The Creator (Sword of Truth)

The Creator (Sword of Truth)

The Creator is a being in Terry Goodkind's "The Sword of Truth" series. The Creator is a godlike being; His opposite is The Keeper.


In the series, The Creator is almost universally believed in. One major difference between the Creator and the Keeper is that the Keeper takes an active role in his calling. The Creator never interacts or interferes with life and some claim he doesn't even exist.

The Creator's more fervent believers, such as the Blood of the Fold, illustrate the harm that comes from people misguidedly believing they are fighting for a righteous cause, and the exploitive, manipulative power that religious leaders can have over their followers.

The Creator was established to be very similar to the Christian God in many allusions throughout the series. Goodkind implies a certain degree of cynicism in that the Creator is non-involved and is largely open to interpretation due to a lack of modern intervention. When asked by Richard how Verna can know what the Creator wants, she replies that his teachings come from ancient texts. The Sisters of Light insist that the Creator hates lies. Other than service to the Keeper, lies are the only sins directly discussed in the books.

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