1994 in comics

1994 in comics



*Avengers West Coast reaches its last issue at number 102.


*Captain America 425 is the debut of the 12-part storyline The Fighting Chance
* She-Hulk vol. 2 is cancelled with issue 60. The caption on the cover reads: “O.K., kids, we had a deal…now hand over those X-Men comics!”




* The Incredible Hulk issue 417 features Rick Jones’ infamous stag party in which Marvel heroes discover that Jones’ fiancée was an adult film star.


* Conan the Barbarian returns to comics with two titles: Conan the Adventurer and Conan Classic (reprinting the early stories from the 1970’s)
* The Incredible Hulk issue #418 is Rick & Marlo's Wedding issue with an appearance by DC Comics’ character Death. Written by Peter David art by Gary Frank & Cam Smith.
* Thor (Marvel Comics) reaches issue 475 and re-introduces Dr. Don Blake, Thor's first secret identity, and romantic interest Jane Foster. Thor also gets a new armor and costume.


* The Spider-Man clone saga begins


* DC Comics launches the Zero Month promotion.





* X-Men 41 is the prologue to the Age of Apocalypse with Legion murdering Professor X.

Exhibitions and shows


* 1994 Chicago Comic Book Convention

First issues by title

DC Comics

* "Anima"
* "Aquaman"
* "" - Elseworlds
* "Damage"
* "Gunfire"
* "R.E.B.E.L.S. '94"
* "Shadow Cabinet" - Milestone Comics imprint
* "Starman"
* ""
* "Worlds Collide" - Milestone Comics imprint
* "Xombi" - Milestone Comics imprint
* "Zero Hour"

Image Comics

* "Boof"

Marvel Comics

* "Nightwatch"

;"Force Works":"Release:" Summer 1994 by Marvel Comics. "Writer:" Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. "Art by:" Tom Tenney and inked by Rey Garcia. "Summary:" The West Coast Avengers are reborn as Force Works. Financed by Iron Man, the group welcomes a new member called Legacy.

;"Generation X":"Release:" Fall 1994 by Marvel Comics. "Writer:" Scott Lobdell. "Art by:" Chris Bachalo and inked by Mark Buckingham. "Summary:" Banshee and Emma Frost bring new, young mutants to Xavier's School for Higher Learning. Veteran but young X-Men member Jubilee is part of the group along with fresh faces: Gateway, M, Skin, Husk, Chamber, Synch, and Penance.

Independent titles

* "The Biologic Show"

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