D.I.C.E. (DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises)
D.I.C.E. Complete Season DVD
Genre Mechanical, Action, 3D Animation
TV anime
Directed by Jun Kamiya
Studio XEBEC, Bandai, Studio Galapagos, CGCG
Licensed by United States Bandai Entertainment
Network Animax
English network Canada YTV
United States Cartoon Network
Original run January 1, 2005December 2005
Episodes 40
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D.I.C.E. (DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises) is an animated television series produced by Bandai Entertainment Inc., XEBEC, CGCG and Studio Galapagos (computer animation). Originally made for the United States, the series was first broadcast in Cartoon Network in US, then YTV in Canada. On December 12, 2005, the Japanese version was premiered on Animax under the title Dinobreaker (ディノブレイカー Dinobureikā?). On January 7, 2006, the Tagalog version premiered on Hero TV. ABS-CBN network followed by broadcasting the series in Tagalog on January 28, 2006. As of October 31, 2009, D.I.C.E. has already run for a total of 15 full runs in the 4 channels which broadcast D.I.C.E. in the Philippines.



In Sarbylion galaxy, there is an organization named DICE (DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises) to help those in need. Among them, F-99 is the only unit composed entirely of children. Often being trivialized by their young ages, DICE member use RADOC to summon the Gild suit (Gild jacket) to help them to gain some respect among suspicious locals. When a problem arises, DICE is called to the rescue. With the Dinobreaker, which can transform from Vehicle Mode to Dino Mode, the DICE team can always get the job done.

D.I.C.E. is sometimes compared with Thunderbirds, not only because of the rescue theme, but also the GTR catchphrase, which means "Good to Roll". (Some prefer it as 'got the request')

In the Japanese version of the show, D.I.C.E. stands for Dinobrakers Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises.


DICE members

Fortress F-99

Among DICE, the F-99 is run by children, specifically orphans. It has been said that all of them grew up in a time of war and that their families were victims of it.

  • Jet Siegel is a hot-headed pilot who always rushes into danger with little or no forethought. Despite his hot temper, Jet has a strong moral sense and isn't afraid to take risks to rescue those in need. His fierce competitive streak often leads to friction with his teammates. (Age: 12)(Red)
  • Tak Carter is captain of F-99. As the second oldest member of the team, he is looked upon by his other teammates as an older brother. A well-respected and capable leader, Tak always stays calm and decisive even under enormous pressure. In episode 8, it was hinted that he and Marsha are dating. (Age: 15)(Yellow)
  • Robert Clapice is described best as "a pretty-boy pilot who is always concerned about his looks." As the pilot of the only flight-capable Dinobreaker, Robert is often sent to the frontlines to scout the situation. Though Robert and Jet always compete over everything, they also make the best partners on the DICE F-99 team. It is shown often throughout the season that he is close friends with both Sam and Marco.(Age: 12)(Purple)
  • Marco Rocca is Jet's buddy in orphanage and a close friend of Robert. Always complaining about something, especially how cramped his cockpit is, Marco and his Dinobreaker are often assigned to heavy-duty tasks such as demolitions and heavy lifting. Despite his constant gripes, Marco always gets the job done. He can be relied on to solve tough situations and often remains calm and in control in bad situations. (Age: 12)(Blue)
  • Puffy Angel holds the position of data analysis expert on board F-99. She sees Marsha as an older sister figure and happens to be a bit of a shop-a-holic. She is sometimes temperamental and hates Jet to the core, however in the last episode of Season 2, when Jet was commissioned in the hospital after the final battle with the Immortal Pharaoh, she watched over and cared for him every day until he recovered, hinting that she has deeper feelings for him. (But along the way Puffy did express her love emotions for Jet once in a while)Puffy can also guild up but does not have a dinobreaker. (Age: 12)(Pink)
  • Sam N'Dool, a mechanical expert and another close friend of Robert. Though the youngest of the team,he is also referred to the brains of bunch. Sam drives the Paratricar, Capable of turning invisible. He also prays in his free time and for the safety of his crew-mates(Age: 11)(Green)
  • Chao Lee, is both the pilot and navigator of F-99. He is the giver of advice to anyone who seems to be troubled or upset, and is willing to speak out against his captain if he has to. (Age: 17)(Brown)
  • Marsha Rizarov serves as second-in-command of DICE F-99. In episode 8, it was hinted that her and Tak are dating. Marsha can also guild up, but does not have a dinobreaker. She is seen by all of her teammates as an older sister. (Age: 14)(Blue)
  • Randall is a tall blue android serving under DICE F-99.
  • Gelati, a short yellow android serving under DICE F-99, often serves as Jet and Puffy's punching bag.
  • Moke is Chao Lee's pet. When Moke's parent was kill by poachers, Chao took on the responsibility of raising Moke. Moke only speaks Chao's name.
  • Clo Zan is a new member from the Heron universe (introduced in second season). (Age: 2350)

