Sci Fi Channel (United Kingdom)

Sci Fi Channel (United Kingdom)

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SCI FI Channel (also SCI FI UK, or simply SCI FI) is a United Kingdom television channel service specialising in science fiction, fantasy and horror shows and movies. It is available via digital cable, IPTV, satellite television and Top Up TV platforms. The channel launched in 1995 as a British sister channel to the US Sci Fi Channel, with a similar programming line-up. Sci Fi UK currently operates as a channel service of [ NBC Universal Global Networks] , a division of NBC Universal.


Programming in the channel's early years followed the US channel's model, then consisting largely of archive shows such as "Lost in Space", "The Incredible Hulk", "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century", and films from the Paramount and MCA vaults. The channel was also notable for being one of the first UK television channels to show anime movies and television series on a regular basis. These programming choices were supplemented by a few 1980s animated series shown in the mornings such as "Robotech", "Bionic Six" and "G-Force", although they were dropped as the channel's line-up became more independent of the US channel.

Currently, most archive and anime programming have been phased out of the channel, which now concentrates on contemporary shows and movies. One SCI FI UK original production was the late-night show "Headf**k" (asterisks theirs), which featured excerpts from unusual TV shows, short films and music videos from around the world. Later episodes were presented by David Icke.

Programmes on the channel throughout more recent times have included UK premieres of big US shows like "Heroes" and "Flash Gordon", Patricia Arquette vehicle Medium, Eureka, Dead Like Me, Angel, and Quantum Leap. Also shown as of February 2007 are digitally remastered episodes of "" (not to be confused with the remastered series with new CGI).

As of April 2008 the channel reaches an average of three million UK households a week, and appeals to male and female demographics equally.

Initially, SCI FI UK shared its transponder with no less than five other satellite television channels at one point, limiting its output to early evenings and late nights, with the rest of its continuous daytime programming (including cartoons) restricted to cable.

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