Miss Alaska USA

Miss Alaska USA

The Miss Alaska USA competition is the pageant that selects the representative for the state Alaska in the Miss USA pageant.

Alaska's highest placement was in 1964, with Patricia Marlin as the second runner up. Alaska's most recent placement was in 1990 when Karin Meyer placed in the top 6. Alaska held the most wins in the pageant's history for "Best State Costume," until the category was discontinued in 1994. Two Miss Alaska USAs were former Miss Alaska Teen USA titleholders and two were former Miss Alaska titleholders who competed at Miss America.


Results summary


  • 2nd runner-up: Patricia Marlin (1964)
  • Top 6: Karin Meyer (1990)
  • Top 12: Patricia Lane (1972), Barbara Samuelson (1978)


  • Miss Congeniality: Toni McFadden (1982)
  • Miss Photogenic: Courtney Carroll (2008)
  • Best State Costume: Carla Sullivan (1965), Linda Louise Rowley (1969), Katherine Hartman (1971), Patricia Lane (1972)


Year Name Hometown Age1 Placement at Miss USA Special awards at Miss USA Notes
2011 Jessica Chuckran Anchorage 23
2010 Sarah Joy Temple Eagle River 21 Sister of Miss Alaska's Outstanding Teen 2009- Veronica Temple
2009 Jessica Nolin Palmer 22
2008 Courtney Erin Carroll Fairbanks 25 Miss Photogenic
2007 Blair Chenoweth Anchorage 25 Previously Miss Alaska 2003
2006 Noelle Meyer Eagle River 25
2005 Aleah Scheick Anchorage 22
2004 Cari Leyva Anchorage 20 Later Miss Alaska 2007
2003 Stacey Storey Eagle River 23 Previously Miss Alaska 1995
Non-finalist at Miss Texas USA 2000-2001
2002 Christine Olejniczak Palmer 20 Previously Miss Alaska Teen USA 2000
2001 Ivette Fernandez Fairbanks 25
2000 Laurie Ann Miller Palmer 21 Previously Miss Alaska Teen USA 1997
1999 Anna Ruble Anchorage 26
1998 Pamela Kott Anchorage
1997 Rea Bavilla Unalaska 23 Current director of the Miss Alaska USA and Miss Alaska Teen USA pageants
1996 Janelle Canady Barrow 23
1995 Theresa Lindley Anchorage
1994 Dawn Stuvek Anchorage
1993 Teresa Gates Anchorage
1992 Kelly Quirk Anchorage
1991 Tiffany Smith Tok
1990 Karin Meyer Anchorage Top 6 Finalist 1st runner up at Miss World USA 1992, semifinalist in Miss Asia Pacific 1992, as USA rep
1989 Tina Geraci Eagle River
1988 Raun Reaves Anchorage 4th runner up in Miss Oktoberfest 1988
1987 Shelly Dunlevy Anchorage
1986 Kim Christopher-Taylor Fairbanks
1985 Kari Moore Fairbanks
1984 Sherri McNealley Fort Wainwright
1983 Amy Harms Fairbanks
1982 Toni McFadden Fairbanks Miss Congeniality
1981 Shelly Brunaugh Fairbanks
1980 Debby Fickus Fairbanks
1979 Kimberley Fidler North Pole
1978 Barbara Samuelson Anchorage Top 15 Semifinalist
1977 Edith Baker North Pole 21 Married Michael C Desmond in 1980.
1976 Elizabeth Staib
1975 Andie Higgins Fairbanks
1974 Cynthia Dickerson
1973 Wendy Curwen
1972 Patricia Lane Top 15 Semifinalist Best State Costume
1971 Katherine Hartman Best State Costume
1970 Therese Press
1969 Linda Louise Rowley Best State Costume
1968 Sharon Long
1967 Maria Helfrich
1966 Elrita Blakensop
1965 Carla Sullivan Best State Costume
1964 Patricia Marlin 2nd runner-up 1st runner up in Miss World USA 1964
1963 Nina Whaley
1962 Teresa Hanson
1961 Judy Onstad
1960 Evelyn Bly
19592 Anna Lekanof
1 Age at the time of the Miss USA pageant
2 From 1952 to 1958 Alaska sent delegates to the Miss Universe pageant

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