The Dark Wielder

The Dark Wielder

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show_name = The Dark Wielder

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genre = Action/Adventure/Supernatural Drama
creator = Bryan Alvarado
location = ACDC Town
starring = Zeo Cullen
Kari Demonia
Connor Cullen (4+)
Kai Johnson (7)
country = USA
language = English
first_aired = September 28, 2003
last_aired = December 5, 2009
num_seasons = 7
num_episodes = 70
related = "Karone The Spy"
"Gothica (Comic Book Series)"
"Blood Romance"

The Dark Wielder, is a fictional comic book series. The main hero of The Dark Wielder is Zeo Cullen. He first appeared in "The Dark Wielder" #01 (September 2003). The Dark Wielder was created by Bryan Alvarado.

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Pre-Season One

The Dark Wielder's origin story was established in his first appearance, and subsequent appearances. Zeo Cullen was born into one of Netopia’s mysterious families, The Cullens. Moments after his birth, his father was visited by The Ultimate Power in hell and decided to sell his son's soul in order to become the most wealthiest family in Netopia. At the age of fifteen, a strange blue fire rises out of Zeo's home thus killing his trapped parents. After an initial meeting with one of The Ultimate Power's lackeys, Zeo decides to run away from his home and decides to live on the streets for a time. At the age of 18, Zeo decides to move away from Netopia and chooses to relocate to ACDC Town.

eason One

After arriving in ACDC Town, Zeo moves into his own apartment by using his parent's money and enrolls in ACDC High School. There he meets Kari Demonia after asking her to get to the library. Once in the library the ground breaks and The Devolical Sword comes out and chooses The Dark Wielder. Meanwhile underground, a group of Warlocks are gathering power to resurrect The Great Ancient Warlocks. After succeeding a warlock is sent to collect powers for the weak Ancient Warlocks and stumbles across Zeo. After an initial fight, the warlock escapes to the cemetery and attacks Zeo. Zeo gets a rapid control of his emerging powers and destroys the warlock with his fire powers. A few seconds later, an Elder presents itself upon Zeo to make him join his elite fighters against the forces of evil.

During his next few weeks, Zeo discovers that Kari Demonia is actually a demon hired by the Ancient Warlocks to spy on him and destroy him. After their initial meeting, Zeo becomes a demon thanks to the Ancient Female Warlock and after depleting Kari of her demon powers, she grows stronger and leaves Kari powerless. Zeo manages to destroy the Ancient Warlock with Kari. They become friends and Kari moves in with in to his apartment.

During a school field trip, Kari gains control of The Book Of Darkness which helps Zeo's Devolical sword to gain more power in order to defeat a fire demon. In this same field trip, Zeo and Kari learn of the existence of SciLab. In the meantime, a new dark force shows itself as the remaining Ancient Warlock's boss, and after sending him away, he releases his second-in-command demon, Belthazor.

The Ancient Warlock attacks The Dark Wielder by cursing him with an empathy power that he wasn't supposed to have thus causing him great pain. The Ancient Warlock sends a couple of demons to destroy the town, while Kari receives help from the Elders via a new power, Visions. Zeo manages to break his curse and destroys the demons in midair. The dark force gets fed up with The Ancient Warlock and sends him to destroy Zeo personally, meanwhile Belthazor keeps growing impatient. Kari, on the other hand, begins her human life by taking a job in a local bar.

After a few weeks of training, The Ancient Warlock cast a spell on Zeo making him a girl. After going through a whole day as a girl and discovering that The Stone Of Magic has been stolen, Zeo and Kari begins to wonder what's really going on. The Dark Force reveals itself as The Blue Dragon Warlock and sends The Ancient Warlock after girl-Zeo. After a heated battle, Zeo finally destroys The Ancient Warlock thus breaking the spell over him. The Warlock manages to attack one last time after exploding and gets completely destroyed by Zeo's internal dark powers. Meanwhile, The Elders notice this and decide to send their personal guard, The Puppet Master, to hunt down and destroy The Dark Wielder. Zeo begins to feel a powerful force in the horizon meanwhile he decides that he has to find his parents, after denying their deaths.

The Puppet Master betrays the Elders by deciding to work for Belthazor and cast a musical spell on Zeo and Kari. After singing their powers away, both Zeo and Kari are in danger with The Puppet Master's minions. The Elders managed to see The Puppet Master's betrayal and send their Frozen Knight after him. After arriving to The Blue Dragon's lair, the Frozen Knight destroys The Puppet Master, releasing Kari and hers and Zeo's powers. After returning to normal, Zeo decides to stay in ACDC Town in order to attack the powerful force he felt, in which he learns that it might be named The Blue Dragon Warlock. Meanwhile, Belthazor plots his final attack.

