1 decimetre =
SI units
0.10000 m 100.00 mm
US customary / Imperial units
0.32808 ft 3.9370 in

A decimetre (American spelling: decimeter, symbol dm) is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one tenth of a metre, the SI base unit of length. In simple words there are 10 cm in a decimetre. It can be written in scientific notations as 100×10−3 m (engineering notation) or 1 E-1 m (exponential notation) — meaning 100 × 1 mm or 1 m / 10 respectively. The c is pronounced as /s/, unlike in decametre. The non-SI unit for volume, the litre, is defined as one cubic decimetre (other than between 1901 and 1964 where there was a slight difference between the two).

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