A.K.A. Goldfish

A.K.A. Goldfish

"A.K.A. Goldfish" is the title of a1994 American creator-owned comic book series written and drawn by Brian Michael Bendis. The series was originally published by Caliber Comics, with later issues by Image Comics. The entire series was collected and published as a trade paperback, entitled "Goldfish" rather than "A.K.A. Goldfish", in 2001.

The black-and-white series is a noir fiction tale, telling the story of David Gold, a con man, who used the sobriquet "Goldfish". Gold has returned to Cleveland, Ohio after a ten year absence in order to regain possession of his son, currently in the custody of the boys mother and Gold's ex-girlfriend, crime boss Lauren Bacall (possibly a reference to the well-known actress of the same name). Bacall is the owner of the Club Cinderella, a nightclub, casino and brothel, and scene for many sequences within the story.

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