Fury and Hecla Strait

Fury and Hecla Strait

Fury and Hecla Strait is a narrow channel of water located in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada. Situated between Baffin Island and Melville Peninsula it connects Foxe Basin, to the east, with the Gulf of Boothia, to the west.

It was first seen by Europeans in 1822 by Arctic explorer William Edward Parry, commanding "Fury", and George Francis Lyon, serving under him, and commanding "Hecla". It is almost always covered in ice, making the navigation difficult.


* [http://atlas.nrcan.gc.ca/site/english/maps/topo/map?mapsize=428%20380&lat=69.8332999976&long=-83.0000000008&mapxy=407016.882508+2310307.95973&scale=5000000&feature_na=Fury+and+Hecla+Strait&location1=62&unique_key=0c73a71b849c20c311c62cd983284ed6&searchstring=Fury%20and%20Hecla%20Strait&entity=CHAN&layers=fapfeature+fapfeature%20north_arrow%20other_features%20million_grid%20t50k_grid%20grid_50k_3%20roads%20hydrography%20boundary%20builtup%20vegetation%20populated_places%20railway%20power_network%20manmade_features%20designated_areas%20water_features%20water_saturated_soils%20relief%20contours%20toponymy%20contour%20nodata_ntdb_50k&urlappend=%26map_textzoom03_feature%3Dnew%26map_textzoom03_feature_points%3D447413.92979+2310856.06027%26map_textzoom03_class_text%3DFury%2Band%2BHecla%2BStrait%26map_textzoom46_feature%3Dnew%26map_textzoom46_feature_points%3D447413.92979+2310856.06027%26map_textzoom46_class_text%3DFury%2Band%2BHecla%2BStrait%26map_polygonresultzoom0_data%3Dfap_bays%26map_polygonresultzoom0_class_expression%3D0c73a71b849c20c311c62cd983284ed6%26map_polygonresultzoom1_data%3Dfap_bays%26map_polygonresultzoom1_class_expression%3D0c73a71b849c20c311c62cd983284ed6%26map_polygonresultzoom2_data%3Dfap_bays%26map_polygonresultzoom2_class_expression%3D0c73a71b849c20c311c62cd983284ed6%26map_polygonresultzoom0outline_data%3Dfap_bays%26map_polygonresultzoom0outline_class_expression%3D0c73a71b849c20c311c62cd983284ed6%26map_polygonresultzoom1outline_data%3Dfap_bays%26map_polygonresultzoom1outline_class_expression%3D0c73a71b849c20c311c62cd983284ed6%26map_polygonresultzoom2outline_data%3Dfap_bays%26map_polygonresultzoom2outline_class_expression%3D0c73a71b849c20c311c62cd983284ed6%26map_arrowzoom03_feature%3Dnew%26map_arrowzoom03_feature_points%3D447413.92979+2310856.06027 Fury and Hecla Strait] at the Atlas of Canada

Further reading

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