Did Ya' Understand That

Did Ya' Understand That
"Did Ya’ Understand That"
Single by Willa Ford
from the album Willa Was Here
Released December 4, 2001
Format CD Single
Recorded 2001
Genre Pop
Length 3:17
Label Lava/Atlantic
Writer(s) Willa Ford,
Michael D. Goodman (aka Sheppard),
Kenny Gioia,
Darius Rustam
Producer Michael D. Goodman,
Kenny Gioia
Willa Ford singles chronology
"I Wanna Be Bad"
"Did Ya Understand That"
"Santa Baby (Gimme, Gimme, Gimme)"

"Did Ya' Understand That" is the second and last single from Willa Ford's album Willa Was Here. The theme of the song is about a young woman whose boyfriend continuously cheats on her and leaves her waiting for him on important dates. The song is a female empowerment anthem and reveals how the young woman refuses to go through the pain that her boyfriend has caused in their relationship. She eventually tells the guy it is over and that she will never get back with him. ("I don't want you/ I don't love you/ I hit the road jack/ 'cause I'm through with you/ Did ya understand that?").


The video was directed by Chris Applebaum and edited by Nabil Mechi. Adam Stern produced the video. Willa Ford wrote the treatment for the video. The video version of the song added a punked out, metal-esque (produced by Lamar Young, Dre Lewis and engineer Danny Blaszczak) segment which featured Ford in dreads and a Playboy guitar which she eventually smashes. The video also contained a twist at the end when it showed a bed scene with Willa Ford's character and another female together, as her boyfriend returned home in the morning. Coincidently enough, the other female is the same character that her boyfriend was having an affair with at a club.

The video was nominated for Best Hair, which was done by Adir Abergai, in the 2002 MVPA Awards. Also the "Did Ya Understand That" video was featured in promo spots during CBS's daytime programming, but it did not receive much airplay since the video was too "adult themed" for most daytime viewers.

Track listing

US Vinyl, 12", Promo [1]

  • A1 Did Ya Understand That [Love To Infinity Club Mix] 7:08
  • A2 Did Ya Understand That [Ricky Crespo Club Mix] 9:30
  • B1 Did Ya Understand That [Seismic Crew Club Anthem] 9:12
  • B2 Did Ya Understand That [Seismic Crew Radio edit]3:41

Remixes and Other Versions

  • Did Ya' Understand That [Album Version] - 3:17
  • Did Ya' Understand That [Video Version] - 3:40
  • Did Ya' Understand That [Video Remix] - 3:44
  • Did Ya' Understand That [J-MaR-TiN Remix] - 3:30

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