.

Cultural references

* Ling-Ling watches "Bukkake Chef" and complains that the secret ingredient is always the same. In Japan, bukkake is a method for preparing noodles, but it shares its name with a form of Japanese pornography in which a woman is ejaculated on by numerous men. It is implied that the secret ingredient is semen.

* The character of Unusually Flexible Girl is based on a number of superheroes who have the ability to bend and stretch their bodies, such as Plastic Man, the Elongated Man, Mister Fantastic, and Elastigirl from "The Incredibles". The reference to Elastigirl is particularly obvious during the character's first scene in the episode where she wraps herself around Hero in a fashion identical to the way Elastigirl flirts with Mr. Incredible in their first scene together in "The Incredibles".

* The show "Now Where They At?" is a parody of the "Where Are They Now?" segments of various music/nostalgia shows. The host of "Now Where They At?" is based on the legendary disc jockey Casey Kasem.

* During the first catfight at Club Foot, Foxxy Dark says "Drop it like it's hot", a phrase popular within the hip hop community before being popularized in a song of that title by Snoop Dogg.

* The tattoos on UFG read: "I'm holding out for a Hero", "I (heart) Hero", "Rent "Memento", and "I'm marrying Hero", with the final 'O' formed by her anus. "Rent Memento" refers to a movie where the main character covered himself with tattoos to remember important things. "Holding Out For a Hero" refers to a 1984 hit song by Bonnie Tyler.

*This Episode gives further implication that Hero is Jewish when he speaks of a particularly wild night and then says it was one crazy Yom Kippur.

* As Hero enjoys a backrub from Xandir, the scene cuts to a pink train entering a mountain tunnel. This is a reference to a movie convention where the train entering the tunnel signifies the two characters in question having sex. However, in this cutscene, the mountain tunnel is too small and red liquid is coming from the jammed tunnel - most likely implying characters having rough, anal sex.
**The show also spoofs this convention by revealing that the train clip is just part of a movie Hero and Xandir are watching. This is similar to a Monty Python sketch in which we see a man and woman first embrace and fall back onto a bed. The camera then cuts to a sequence of stock footage which doubles as sexual metaphors (volcano erupting, rocket taking off, train going into a tunnel, etc.) before finally cutting back to the couple to reveal that all of the footage was actually just movies the man was showing the woman.

* Unusually Flexible Girl says that Wooldoor's pee cured her athlete's foot. There is a widespread belief that urinating on affected feet will cure athlete's foot, a belief which Madonna has espoused on "The Late Show with David Letterman". The treatment's effectiveness is widely debated, however.

* The club that Foxxy and her bandmates party at is called the Club Foot, a reference to club foot, a birth defect that causes the feet to be deformed. The club would appear again in the next episode, "Clum Babies," and later in "Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!"

* The Foxxy 5 van is based on the Mystery Machine.

* Though she speaks other words during the catfight, Foxxy Phat generally only says "Hey hey hey!", which was the catchphrase of both Dwayne Nelson on "What's Happening!!" and Fat Albert.

* Foxxy's music video is a parody of Britney Spears's infamous appearance at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards wrapped in a boa constrictor.

* The scene of Foxxy in a bathtub full of blood is a reference to the rapper DMX's album Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood

* The information block at the end of Foxxy's music video reads: :

:* This is a reference to the rap music video director F. Gary Gray. Gray once called "Drawn Together" "the worst show ever" in a BBC interview. []

* At certain points in this episode and in "Captain Girl," the show briefly cuts to a distinguished-looking British man in an armchair clad in a smoking jacket who utters some short dialogue transitioning from one scene to the next. This is a reference to "Monty Python's Flying Circus", who often used brief, random cuts like this to link scenes together. The character himself (who is voiced by James Arnold Taylor) is inspired by the series "Masterpiece Theatre".

* Captain Hero's fantasy wedding is a parody of the final scene in "", with himself and UFG standing in for Han Solo and Luke. Princess Clara is Princess Leia, Xandir is C-3PO, Wooldoor is R2-D2, and Toot is Chewbacca.

* The episode makes another "Star Wars" reference when Foxxy attempts to write lyrics to her song, but all she manages to put down on paper is "Foxxy + Lando Calrissian" written inside a giant heart—referring, of course, to the character played by Billy Dee Williams.

* The scene in which Foxxy discovers her bandmates embedded in the front of her van is a reference to the case of Chante Mallard. []

* When Wooldoor becomes excited that Captain Hero no longer wants to marry UFG, he does a celebration dance in the style of "The Ren and Stimpy Show", specifically the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" dance from the episode "Stimpy's Invention", complete with the inkblot backgrounds seen frequently on Ren and Stimpy.

* Among the locations that UFG's body travels through after she is hit with the potato are a crime-riddled urban street in an unidentified city, Paris (where we see the Eiffel Tower), Egypt (where we see the Sphinx), Russia (where we see St. Basil's Cathedral, an image associated with the video game "Tetris"), and The Great Wall of China. As she passes each landmark, the background music changes to something representative of that country.

*In the scene where Captain Hero and UFG are having sex in the dark. The locations of their eyes indicate various sexual positions the last position indicated that they were facing away from each other sharing a double sided dildo. Like in the "Ass to Ass" scene towards the end of the movie Requiem for a Dream

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