Capitol Power Plant

Capitol Power Plant

The Capitol Power Plant is a power plant which provides steam and cooled water for the United States Capitol and other buildings in the Capitol Complex. Though it was originally built to supply the Capitol complex with electricity, the plant has not produced electricity for the Capitol since 1952. [ [ Reliance on Coal Sullies 'Green the Capitol' Effort - ] ] This duty is handled by the power grid which serves the rest of metropolitan Washington. The plant has been serving the Capitol since 1910 and is under the administration of the Architect of the Capitol (see usc|2|2162) The power plant was constructed under the terms of an act of Congress passed on 28 April 1904.

The Capitol Power Plant burned 17,108 tons of coal in 2006, producing about 60,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Senators from coal mining states blocked a proposal in 2000 to use cleaner fuel for the plant. Senators Mitch McConnell (Republican of Kentucky) and Robert Byrd (Democrat of West Virginia), both from coal mining states, used their influence as two of the Senate's most senior members to block this proposal. In May 2007, CNN reported that two companies, International Resources Inc. and the Kanawha Eagle mine, have a contract to supply a combined 40,000 tons of coal to the plant over the next two years. The companies have gave a combined $26,300 to the McConnell and Byrd campaigns for the 2006 election. [ Effort to 'green' U.S. Capitol complicated by coal - ] ]

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has announced an initiative to make the Capitol carbon neutral. The power plant acts as a major obstacle to achieving this objective. In November 2007 Daniel Beard, the Chief Administrative Officer of the United States House of Representatives, announced that he will purchase $89,000 worth of carbon offsets for 30,000 tons of carbon emissions. Beard will make the purchase from the Chicago Climate Exchange. [ [ Capitol to Buy Offsets in Bid to Go Green - ] ]

Residents of the Capitol Hill neighborhood interviewed the Architect of the Capitol about the plant in 2006. They were informed that the only way to optimizing the plant’s efficiency was to rebuild it. This however, requires an act of Congress. ["The Capitol Power Plant." " [ Hill Rag] " January 2006.]


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