After receiving a new power, Kari begins to wonder how much stronger she's getting without her demonic self. While Belthazor struggles with his inner love for Kari and his recent demon, The Blue Dragon sends Zeo to the past in order to release a powerful dark force. After meeting his ancestor, Zeo returns with a dark shade coming out of the time portal, to find Kari fighting with Belthazor's new water demon. Meanwhile, The Blue Dragon has discovered that Belthazor has fallen in love with Kari and decides to destroy him, but Belthazor manages to escape to the upside world and decides to hide in Beach Street.

Belthazor appears during a vampire attack on Zeo and Kari and destroys one holding a genie bottle. After opening the bottle, the essence of a genie captures Kari and transforms her into a genie. A wind demon appears and after wishing himself human, Belthazor uses his second wish to get his powers back and destroy the demon. The Blue Dragon begins to plot his inclusion into a group of mysterious hooded creatures. If he kills The Wielder he gets in their group, if not, then there's no deal. After using his last wish to return everything back to normal, Belthazor gets captured by The Dragon Warlock, using him for his final plan.

Kari appears in The Blue Dragon's lab to offer a deal, Belthazor's freedom for The Wielder's powers. After his cannon failed, The Blue Dragon decides that needs the Wielder's powers in order to power his final weapon. Kari and Zeo come up with the plan to rescue Belthazor, and while Zeo destroys the cannon, Kari hands over Zeo's powers and realizes that The Blue Dragon has mutated Belthazor into a demonic dinosaur. The Blue Dragon escapes after his lab begins to burn and leaves Kari and Zeo fighting Belthazor. After Zeo's final strike with his returned powers, Belthazor's spirit decides to thank Zeo and uses his energy to transform Zeo into a Dark Mage.

After returning from the Dark Dimension, The Blue Dragon desperately releases the storm scroll and releases the tornadoes upon ACDC Town. The Dark Mage Zeo battles against the storm while Kari returns to the world and gets caught in one of the tornadoes. The Mysterious Hooded Creatures appear to The Blue Dragon again to send him to attack Zeo personally. After being saved, Kari explains that the tornadoes came from a scroll and sends Zeo to attack The Blue Dragon. Kari destroys the scroll while Zeo uses his collected energies and destroys The Blue Dragon in one shot. After being released from his Dark Mage power, Zeo and Kari leave to celebrate. In the Sharo Land, the Mysterious Hooded Creatures find the powerful dark force Shade, that escaped from the time portal with Zeo and decide that he will be their new warrior. Zeo and Kari celebrate their victory in the place where Kari works, The Cyber Cafe. Kari decides that she wants to open her own bar, and Zeo decides to help her, thus ending it by cheering to the future.

eason Two

After two months of being gone, Zeo returns to save Kari from a hate demon who happens to be after Cupid. After discussing his unsuccessful search for his parents, Zeo and Kari begin to get annoyed by the constant appearances of Cupid, who fears for his life. After naturally dying, Cupid releases his energies and passes them to Zeo, who gets transformed into a adult version of Cupid. After being humiliated, Zeo manages to dress himself with his wings popping out and manages to get the Kari's opening night of her bar, The Pearl. The hate demon decides to attack Zeo and Kari and together they defeat the hate demon. Finally enjoying themselves in Kari's bar, Kari begins to notice that she has growing feelings for Zeo.

After a week, Shade returns with a spell that causes Kari and Zeo to switch bodies. After being attacked by a ninja demon, both Zeo and Kari plot to get in contact with the Elders. After speaking with the Elders, Zeo informs Kari that they have to travel to the Limbo realm to get a stone to reverse the spell. After escaping a sand monster, Zeo and Kari find the crystal and destroy, thus reversing their bodies back to their original owner. On the way back, Kari's strength vanishes and thus gets stuck in limbo while Zeo escapes back to the world.

Zeo finds a way to get back to the Limbo realm thanks to the Elders and after battling a giant, he finds himself trapped with a demonic priest who wants to protect Kari from him. After being released, Zeo wakes up in a sand castle ruled by the Astro Lord, who in turn makes Kari the princess of the Limbo realm. Zeo notices that the demonic priest only wants Kari for recreational purposes. After making a run for it, Kari and Zeo join forces and take down both the priest and the Astro Lord. Finally escaping the Limbo realm, Kari and Zeo decide to lay low for the next few months.

