CPK coloring

CPK coloring

CPK Coloring is a way to color atoms when visualizing molecular models, inspired by CPK plastic molecular model kits by Corey, Pauling and Koltun. The method uses the van der Waals radii to visualize atoms.

CPK coloring conventionally depicts:
* hydrogen as white,
* carbon as black or grey,
* nitrogen as blue,
* oxygen as red,
* phosphorus as orange, and
* sulfur as yellow.Other colors that are not always standard include:
* green for magnesium and / or chlorine,
* orange for iron, and
* pink for unknown elements or those with atomic numbers over 57.

ee also

* Molecular graphics
* Software for molecular modeling

External links

* [http://www.biosino.org/mirror/www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Structure/cn3d/cn3dfaq.html#colorCPK What is the basis for the CPK color scheme? Which colors is used for which atom?]
* [http://www.netsci.org/Science/Compchem/feature14b.html Physical Molecular Models]
* [http://jmol.sourceforge.net/jscolors/ jmol color table]
* [http://www.bio.cmu.edu/Courses/BiochemMols/RasFrames/CPKCLRS.HTM Rasmol color table]

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