Other DICE members

  • Captain Spike - A DICE E-01 member. He always appears in his stylish hat (even when piloting his dinobreaker), and loves to brag about how it was tailor-made. In episode 7, Chao's pet moke, stole his hat and ran through a dinner half naked to get it back. (Age:25)(Light Blue)
  • Macchiatto - A member from DICE Fortress C-01. (Age:23)(Orange)
  • Commander Sid - Commander of the DICE F station. (Green)
  • Phantom Knight (Phantom Black) - A mysterious "stranger" who always get into Jet's way, and steals items related to the long-lost Heron civilization with his crew of space pirates. In episode 25, it was revealed that Phantom Knight is Jet's long lost brother, Zack. The Phantom Knight is treated in a similar manner to "Racer X" from Speed Racer.
  • Body of Elders - A group of 12 men that are governing DICE since its beginning. They make executive decisions for the organization. The Body of Elders also staged a conspiracy involving implanting wormhole detectors to dinobreakers and use them to find Heron's Gate, kidnapping DICE executives, staging war between DICE factions, in an attempt to achieve immortality. They were presumably dead when they were trying to pass the temporarily closed Heron's Gate.

Heron Knights

The Heron Knights first appeared in Episode 27, during the show's second season. They are the guardians of the Heron Universe.


B-DICE is an organization that tries to discredit DICE by posing as DICE members, but without a convincing disguise, their tricks are easily uncovered. The famous slogan is We are B-DICE, but that doesn't mean we're nice!

  • Club - The taller of the Poker brothers.
  • Diamond - The shorter of the Poker brothers.
  • Laughing Boy - A B-DICE member that dressed like the Joker from poker.
  • Luigi - A Sitanian archaeologist working with B-DICE to find the Sitan Kaleidoscope. After he had found the kaleidoscope, he and his former associate Falco were transported back in time, and was never seen again.


Dinobreaker is a transformable mechanical creature used by a Dinorider. Dinobreaker transforms by calling it with the appended phrase 'libertize'. To keep their wild personalities under control, they only eat refined pellets. Feeding a Dinobreaker with raw pellet is a recipe that guarantees troubles! Among the Dinobreakers are:

  • Motoraptor - Jet's Dinobreaker. Its dinosaur form is a Velociraptor.
  • Dimetrover - Tak's Dinobreaker. Its dinosaur form is a Dimetrodon.
  • Hoverptera - Robert's Dinobreaker. Its dinosaur form is a Pteranodon.
  • Monocrawler - Marco's Dinobreaker. Its dinosaur form is a Monoclonius.
  • Paratricar - Sam's Dinobreaker. Its dinosaur form is a Parasaurolophus.
  • Hoverrhynchus - Captain Spike's Dinobreaker. Its dinosaur form is Rhamphorhynchus.
  • Lambeotracker - Macchiatto's Dinobreaker. Its dinosaur form is a Lambeosaurus.
  • Mototyranno - Commander Sid's Dinobreaker. Its dinosaur form is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Knight Rex - Phantom Knight's Dinobreaker. Its dinosaur form is a Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Motostinger - A mysterious purple Dinobreaker. Its dinosaur form is a mutant Velociraptor. It first appeared in episode 12 with its mysterious rider (a robot programed to destroy Phantom Knight). Unlike other Dinobreakers, it does not need a phrase to transform. It also has several other "features" not common to DICE dinobreakers.
  • Tortoise Fortress - Chao's Dinobreaker. It usually assumes the form of Fortress F-99, but in critical times it can be used to combat giant creatures.