After a few months of laying low, The Mysterious Hooded Creatures begin to cause chaos around town as Kari and Zeo get ready to graduate high school. During their prom night, Zeo and Kari begin to put the pieces together as who is behind the attacks and find a member from the Mysterious Hooded Creatures, who names introduces himself as a member of The Triad. After eliminating one member, Zeo and Kari return home where Kari decides it's time to let Zeo know of her feelings. After confessing her love for him, Zeo realizes that he too has fallen in love with Kari. The members of The Triad keep attacking Zeo until finally they decide to release Shade, once again, in order to destroy them. Zeo and Kari battle their hardest until they finally link powers mentally and destroy Shade in one thought. The remaining member of The Triad plots his final revenge by exploding the whole town. When Zeo and Kari catch up to his plan, Zeo decides that he should battle remaining member by himself. After Kari joins the battle and wound the last member, he decides to escape. Zeo and Kari finally reach their graduation day and after finally graduating, the final member returns and takes off his hood, revealing his real demon self, which makes him stronger as ever. In one final battle that destroys the school, Zeo decides that he should sacrifice himself in order to protect Kari and the rest of the town. The final member then finally prepares his ultimate attack, and when he finally shoots it at an unfocused Zeo, Kari jumps in the way of the blast and knocks Zeo out of the way, causing her ultimate death. In a state of rage, Zeo uses his internal dark powers and destroys the final Triad member. By using his internal dark powers, he accidentally woke The Beast up, thus finally taking control of the world's latest Wielder and making him fly away to a future unknown.

eason Three: Becoming The Villain

After three weeks, a mysterious man is looking into Kari's apparent death and finds a video dairy in which she confesses to Zeo that if she's dead then he should find her body. Meanwhile outside of town, Zeo finally returns after being missing for three weeks. He is on a mission to find three crystals that will release his true powers. Meanwhile in an ancient tomb, a member of the mysterious Dark Church uncovers one of the crystals that Zeo is looking for. Zeo returns to his old apartment looking for his Devolical Sword which in turn opens a portal to where the Dark Priest is traveling in. After destroying the Dark Priest and stealing his crystal, he decides that it's time to return to the Hellmouth. During Zeo's travel, The Dark Church is discussing their beliefs of Kari's apparent survival. Finally arriving in The Blue Dragon Warlock's old base ruins, Zeo digs under the ruins and finds a hidden chamber in which the hellmouth is located. Once there, Zeo places the crystal and a monstrous voice speaks to him about not needing him anymore. The Beast releases Zeo from his dark prison and sends him back to ACDC Town. The Dark Church get control of the mysterious man looking for Kari, which is revealed to be Kari's long lost demonic brother, which the Dark Church has trained to be their own opposite of The Dark Wielder, he is The Light Wielder. Believing that Zeo killed Kari, The Light Wielder finds Zeo in Kari's apparent grave. After confessing his sorrow, Zeo finds a letter in which it explains that Kari is still alive.

After reading the note, Zeo is transported to an underground chamber, missing The Light Wielder's attack on his head. The Warlock of Illusion summoned Zeo in order to help him summon the smoke demon in exchange of a machine that will help locate Kari. Zeo helps him and receives his machine and takes off to look for her. Zeo arrives at Netopia, as it is the last place where Kari was alive, where she took the blast for Zeo, and instead he finds a member of the Dark Church. He explains that he is also looking for Kari, "The Girl of Darkness", and he explains to Zeo how Kari's parents brought destruction to Yumland. After the birth of their demonic baby girl, they put her to sleep for a thousand years, until she was woken by the group of Warlocks. He finally explains that she is destined to kill someone and become the ultimate force of evil the world has ever seen. After the member leaves, Zeo's machine begins to work which takes him to a cave. He finds a note warning him that the Warlock of Illusion tricked him and is getting stronger. Finally the warlock shows himself and attacks Zeo. Zeo calls for his sword and finally slashes the warlock to death. While Zeo promises to find Kari, the Dark Church celebrate their apparent victory with a Druid.

