The Lovely Bones (film)

The Lovely Bones (film)

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name = The Lovely Bones

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director = Peter Jackson
producer = Peter Jackson Fran Walsh Carolynne Cunningham Aimée Peyronnet
writer = Novel: Alice Sebold Screenplay: Peter Jackson Fran Walsh Philippa Boyens
narrator =
starring = Saoirse Ronan
Rachel Weisz Mark Wahlberg
Stanley Tucci
Susan Sarandon Amanda Michalka
music =
cinematography =
editing =
distributor = DreamWorks Paramount Pictures
released = October 2009
runtime =
country = New Zealand United States
language = English
budget = $70 million
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website =
amg_id =
imdb_id = 0380510

"The Lovely Bones" is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Alice Sebold, intended for release between September and November 2009.cite news|author=Tom Cardy, Kelly Andrew|title=Dambusters filming set for next year|work=The Dominion Post|date=2008-06-30|url=|accessdate=2008-07-01] The film was directed by Peter Jackson and stars Irish actress Saoirse Ronan as Susie Salmon, with Rachel Weisz and Mark Wahlberg as her parents, Susan Sarandon as her grandmother and Stanley Tucci as George Harvey, her murderer.

Feature rights to Sebold's novel had been bought by Film4 Productions when it was only a manuscript with Lynne Ramsay attached to write and direct, but the company was eventually shut down. Jackson and his producer partners eventually acquired the rights independently and developed a script on their own, later selling it to DreamWorks. Production began in October 2007 in New Zealand and Pennsylvania.


In 1973, Susie Salmon (Ronan) is raped and murdered by a neighbor, George Harvey (Tucci), a serial killer of young girls. She finds herself in Heaven, observing her family as they grieve for her on earth. She also watches her killer who, having covered his tracks successfully, is preparing to murder again. Susie struggles to balance her desire for vengeance on Harvey and her desire to have her family recover from their loss. [cite news | author=DreamWorks Studios | url= | title= DreamWorks Acquires Peter Jackson's "Lovely Bones" | | date=2007-05-04 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ]


*Saoirse Ronan as Susie Salmon. [cite news | author = Borys Kit | title = DreamWorks setting "Bones" role for Ronan | work = The Hollywood Reporter | date = 2007-07-11 | url = | accessdate=2007-07-13]
*Rachel Weisz as Abigail Salmon, Susie's mother.
*Mark Wahlberg as Jack Salmon, Susie's father.
*Stanley Tucci as George Harvey, Susie's killer. [cite news | author = Gregg Goldstein | title = Tucci cracks DW's 'Bones' | work = The Hollywood Reporter | date = 2007-07-23 | url = | accessdate=2007-07-23]
*Susan Sarandon as Lynn, Susie's grandmother and Abigail's mother. [cite news | author=Pamela McClintock | url= | title=Sarandon joins 'Lovely Bones' | work=Variety | date=2007-07-26 | accessdate=2007-07-26 ]
*Michael Imperioli as Len Fenerman, a police detective in charge of investigating Susie's death. [cite news | author = Borys Kit | title =Imperioli connected to "Lovely Bones" | work =The Hollywood Reporter | date =2007-08-02 | url = | accessdate =2007-08-02 ]
*Rose McIver as Lindsey Salmon, Susie's sister.cite news | title =Lindsey and Ruth roles cast for The Lovely Bones" |work=Black Magic - NZ Film News | date 2007-08-28 | url =]
*Reece Ritchie as Ray Singh, Susie's mutual love interest. [cite news | title = Lowestoft's Lovely Bones | work= | date = 2007-11-02 | url = | accessdate=2007-11-02]
*Carolyn Dando as Ruth Conners, a classmate of Susie's.
*Amanda Michalka as Clarissa, Susie’s best friend. [cite news | author=Shawn Adler | url= | title=Pop Sensation AJ Michalka Cast In Jackson’s ‘Lovely Bones’ | work=MTV Movies Blog | date=2007-09-24 | accessdate=2007-09-24 ]

The role of Jack Salmon had to be recast right before principal photography began. Ryan Gosling, who had gained 20 pounds and grown a beard for the role, had been cast.cite news | author=Michael Fleming, Tatiana Siegel | url= | title= Wahlberg steps into 'Bones'| work=Variety | date=2007-10-21 | accessdate=2007-10-22] Gosling said "the age of the character versus my real age was always a concern of mine. Peter [Jackson] and I tried to make it work and ultimately it just didn't. I think the film is much better off with Mark Walhberg in that role." [cite news | title = Gosling Sets Bones Straight | work = IGN | date = 2007-10-29 | url = | accessdate=2007-10-29]


In May 2000, Film4 Productions acquired feature film rights to Alice Sebold's novel "The Lovely Bones",cite news | author= | url= | title=FilmFour makes 'Lovely' buy for Seaside | work=Variety | date=2000-05-31 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ] when it was a half-written manuscript. Producer Aimee Peyronnet had sought to attract studio interest to the manuscript, and an insider informed Film4's deputy head of production, Jim Wilson, of the project.cite news | author=Adam Dawtrey | url= | title='Bones' remains at C4 | work=Variety | date=2002-10-13 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ] The company attached Luc Besson and Peyronnet's production company Seaside to the project, two years before the novel's release. By February 2001, Lynne Ramsay was hired to direct and write the film adaptation of the novel. [cite news | author=Jonathan Bing | url= | title=U.K.'s FilmFour pages quirky fare for pix | work=Variety | date=2001-02-07 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ] In July 2002, Channel 4 shut down Film4, causing Hollywood studios and producers to pursue acquisition of feature film rights to "The Lovely Bones", which had spent multiple weeks at the top of the "New York Times" Best Seller list. The film adaptation, which had been estimated at a budget of $15 million, remained with Channel 4 under its newly developed inhouse film unit, with Ramsay still contracted to write and direct. By October 2002, Ramsay was writing the script with fellow screenwriter Liana Dognini, with filming planned for summer 2003. Author Alice Sebold was invited by the producers to provide input on the project. [cite news | author=Nicole Panter | url= | title=Bestselling author goes incognito in La La Land | work=Variety | date=2002-11-17 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ]

