UWA Hardcore Wrestling

UWA Hardcore Wrestling

name = UWA Hardcore Wrestling

acronym = UWA| established = 2003
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location = Toronto, Ontario
founder = Osiris
owner = Joe E. Slick and Osiris(UWA) Josh Prohibition (PWA)
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formerly = UWA Hardcore Wrestling
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UWA Hardcore Wrestling was a Canadian independent professional wrestling promotion which operated out of Toronto, Ontario. The UWA was run by Osiris and Joe E. Slick, and staged shows on a monthly basis at a series of venues. The promotions final show took place on August 15, 2008 at the Bolton Fairgounds.


UWA Hardcore Wrestling was originally on BITE TV ; However, on April 9, 2007, UWA Hardcore Wrestling ( [http://www.uwahardcorewrestling.com] ) announced on their website that they'd be ending the TV relationship with BITE TV and starting a new deal with The Fight Network. [http://www.thefightnetwork.com/press.php?pid=105] The show is 30 minutes long and plays several times a week at 8:30 am. UWA made its broadcasting debut in the UK on 12th December 2007 on TWC Fight!



*Adam Reid
*Austin Aries
*Alex Shelley
*The Amazing Darkstone
*Arik Cannon
*Akira Raijin
*Beef Wellington
*Black Jabroni
*Black Tiger
*Brad Martin
*Brandon Rage
*Brett Scholl
*Brodie Lee
*Colin Delaney
*Christopher Bishop
*Chris Hero
*Claudio Castagnoli
*Chris Cronus
*Chris Sabin
*Colin Olsen
*Colt Cabana
*Daniel Exile
*Dan Paysan
*Darin Corbin
*David Logan
*Derek Fraiser
*Derek Wylde
*Devon Parkside
*Eddie Kingston
*El Generico
*Heishiro Hazuki
*Jeff Flury
*Jennifer Blake
*Jerry Lynn
*Jimmy Jacobs
*Jimmy Olsen
*Johnny Gargano
*Josh Abercrombie
*Josh Prohibition
*Kenny The Bastard
*Kevin Dunn
*Kevin Steen
*Kirby Marcos
*Larry Sweeney
*Lionel Knight
*Matt Cross
*Mickey Knight
*Matt Bison
*Matt Burns
*Maxime Boyer
*Nick Watts
*Oroku Ghemma
*Petey Williams
*Phil Atlas
*P.P Smalls
*Rees Rockafeller
*Ricky Reyes
*Rip Impact
*Robbie Mireno
*Ryan Cruz
*Sexxxy Eddy
*Shane Matthews
*Sonjay Dutt
*Stephan Elias
*Steve Brown
*Tony Mack
*Tyler Sylus
*Tyler Black
*Tyson Dux
*Vanesse Kraven
*Vivian Sheer

Toryumon appearance

On May 25 and 26, 2007 the wrestlers of Toryumon appeared for the first time on North American soil to compete inside a UWA Hardcore Wrestling ring. The show was called Toryumon vs. UWA Hardcore Wrestling and featured stars of both companies going head to head. The wrestlers listed below appeared.
*Jushin "Thunder" Liger - New Japan Pro Wrestling
*Último Dragón - UWA Hardcore Wrestling & Toryumon
*Kazuchika Okada - UWA Hardcore Wrestling & Toryumon
*Brian Lee - Toryumon
*Toshiya Matsuzaki - Toryumon
*Hiromi Horiguchi - Toryumon
*Daisuke Hanaoka - Toryumon
*Passion Hasegawa - Toryumon
*Amigo Suzuki - Toryumon
*Mima Shimoda - Toryumon

Tag Teams and Stables

* 2.0: Jagged and Shane Matthews
* BLKOUT: Ruckus, Sabian, Eddie Kingston, Joker
* Murder City Machine Guns: Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
* Up In Smoke: Cheech & Cloudy
* The North Star Express: Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz
* Brad Martin & Phil Atlas
* Steve Brown & P.P Smalls
* The Flying Hurricanes: Kenny The Bastard & Takao
* The Ring Crew Express: Kevin Dunn & Kirby Marcos
* CheckMate: - Bishop & Lionel Knight
* Rip Impact & Matt Bison
* The Flatliners: Asylum & Matt Burns
* PWA: Flury, Watts, Knight, Sheer, Prohibition
* The Olsen Twins: Colin Olsen & Jimmy Olsen
* Virus & Unknown


*Theo Jones
*Bryce Remsburg
*Trevor Rutherford
*Chris Holler

Championship History

Final Champions

UWA Light Heavyweight Championship

The UWA Light Heavyweight Championship is the secondary title in UWA Hardcore Wrestling.

