List of universities in Finland

List of universities in Finland

Institutions of higher education are designated universities by Finnish legislation, most importantly, the University Act ( "Yliopistolaki", 645/1997). [ [ "Yliopistolaki" (645/1997)] . 1 §. Retrieved 10-3-2007. fi] According to the decree on the System of the degrees of higher education ("Asetus korkeakoulututkintojen järjestelmästä", 464/1998), only these universities have the right to confer the degrees in the categories "alempi korkeakoulututkinto" (Bachelor's degree) and "ylempi korkeakoulututkinto" (Master's degree) and doctoral degrees. [ "Asetus korkeakoulututkintojen järjestelmästä" (464/1998) as changed with decree 426/2005] 1.1 §, section 1 and 8 §. Retrieved 10-3-2007. fi]

In addition to the universities, Finland has another, separate system of tertiary education, the "ammattikorkeakoulu", which is variously translated as polytechnic or as a University of Applied Sciences. These institutions are listed in the article List of polytechnics in Finland. The "ammattikorkeakoulus" have the right to confer degrees in categories "ammattikorkeakoulututkinto" and "ylempi ammattikorkeakoulututkinto". In international usage, these degrees are classified as Bachelor's and Master's degrees. [ "Asetus korkeakoulututkintojen järjestelmästä" (464/1998) as changed with decree 426/2005] 1.1 §, section 3 and 10 §. Retrieved 10-3-2007. fi]


The Finnish universities are (sorted by the year of establishment)
*University of Helsinki (estb. 1640)
*National Defence University in Helsinki (estb. 1779, 1821 and/or 1919)
*Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki (estb. 1848, promoted into university in 1985)
*Helsinki University of Technology in Espoo, in Greater Helsinki (estb. 1849, promoted into university in 1908)
*University of Art and Design Helsinki (estb. 1871, promoted into university in 1973)
*Sibelius Academy in Helsinki (estb. 1882, promoted into university in 1998)
*Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration in Helsinki (estb. 1909, promoted into university in 1927)
*Helsinki School of Economics (estb. 1911)
*Åbo Akademi University in Turku (estb. 1918)
*University of Turku (estb. 1920)
*University of Tampere (estb. 1925)
*University of Jyväskylä (estb. 1866, promoted into university in 1934)
*Turku School of Economics (estb. 1950)
*University of Oulu (estb. 1958)
*Tampere University of Technology (estb. 1965 as a branch of Helsinki University of Technology, independent university in 1972)
*University of Vaasa in Vaasa (estb. 1968)
*University of Joensuu (estb. 1969)
*Lappeenranta University of Technology (estb. 1969)
*University of Kuopio (estb. 1972)
*Theatre Academy in Helsinki (estb. 1908, 1943 and promoted into university in 1979)
*University of Lapland in Rovaniemi (estb. 1979)

Unlike the other schools in this list, the National Defence University is not considered a university by Finnish law, although it has the authority to award bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees and to pursue free research. The practical effect of this distinction is minor, most notable in the administrative organisation of the university, which is military instead of civilian. However, it is listed here, as the rector of this university is a member of the Council of Finnish University rectors. [ [ Suomen yliopistojen rehtorien neuvosto. Jäsenyliopistot] . Retrieved 10-3-2007.]

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