Season 1

EP# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
1 "SOS from Planet Saffaron"
(SOSダイス! バイオプラント大崩壊) 
The Planet Saffaron appears to be in danger. However, the D.I.C.E. gang is called to the rescue. But, there is one problem with the people there, they do not believe that D.I.C.E. can help because they are all young kids. After all the conflicts, D.I.C.E. finally get to work and attempt to save the planet. 
2 "Invading the Pirate Planet"
D.I.C.E. are appearing to have a good workout, that is until they get a call about a bunch of pirates attacking spaceships. As always, D.I.C.E. transforms to their dinobreakers and attempt to defeat the pirates. While on the mission, Jet meets up with their leader The Phantom Knight. 
3 "Race Through the Plasma Blizzard"
D.I.C.E. has to travel through a Plasma Ice Blizzard on planet Balios to get medicine to cure a boy's acute vacuum sickness, a disease in which the body rejects oxygen, and can result in death if a vaccine is not administered within 24 hours of contracting the disease. 
4 "Countdown to Impact"
(タイムリミット! 彗星爆破計画) 
Terrace K officials send an SOS to D.I.C.E. when their satellite detects a large comet, large enough to destroy the planet completely, heading their way. There are many lives at stake, and evacuating the whole population is impossible. As usual, D.I.C.E. finds a solution to the problem. However, an unexpected problem awaits them. 
5 "The Monster of Lupis Sea"
The highly-advanced ship Cleomyra experiences system malfunctions during a test run and starts running out of control at top speed. With no way of regaining control of this top-secret vessel, the North Federation officials decide to self-destruct it to conceal evidence. However, there are three crew members on board. 
6 "Operation Grand Prix"
(ゴー! ラプター! グランプリを決めろ!) 
A prestigious car race is secretly manipulated by three executives of the most influential corporations who are sponsoring the race. In order to win, they plant various hazards along the course to eliminate the rest. D.I.C.E. is called to reveal the truth behind the dark corporate greed, and bring justice to the Grand Prix once and for all. 
7 "The Vanishing Planet"
D.I.C.E. has a new mission to replace power units throughout the planet Yasutake and retrieve the data. However, the worm hole leading to the planet Yasutake appears only once every 29 years for only 11 hours. Tak is excited for the opportunity to witness such a mysterious phenomenon, but Jet is reluctant to go. 
8 "Five Seconds to Interplanetary War"
When a fishy explosion on Planet ROB2 is suspected to have been planted by a ROB3 spy, D.I.C.E is called to investigate the situation and prevent all-out war between the two planets. With only a few hours left before the start of the war, D.I.C.E attempts to unravel the mystery and prevent the war from breaking out. 
9 "Forgotten Labyrinth"
Jet and Robert are assigned to find a treasure box hidden in a dangerous, secret dungeon on an inhabited planet. What they do not know is that this is a test mission to evaluate their skills as D.I.C.E. agents. Traps and secrets exist all over the dungeon. But when B-DICE shows up things go from dangerous to deadly, with Jet and Robert's lives at stake! 
10 "Puffy's Quest"
(密猟者のワナ! クック鳥を救え!) 
The team of F-99 is hired to protect the coo-coo baby birds, but when the parents end up missing it is up to F-99 to find them and save the day. Will they succeed, or will it be up to the locals to protect the babies forever? 
11 "The Mega-Gravity Planet"
The mission for DICE is to go to the planet of Gorban and retrieve the "dark stone of Heron." But this planet is called the "Star of Death" for a reason: it generates an overwhelming amount of gravitational force unbearable to humans. Once again, Jet meets Phantom Knight, and the hunt for the dark stone becomes a fierce race between the two! 
12 "Jet Defeated"
Shocked and depressed about his defeat at the hands of the Phantom Knight, Jet decides to take some time away from work. Though his pride and confidence is shattered, Jet still desires to challenge the Shadow Knight once more. Fate brings them together again, but a mysterious rider suddenly appears and interferes in their duel. 
13 "Jet Returns!"
(最大の危機! 立ち上がれジェット!!) 
Motoraptor is badly wounded and is admitted to a repair center for mechanical life forms. While Jet is mourning next to the spiritless Motoraptor, other DICE members are dispatched to stop the battle between a mysterious Motostinger and the Phantom Knight. Who is behind Motostinger, and what is the secret of Heron? 
14 "The Mutant Laboratory"
(潜入! 恐怖のミュータント実験場!) 