Grand Prix Tournament

The Grand Prix Tournament is an eight-man tournament. The winner receives the Grand Prix championship belt for that year and is dubbed 20__ Grand Prix Champion.

The 2006 Grand Prix Tournament was a Double Header, held on October 27 and 28th and won by Sonjay Dutt. The 2008 GP also took place over the course of two nights, and featured matches which had all of UWA's singles championships on the line. As a result of this, Lionel Knight became UWA's first Triple Crown Champion. Because of UWA's hiatus during the second half of 2007, a GP tournament was never held.

*Winners:*2002: Osiris:*2003: Blue Jabroni:*2004: Brandon Rage:*2005: Christopher Bishop:*2006: Sonjay Dutt:*2008: Lionel Knight

King of the Deathmatch

On February 24, 2007, UWA Hardcore held their first King of the Deathmatch Tournament. This event took place at the Bolton Fairgrounds in Bolton, Ontario and included the following participants: Osiris, Asylum, Bishop, Mickey Knight, Blue Jabroni, Nick Watts, Lionel Knight and Ruckus. Bishop defeated Osiris in a No-Rope Barbwire tournament final to become the first and only UWA KOTDM Champion.

List of DVD Releases

Generally each month at every new show, UWA Hardcore releases the previous month's show to DVD. Show titles are not known until the DVD of the event is released. Cover art for the releases are drawn by comic book artist Derek Laufman and feature comic-style drawings of members of UWA Hardcore's roster. The layout of the DVD is designed by Mark Guilherme, featuring photos taken by John Lee. The releases are available during shows, as well as online at RF Video, Smart Mark Video, ROH Wrestling's Official Site and Wrestling Merch Direct, the official online store of UWA Hardcore.

* UWA Hardcore: Rise of the Underground [10.29.04]

* UWA Hardcore: The Battle For Honour [03.18.05]
* UWA Hardcore: A Call for Blood [07.22.05]
* UWA Hardcore: Lords of the Underground [08.26.05]
* UWA Hardcore: A Time for Respect [11.25.05]

* UWA Hardcore: Dawn of the Dragon [01.13.06]
* UWA Hardcore: Firestorm [02.17.06]
* UWA Hardcore: Dawn of the Apocalypse [03.24.06]
* UWA Hardcore: The Faded Line [04.28.06]
* UWA Hardcore: Echoes of War [05.26.06]
* UWA Hardcore: The Art of Combat [06.23.06]
* UWA Hardcore: Return of the Dragon [07.28.06]
* UWA Hardcore: Maximum Carnage [09.22.06]
* UWA Hardcore: GP Tournament 2006 Night I [10.27.06]
* UWA Hardcore: GP Tournament 2006 Night II [10.28.06]
* UWA Hardcore: Return of the Phoenix [11.24.06]

* UWA Hardcore: Hour of the Dragon [01.19.07]
* UWA Hardcore: Infinite Glory [02.16.07]
* UWA Hardcore: King of the Deathmatch '07 [02.24.07]
* UWA Hardcore: Reign of Vengeance [03.23.07]
* UWA Hardcore: Darkest Hour [04.27.07]
* UWA Hardcore versus Toryumon Japan: Night One [05.25.07]
* UWA Hardcore versus Toryumon Japan: Night Two [05.26.07]
* UWA Hardcore: Days of Glory [06.22.07] 2008
* UWA Hardcore: Resurrection [01.19.08]
* UWA Hardcore: Panic Attack [02.15.08]
* UWA Hardcore: Grand Prix 2008 I [05.30.08]
* UWA Hardcore: Grand Prix 2008 II [05.31.08]

Television Releases
* UWA Hardcore Television Volume I
* UWA Hardcore Television Volume II
* UWA Hardcore Television Volume III
* UWA Hardcore Television Volume IV

Feature Releases
* UWA Hardcore Ultimate UWA
* UWA Hardcore Sampler Disc 2005
* UWA Hardcore Sampler Disc 2008

Wrestler Releases
* Bollywood Playa: The Best of Sonjay Dutt
* Life on the Wylde Side: Derek Wylde Shoot Interview

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