Stefan Nemanjić

Stefan Nemanjić

Infobox Monarch
name = Stefan II Nemanjić
title = Grand Prince of Rascia, King of Serbia

caption = King Stefan II Nemanjić
reign = 1196 - 1217 as Grand Prince,1217 - 1228 as King
coronation = 1217
predecessor = Stefan Nemanja
successor = Stefan Radoslav
consort = Eudocia Angelina
issue = Stefan Radoslav,
Stefan Vladislav,

Stefan Uroš,

Sava II
religion = Serbian Orthodox
royal house = House of Nemanjić
royal anthem =
father = Stefan Nemanja
mother =
date of birth = 1176
place of birth =
date of death = death date and age|1228|9|24|1176|1|1|mf=y
place of death =
buried =

Stefan II or Stephen II, known afterwards as "Stefan Prvovenčani" (lit. meaning: Stephen the first-crowned) or Stefan II, Nemanja (Стефан Првовенчани, Стефан II, Немања) (d. September 24 1228) was the ruler of the Serbian state of Raška who managed to promote it to the status of kingdom and to establish a long lasting ruling dynasty of Nemanjić.

Stefan Prvovenčani was the second eldest son of the Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja, younger brother of Vukan who ruled over Zeta and older brother of Rastko Nemanjić (known as Saint Sava) who became the founder of the independent Serbian Orthodox Church. He inherited the title of Grand Prince in 1196 when his father retired as a monk.

His reign began with a struggle against Vukan, who expelled Stefan from Serbia with Hungarian support. Stefan turned to King Kaloyan of Bulgaria, who gave him an army of Cumans in exchange for eastern Serbian territories. The crisis ended when Sava negotiated a peace between the two brothers and Stefan's power was cemented. Pope Honorius III granted him the title of the King of Raška in 1217 resulted from his skillful diplomacy and persuasion. However, after Sava managed to gain an archbisphoric from Patriarch of Constantinople Manuel I, he crowned Stefan as an Orthodox King of the Serbs in 1219 and the Catholic Church made no further gains in Serbia.

Stefan was married, about 1185–1187, to Eudocia Angelina, youngest daughter of Alexius Angelus and Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamaterina. Eudocia was also niece of the current Byzantine Emperor Isaac II Angelus. According to the Greek historian Nicetas Choniates, Stefan and Eudocia quarrelled and separated, accusing one another of adultery, about 1198. They had three sons.He built many fortresses including Maglič.

Stefan remarried in 1207/1208, his second wife was Ana Dandolo, granddaughter of Venetian doge. They had one son and one daughter.

On the end of his life Stefan was tonsured as Simon. Soon he died. He is canonised same as his father.

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