Topic outline of archaeology

Topic outline of archaeology

Archaeology is the study of human cultures through the recovery, documentation, and analysis of material remains and environmental data, including architecture, artifacts, biofacts, human remains, and landscapes. The goals of archaeology are to document and explain the origins and development of human culture, understand culture history, chronicle cultural evolution, and study human behavior and ecology, for both prehistoric and historic societies. It is considered, in North America, to be one of the four sub-fields of anthropology.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to archaeology:

Essence of archaeology

* Archaeological record
* Archaeological science
* Archaeological site
* Archaeological theory
* Artifacts
* Biofacts
* Excavation

Branches of archaeology

Archaeological practice

: Cultural Resources Management - Archaeological ethics - Urban archaeology

Archaeological science

: Archaeometry - Dendrochronology - Isotope analysis - Palynology - Radiocarbon dating - Zooarchaeology - Geoarchaeology - Bioarchaeology - Archaeogenetics - Computational archaeology

Archaeological subdisciplines

: Ethnoarchaeology - Taphonomy

By location

: African archaeology - Archaeology of the Americas - Australian archaeology - European archaeology

By time period

* Industrial archaeology
* Near Eastern archaeology
* Biblical archaeology
* Medieval archaeology
* Historical archaeology
** Post-medieval archaeology
** Industrial archaeology
** Contemporary archaeology


: Aerial archaeology - Archaeoastronomy - Archaeological science - Archaeozoology - Archaeobotany or paleoethnobotany - Battlefield archaeology - Computational archaeology - Experimental archaeology - Environmental archaeology - Forensic archaeology - Landscape archaeology - Maritime archaeology - Museum studies - Paleopathology

History of archaeology

* List of years in archaeology

Archaeological methods

: Archaeological excavation - Archaeological field survey - Archaeological geophysics - Underwater archaeology

Archaeological theory

: Great ages archaeology - Functionalism - Processualism / "New Archaeology" - Post-processualism - Cognitive archaeology - Gender archaeology - Feminist archaeology - History of archaeology

Archaeology by Period

: "Main ariticle: List of archaeological periods"

: Lower Palaeolithic - Middle Palaeolithic - Upper Palaeolithic - Mesolithic - Neolithic - Chalcolithic - Bronze Age - Iron Age - Romans - Anglo-Saxons - Pre-Columbian - Medieval - Industrial

Archaeological sites

: Feature - Cairn - Megalithic tomb - Pyramid - Sepulchre - Tomb - Votive site

Archaeological site features

: "Main article: Feature"

Archaeological artifacts

: "Main article: Artifact"

: Assemblage - Grave goods - Hoard - Manuport - Sarcophagus - Small finds - Stone tool - Votive deposit

Other archaeology concepts

: Alignment - Archaeological association - Archaeological context - Archaeological culture - Archaeological field survey - Archaeological horizon - Archaeological natural - Archaeological phase - Archaeological plan - Archaeological record - Archaeological sequence - Biofact - Colluvium - Cropmarks - Cultural resources management - Cut - Dark earth - Dating methodology - Dendrochronology - Deposit model - Ecofact - Excavation - Fill - Fossil - Geologic time scale - Geomatics - Grave robbing - Ground-penetrating radar - Harris matrix - King Tut - Law of superposition - Lithic analysis - Post excavation - Projectile point - Radiocarbon dating - Relationship - Seriation - Stratification - Tutankhamun

Influential archaeologists

Archaeology lists

* List of archaeological periods
* List of archaeologists
* List of designations under the Protection of Wrecks Act
* List of famous archaeological sites
** List of archaeological sites sorted by continent and age
** List of archaeological sites sorted by country
** List of Palaeolithic sites in China
* List of prominent paleoethnobotanists
* List of years in archaeology

See also

External links

* [ The Archaeological section of the Canadian Museum of Civilization]
* [ The Society for American Archaeology]
* [ The World Archaeological Congress]
* [ The Archaeological Institute of America]
* [ The Archaeology Division of the American Anthropological Association]
* [ Archaeological News Updated Daily]
* [ The International Journal of South American Archaeology - IJSA]

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