In July 2003, the studio DreamWorks negotiated a first look deal with producer Peyronnet, [cite news | author=Marc Graser | coauthors=Jonathan Bing | url= | title=D'Works inks 'Bones' key | work=Variety | date=2003-07-06 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ] after DreamWorks founder Steven Spielberg had expressed interest in the project. [cite news | author=Nicole Laporte | url= | title=Inside Move: Peyronnet digs up lit paydirt | work=Variety | date=2003-11-02 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ] DreamWorks did not acquire the rights to the novel, and Ramsay was eventually detached from the project. In April 2004, producers Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens entered negotiations to develop the project. [cite news | author=Michael Fleming | url= | title=Jackson team bones up on 'Lovely' | work=Variety | date=2004-04-22 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ] Jackson described the book as "a wonderfully emotional and powerful story. Like all the best fantasy, it has a solid grounding in the real world."cite book | author = Brian Sibley | title = Peter Jackson: A Film-maker's Journey | publisher =Harper Collins | date =2006 | location =London | pages =555-57 | id = ISBN 0-00-717558-2] By January 2005, Jackson and Walsh planned to independently purchase film rights and to seek studio financing after a script had been developed. The producers sought to begin adapting a spec script for "The Lovely Bones" in January 2006, with the goal of script completion and budget estimation by the following May. [cite news | author=Michael Fleming | url= | title=Putting his own bucks into 'Bones' | work=Variety | date=2005-01-17 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ] Jackson foresaw the most challenging element in the novel to adapt was the portrayal of Susie, the protagonist, in heaven, and making it "ethereal and emotional but not hokey". Saoirse Ronan explained Jackson chose to depict the afterlife as depending on Susie's emotions. "Whenever Susie feels happy, Heaven is sunny and there's birds and everything. Whenever it’s not so great, it's raining or she’s in the middle of an ocean." [cite news | author = Silas Lesnick | title = Saoirse Ronan on The Lovely Bones | work = IESB | date = 2008-01-08 | url = | accessdate=2008-01-10]

A 120-page draft of the script was written by September 2006.cite news | author = Eric Vespe | title = Quint and Peter Jackson, Part II: THE LOVELY BONES!!! | publisher = Ain't It Cool News | date = 2006-09-13 | url = | accessdate=2007-06-13] In April 2007, with the script completed by Jackson, Walsh, and Boyens, and Jackson intending to direct, the group of producers began seeking a studio partner to finance the film adaptation. Besides the major studios, smaller companies including United Artists were also contacted. New Line Cinema was excluded from negotiations due to Jackson's legal dispute with the studio over royalties from his "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. [cite news | author=Pamela McClintock | url= | title='Bones' up for bidding | work=Variety | date=2007-04-30 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ] Jackson sought a beginning $65 million budget for "The Lovely Bones", also requesting from studios what kind of promotional commitments and suggestions they would make for the film adaptation. [cite news | author=Michael Fleming | coauthors=Pamela McClintock | url= | title=High-priced directors pitch projects | work=Variety | date=2007-05-02 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ] By May, four studios remained interested in the project: DreamWorks, Warner Bros., Sony, and Universal. [cite news | author=Borys Kit | url= | title=Project auctions: One hot, one not | work=The Hollywood Reporter | date=2007-05-03 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ] "The Lovely Bones" was sold to DreamWorks for $70 million. [cite news | author= | url= | title=Jackson Sells, Mann/DiCaprio Doesn't | work=Variety | date=2007-05-29 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ] Paramount Pictures received the rights to distribute the film worldwide. Production began in October 2007 in Pennsylvania and New Zealand.cite news | author=Michael Fleming | coauthors=Pamela McClintock | url= | title=Weisz to star in 'Lovely Bones' | work=Variety | date=2007-06-12 | accessdate=2007-06-13 ] cite news | last = Fleming | first = Michael| coauthors = | title = Ryan Gosling set for 'Lovely Bones' | work = = Variety | date = 2007-06-27 | url = | accessdate = 2007-06-27 ] Shooting in parts of Chester County, including Phoenixville,Royersford Malvern and East Fallowfieldcite press release |title=Intermittent Road Closures-Movie Production |publisher=East Fallowfield Township Police Department|date=2007-11-02|url= |format=pdf |language=English |accessdate=2007-11-12] lasted a few weeks, and most of the studio shooting was done in New Zealand.


It was originally scheduled for release on March 13, 2009, [cite news | title = G.I. Joe, The Lovely Bones Release Dates | | date = 2007-11-19 | url = | accessdate=2007-11-20] but the studio denied this, later confirming the release is actually planned for later in the year.cite news | title = The Lovely Bones Set for Fall of 2009 | work = | date = 2008-05-03 | url = | accessdate=2008-05-03] Jackson said it will be released between September and November 2009.


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