Montreal hot dog

Montreal hot dog

The Montreal hot dog is one of several variations of hot dogs served as a fast food staple at restaurants and diners in Montreal and other parts of Quebec. Similarities exist with the hot dog culture of Chicago and New York City.

In Montreal (and elsewhere in the province of Quebec), the hot dog buns generally used in restaurants are top loading (New England style) hot dog buns, rather than the side loading hot dog buns generally used in other parts of Canada. Montreal hot dogs are considered to be rather small and are generally sold for between $0.50 and $1.00 depending on the area of purchase and dressing. Popular brands include Lesters, Lafleur’s, and Glatt's kosher.

The city of Montreal has not permitted street food carts since 1947[1], leading to a proliferation of small “greasy spoon” restaurants which are variations on the classic Québécois casse-croute (snack-type) restaurants. These restaurants serve hot dogs with fresh-cut fries (patates frites, often served “very brown and greasy”), poutine, hamburgers, pogos (corn dogs), hamburger steaks, in addition to Greek dishes (typically souvlaki and gyro), pizza, and smoked meat. Restaurant chains known for their hot dogs include La Belle Province, Valentine, and Lafleur Restaurants. One longstanding Montreal independent restaurant that offers hot dogs is the Montreal Pool Room.


A steamé all dressed

Hot dogs may either be steamé (also stimé), referred to in English as "Steamies", a name which was briefly used by an Ontario chain (affiliated with the La Belle Province chain), which are fresh from the steamer and rather soft, or toasté (referred to in English as "Toasties"), which are grilled or toasted until crisp. Toastés are slightly more expensive and are less popular.

Local hot dogs generally come dressed three ways:

  • All-dressed (Montreal Style): This hotdog, nicknamed a 'steamie', is topped with mustard, chopped onion, and sauerkraut. Sometimes fresh coleslaw, or plain chopped cabbage, is used instead of sauerkraut. All-dressed typically does not include ketchup, which must be requested specifically. Relish is also usually available, but in the oldest hot-doggeries, e.g., the Montreal Pool Room (now Le vieux Montreal Pool Room), "all-dressed" still means without relish.
  • Michigan hot dog: This hot dog is topped with meat chili sauce. It can be served with or without diced onions and mustard.
  • Supreme: The hot dog is topped with cheese and bacon. This variation comes from Lafleur’s Restaurants.

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