An abandoned laboratory has been conducting bio-chemical weapons experiments on animals. As time passed, these animals transformed into dangerous mutants and began to threaten humans. DICE and the scientists combine their strength to eliminate the dangerous and powerful mutants. 
15 "Terror Under the Sea"
A freight ship carrying a top-secret device crashes into the deep ocean floor from a small explosion onboard, and DICE is called to recover freight ship's mysterious cargo. What they do not know is that a powerful bomb was stolen from the crashed freight ship, and in the wrong hands this bomb could possibly spark another war between the planets Gauron and Durus. 
16 "Miss Lily's Memories"
Miss Lily, a wealthy retired woman, wants to find someone she fell in love with during her younger years. She hires DICE to accompany her to a distant planet and find this person who she was thinking about for a long time. But her past life returns to haunt her once she arrives there. 
17 "Fugitive Android"
The members of F-99 are hired to track down an android named Miss Liane that stole corporate secrets from the company that hired F-99. As they try and track her down the Phantom Knight shows up again and things get out of hand... again. 
18 "Trusting the Enemy"
(大捜索! 怪獣惑星デュラス!) 
Captain Spike is helping foil an attack from space bandits when he and Hoverrhycus crash land on Durus after taking a hit and lose communications with D.I.C.E. When Jet and Fortress F-99 go to the Gauron Space Prison, where they meet the Lady from Durus. She helps them find Captain Spike and they end up breaking her out, not knowing what will await them when they do... 
19 "Runaway Train"
After a successful mission delivering high explosive to a mining site Jet takes "the long way" back to the fortress by riding the planet's supersonic bullet train. Unfortunately, one of the other passengers transports hazardous materials for a living too... good thing a member of D.I.C.E. is on board. 
20 "The Point of No Return"
In a mystic place where memories of the past become reality, Jet and Marco wind up in a dream-like world and must save themselves from eternal entrapment. Puffy must save her two childhood friend from that place with the help of the Phanthom Knight. 
21 "Uncovering Heron's Secret"
DICE has been invited to participate in the "Heron Festival" held by the Fami People on planet Tolle. The F-99 team thinks it'll be a big mission, but really all they're doing is appearing in a parade. Jet gets separated from the rest of his team, and stumbles into an ancient underground city with people who claim they are the true Fami People, and that Jet is to be their savior! And just when things start to look like they couldn't get any worse, the Phantom Knight arrives! 
22 "Jet Escapes!"
An alien fugitive comes to the planet Gale and holds the manager of a bank hostage. But this pint-sized fugitive is not interested in money: his sole demand is to see his only daughter, who was taken from him unjustly. Jet and the rest of the DICE team help the fugitive find his daughter on one condition: he is to turn himself in and plead guilty to all his crimes after seeing his daughter. 
23 "The Secret of Sitan"
(秘宝? 幻のシタン文明!) 
DICE is given a mission to find the ancient treasure mangekyou. But first, they must find two treasure maps in order to find the treasure's location. With help from an archaeologist, they manage to find the secret kaleidoscope... and also witness sights beyond their expectations. 
24 "The Body of Elders Conspiracy"
(最終決戦! ダークファントムを救え!) 
In a section of DICE 0, The Phantom Knight wages a desperate battle against numerous Motostingers. When the DICE team learns about the battle, Jet leads the group in pursuit of the Phantom Knight in order to learn his motives, leaving Tak behind on F-Station. As a conspiracy is unveiled within the body of elders, the badly outnumbered Phantom Knight fights for his life, and Jet and the DICE team try to discover the hidden truth behind everything. 
25 "The Phantom Knight's Secret!"
(ダイス壊滅? 長老会の野望) 
Jet learns true identity of the Phantom Knight: he is Jet's older brother, Zack! Meanwhile, the Body of Elders enact their plan to escape to the forbidden planet called Heron in their attempt to acquire eternal life. Branding the F Station as traitors, the Body of Elders commands the other fortresses to capture them, and a fierce battle between the F-99 Fortress and the C-01 Fortress begins. 
26 "DICE vs. DICE!"
(大激戦! ダイスVSダイス!) 
F-99 arrives at the F Station to find it under attack by the forces of dices: A-E. Sam upgrades all the dinobreakers with a device that will allow them to move through space like Capt. Spike's Hover-incus, however he has not had the time to add boosters or stabilizer rockets. 

