Water, Water Every Hare

Water, Water Every Hare

Infobox Hollywood cartoon
cartoon_name = Water, Water Every Hare
series = Looney Tunes (Bugs Bunny)

caption = The title card of "Water, Water Every Hare".
director = Chuck Jones
story_artist = Michael Maltese
animator = Ben Washam Ken Harris Phil Monroe Lloyd Vaughan
voice_actor = Mel Blanc John T. Smith (uncredited)
musician = Carl Stalling
producer = Eddie Selzer
distributor = Warner Bros. Pictures
The Vitaphone Corporation
release_date = April 19, 1952 (USA)
color_process = Technicolor
runtime = 7 minutes 26 seconds
movie_language = English
imdb_id = 0045315

"Water, Water Every Hare" is a 1950-produced "Looney Tunes" cartoon released in 1952 featuring Bugs Bunny and Gossamer. The title is a reference to the line "Water, water, everywhere / Nor any drop to drink" from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner".


Much like in "Hair-Raising Hare", Bugs finds himself trapped in the castle of an "evil scientist", who this time is a caricature of Vincent Price and needs the rabbit's brain to complete an experiment. When Bugs makes a run for it, a big orange monster wearing a pair of sneakers (Gossamer, here called "Rudolph") is sent out to retrieve him. Bugs keeps running while he is frightened until (in a scene very similar to one in "Hair-Raising Hare") a door on the floor opens and a rock falls down there and there are crocodiles swimming around. While he is walking backwards and praying to jump over the crocodiles, he bumps into Rudolph. Bugs comes up with an idea and makes as a gabby hairdresser, giving the hairy monster a new hairdo. He gets some dynamite sticks and places them in his hair. He runs off just before the explosion. Rudolph gets furious and goes after Bugs. In the chemical room, Bugs sees vanishing fluid and he pours it all over himself. Bugs gets a trash can and dumps it on Rudolph. Then he gets a mallet and hits the trash can causing it to shake, and pulls out the rug Rudolph is standing on from underneath his feet, causing him to fall on his bottom. For the coup de gras, Bugs takes a bottle of reducing oil and pours the entire contents over Rudolph, who lets out a roar and shrinks. Putting on his suit coat and hat and grabbing two suitcases, he enters a mouse hole, kicks its resident out and slams the door which bears a sign saying "I QUIT!" The mouse says "I quit too!", holding up a bottle of whiskey.Bugs eats a carrot in satisfaction of getting rid of the monster. Suddenly, the mad scientist restores him with "hare restorer" and throws an axe straight towards Bugs, who ducks. The axe breaks open a large bottle of ether which drugs Bugs and the scientist. The groggy scientist chases after an equally groggy Bugs in slow motion. Bugs trips the scientist, who falls asleep. Bugs runs slowly out of the castle and over the horizon, tripping over a rock and falling asleep, landing in a stream which leads Bugs straight back into his flooded hole. He suddenly wakes up and declares that it must have been a nightmare. The miniature Rudolph passes by on a rowboat and tells him in a high-pitched voice, "Oh yeah? That's what "you" think", leaving Bugs with a confused look on his face.


*In a later cartoon (specifically, a webtoon on LooneyTunes.com), the scientist is named Dr. Moron. However, in an appearance on the "Duck Dodgers", he was addressed as Dr. Woe. Though often mistaken for Vincent Price, he is actually voiced by John T. Smith, a voice actor with uncanny vocal similarities to Price.
*Gossamer is called Rudolph in this cartoon.
*The Evil Scientist's castle are the 1st and last locations in the game "", of which the Scientist also appears as the antagonist. This time, he is called Dr. Frankenbean.
*Samples from this episode are used in Skinny Puppy's song Deep Down Trauma Hounds (Remix) released on 12" Anthology.

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