Cal may refer to:
* Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, ie, CAL = Chronic Airway Limitation
* cal (Unix), a standard program on Unix that prints an ASCII calendar of the given month or year
* "Cal" (novel), a 1983 novel by Bernard MacLaverty, about a young Irish Catholic named Cal involved with the IRA
* "Cal" (short story), a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov
* Cal (film), a 1984 film based on a novel written by Bernard MacLaverty who also wrote the script
* Çal, a district (and town as its center) in Denizli Province in southwest Turkey ("Turkish spelling: Çal) renowned for its Çalkarası grapes and wines.
* Cal (Music from), Mark Knopfler's soundtrack album for the 1984 film
* caliber, a measurement of the interior diameter of a tube, often in reference to rifles or pistols
* Cal, an abbreviation for California, USA
**Cal Look, any aircooled Volkwagen that has been modified in a style that originated in California in the late 1960's
**Cal Yachts, originally the Jensen Marine Corporation, founded in 1957
**Medi-Cal, the name of the Medicaid program in the State of California
**University of California, Berkeley, nicknamed Cal, the oldest and flagship campus of the ten-campus University of California system
***Cal Band, the marching band for the University of California, Berkeley
**California Polytechnic State University, located adjacent to San Luis Obispo, commonly known as Cal Poly or Cal Poly SLO.
** California State Polytechnic University, Pomona located in Pomona, commonly known as Cal Poly Pomona.
**CalPERS, state employee retirement system
* calorie, unit of energy
* Calcium hydroxide, used in Native American and Latin American
* Cal, the abbreviation for the orchid genus "Calanthe"

CAL may refer to:
*Café au lait spot, a pigmented birthmark
*Cakewalk Application Language, (CAL), a scripting language used with Cakewalk Pro Audio software
*Compute Abstraction Layer (CAL), a part of AMD's stream computing SDK
*CAL Cargo Air Lines, a cargo airline based in Israel
*CAL (Joss family), programming language
*CAL (Quark Framework), programming language
*Calipatria State Prison in California, USA
*Campbeltown Airport, IATA airport code
*Cape-Atlantic League, a high school athletic conference in New Jersey
*Capital Allocation Line
*Center for Applied Linguistics, a nonprofit organization that researches language and culture
*Center for Army Leadership, a subordinate organization of the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center
*China Airlines, ICAO airline code
*Client Access License, operating systems and software licence scheme
*Continental Airlines, NYSE symbol: CAL
*Cyberathlete Amateur League, online electronic sports league
*FN CAL, a Belgian assault rifle made by FN
*Electronic learning, also called "computer-assisted learning"
*A word used in the Doctor Who episodes Silence in the library and Forest of the dead.


*40 Cal., a rapper from Harlem, born Calvin Alan Byrd New York City
*Judge Cal, a fictional character in the Judge Dredd comic strip in 2000 AD

ee also

*Cal Air (1985-1988), an airline based in the United Kingdom, began as the charter arm of British Caledonian and latterly managed by Caledonian Leisure

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