Season 2

EP# Title Original Airdate English Airdate
27 "The Amazing Heron Knights!"
(突入ヘロン宇宙! 新たな冒険!) 
Jet and the team of F-99 enter the Heron Universe to keep the secret of immortality safe, but what mysterious groups await them upon their arrival? 
28 "Take Off! Dragon Fortress!"
A mysterious Dragon Dino Breaker is discovered by F-99. Could this dragon be the faster way they're searching for to cross the Heron Universe? 
29 "The Legend of the Sword"
F-99 learns that two mysterious swords appear to control the Heron Universe, and The Phantom Knight has 1/2 of one of them. Can F-99 trust The Phantom Knight? 
30 "Battle on Planet Lakia"
The rivalry between The Heron Knights and DICE begins as DICE tries to save citizens in F-99, but will it result in a war between the two factions? 
31 "The Kingdom of B-DICE"
F-99 desires to meet the Immortal Pharaoh, ruler of The Heron Universe. They journey to a planet where they discover B-DICE is impersonating the Immortal Pharaoh. Can they stop a war when The Heron Knights discover this treachery? 
32 "Jet Transforms, Part 1"
The other 1/2 of the Malusword is discovered on the Dragon base. Can Jet use this weapon to get his brother to join their team? 
33 "Jet Transforms, Part 2"
(モトラプター アルトブレイク!) 
Jet manages to gain control of the completed Malusword, but it appears to take over his body and his dinobreaker. Can Zack and F-99 find a way to free him from the Malusword when the Heron Knights appear to want to destroy it? 
34 "After the Malusword"
(ダークソード! ジェット決死の捜索) 
With the Malusword once again having been separated into two pieces, it is up to F-99 to prevent the Phantom Knight from uniting it and destroying the Heron Universe. 
35 "Planet of Fossils"
The Heron Knights discover a planet full of ancient dinobreaker fossils, but when something knocks them all unconscious, it is up to F-99 to swoop in and save the day. What secrets await our heroes in the cave of fossils though? 
36 "Brother vs. Brother"
The other 1/2 of the Malusword has finally reappeared, and the only one who can prevent Zack from uniting the two pieces is Jet. 
37 "A Village Named DICE"
While on their way to save The Immortal Pharaoh from The Phantom Knight, F-99 discovers a planet with the DICE symbol and discovers the burial site of their team's creator, captain DICE. 
38 "Dinobreakers in Danger!"
(総攻撃! 惑星アレク大攻防戦) 
The Phantom Knight has united with the wild dinobreakers to take on the immortal Pharaoh, but The Heron Knights are standing in their way. Does Zack stand a chance against his old teammates, and exactly what is F-99 planning on doing to stop this war? 
39 "The Truth"
(最後の戦い! さらば,ダークファントム!) 
Jet learns that the Immortal Pharaoh is really possessed by The Luma Sword, and when The Immortal Pharaoh slays The Phantom Knight, only Jet has the power to take up his brothers sword and continue the fight. 
40 "The Future of DICE"
In the final episode of DICE, Jet uses the Malusword to battle the immortal Pharaoh and the Luma sword. F-99 gains some surprise allies in the form of The Heron Knights, but exactly how can Jet defeat someone with so much more experience, and what will the people of The Heron Universe do when time begins to roll again? 

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Video Game

A video game based on this series was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2005.[1]


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