Richard Green (sexologist)

Richard Green (sexologist)

Richard Green (born 6 June 1936) is an American sexologist, psychiatrist, lawyer, and author specializing in homosexuality and transsexualism, specifically gender identity disorder in children.

Education and career

Green was born in Brooklyn, New York. Peacock S, Editor (1997). "Contemporary Authors". Vol. 159, p. 157. Gale, ISBN 0787618624] He earned his A.B. from Syracuse University in 1957, his M.D. from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1961, and his J.D. from Yale Law School in 1987.

Beginning in the 1960s, Green and John Money collaborated on publications about transsexualism and case management for boys displaying effeminacy.Effeminacy in prepubertal boys; Summary of eleven cases and recommendations for case management. "Pediatrics" Vol. 27 No. 2 February 1961, pp. 286-291]

Green was founding editor of "Archives of Sexual Behavior" in 1971 and founding president of the International Academy of Sex Research in 1973.Green R (1985). The International Academy of Sex Research: In the beginning. "Archives of Sexual Behavior" 14: 293-302.] In 1979 Green was a founding committee member of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association and served as president from 1997-1999. He previously directed the human sexuality program at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.Brody, Jane E. (January 26, 1982). [ Psychiatrists on honosexuality: Vigorous discord voiced at meeting] . "New York Times"]

Green has been Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles. He was co-counsel for Elke Sommer in her libel suit against Zsa Zsa Gabor.Pool, Bob (December 9, 1993). $3.3-Million Libel Award in Sommer-Gabor Feud. "Los Angeles Times"]

He served on the American Psychiatric Association DSM-IV Subcommittee on Gender Identity Disorders.Bradley SJ, Blanchard R, Coates SW, Green R, Levine SB, Meyer-Bahlburg HFL, Pauly IB, Zucker KJ (1991). Interim report of the DSM-IV Subcommittee on Gender Identity Disorders. "Archives of Sexual Behavior" Volume 20, Number 4 / August, 1991] Green turned over the editorship of "Archives of Sexual Behavior" in 2002 to Kenneth Zucker.Green R (2001). A 30 years' thank you. "Archives of Sexual Behavior" 30: 633-637.] In 2006 he was awarded the Magnus Hirschfeld Medal for Sexual Research.

Green is research director and consultant psychiatrist at the Gender Identity Clinic at Charing Cross Hospital in London. Senior Research Fellow and Member of Darwin College, Cambridge. His life partner Melissa Hines is a professor of psychology and director of the Behavioural Neuroendocrinology Research Unit at the City University of London.

elected publications

*Green R (1969). "Transsexualism and Sex Reassignment". The Johns Hopkins University Press (November 1, 1969) ISBN 0-8018-1038-8.
*Green R (1974). "Sexual identity conflict in children and adults". Basic Books (1974). ISBN 0-465-07726-9.
*Green R (1979). "Human Sexuality: A Health Practitioner's Text". Williams & Wilkins; 2nd edition (June, 1979) ISBN 0-683-03764-1.
*Green R (1987). "The "Sissy Boy Syndrome" and the Development of Homosexuality". Yale Univ Pr (February, 1987) ISBN 0-300-03696-5.
*West DJ, Green R (eds.) (1997). "Sociolegal Control of Homosexuality : A Multi-Nation Comparison". Springer; 1 edition (October 31, 1997) ISBN 0-306-45532-3.
*Green R (1992). "Sexual Science and the Law". Harvard University Press (November, 1992). ISBN 0-674-80268-3.


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