After witnessing a water demon attack a man in Lake Crystalight, Zeo finds an old friend, Quickman, who is there to find a way to destroy the demon. The two of them join forces and find a thunder weapon in the middle of a nearby dam, which in turn wounds the monster. After following the demon under water, Zeo begins to run out of oxygen and suddenly a strong dark shadow begins to attack the demon. The shadow destroys the demon and grabs Zeo out of the danger of the incoming explosion which destroys the dam. After noticing who the shadow is, Zeo hugs Kari harder than ever, finally finding his best friend and love. Meanwhile, The Dark Church are discussing if their plan is going according to plan. Finally settled back in, Kari receives a vision of a Hellbeast while getting used to the new chance at life she's been handed. After returning home from a night out, Kari begins to kiss Zeo passionately, causing Zeo to give in on their eternal new found love.

The next day, Zeo realizes that he slept with his best friend and eternal love, but can't shake the feeling that something is different about Kari. Taking a walk in the night, Zeo finds himself trouble when a shadow demon decides to attack him. After stabbing him with his sword, Zeo begins to notice that the demon stabbed him with his nails. The shadow demon escapes back to the hellmouth, where the hellbeast decides to get rid of him, after completing his job. Zeo returns in the morning to find Kari very nervous, After deciding to listen to her, Kari confesses that she is not really Kari but a demon, a Druid. She also reveals that she is pregnant, and right when Zeo is about to grab her she gets summoned. The Beast gets control of Zeo at that exact moment and he flies away. Meanwhile, the Dark Church are furious with the Druid's behavior and decide they don't need her anymore. After escaping her death, the Druid releases the real Kari from the Dark Church's prison cells. The Druid sends Kari to Zeo, informing her that he is evil again. The hellbeast sends Zeo to Netfrica to find another crystal. Once arriving there, he finds Kari holding on to it. Kari places the crystal in Zeo's chest thus releasing him of The Beast's control and reuniting with his long lost best friend. The Dark Church decide that it's time to bring The Light Wielder back into action. Meanwhile, Kari and Zeo are finally reunited and while Kari is happy to be back, Zeo can't help to wonder what happened to the Druid.

Kari's brother finally discovers that Kari has been alive and trapped by the Dark Church and decides to stop working for them. One of the Dark Priest decides to take control of The Light Wielder's body and decides to grab a spell with him. The Light Wielder replica decides to turn Kari into stone and destroying her. Zeo is then summoned by the Elders and they upgrade his powers so he can now control thunder. They explain to him that they have restarted the day before Kari died and that he is supposed to stop the event. Finally returning to where Kari was at the moment of her death, Zeo uses his new powers and shocks the Dark Priest out of hiding and finally destroys him. The Dark Church decide its time to attack the Wielder themselves and decide to create chaos downtown. Kari and Zeo join forces to attack the Dark Church but they join forces to separate Zeo and Kari by sending Zeo to the Sharo Land. Once awake, Zeo notices that the Book of Darkness has given his sword a new upgrade, the power of fire.

Zeo returns to join Kari, who's been keeping up a fight while he was gone. Kari and Zeo join forces and destroy the church members one by one. One of the members opens a portal which he escapes in and Zeo follows him. Kari is left to destroy the remaining two members. Zeo finally uses his flame powers with his fire sword and destroys the Dark Priest. Meanwhile, Kari uses her psychic powers to destroy the remaining priests by destroying their heads. After the final explosion, Zeo returns to finally celebrate the end of their troubles. The hellbeast collects the second crystal which was inside one of the Dark Priests. The Elders grant both Kari and Zeo and day off and while Kari leaves to plan her day off, Zeo stays to talk to the Elders. When least expected his eyes turn black and begins to shoot dark fire out of his hands killing most of the Elders. The remaining living Elder uses his last bit of life energy to summon his Frozen Knight once again. Kari uses her day off to put her doubts to rest and travels to The Dark Church's library. There, she learns of the Hellbeast and how it controls Dark Wielders and finally realizes that Zeo is under The Beast's control once again.

After a week of running away from the Frozen Knight, Zeo finally decides to stop running and face him and finally sends his dark minions to destroy him. Kari reappears and finally battle him. After a fierce battle, Zeo gets bored with Kari and decides to suck her in. He opens his mouth and sucks everything around him. Kari later wakes up inside Zeo's body as some sort of bacteria. After running away from Blood Cells, Kari finds herself in the middle of Zeo's stomach where she realizes is the center of the darkness within. More blood cells chase Kari down Zeo's stomach until they disappear suddenly. Kari then realizes that she has been saved by Death itself. After explaining that the balance of life might be destroyed if still trapped, Death begins to beg for Kari's help. Finally arriving to Zeo's stomach, Death and Kari join forces to take out Zeo's Woogyman. Kari and Death travel back to Zeo's mouth and after a while Blood cells begin to chase them down. Death decides to stay and protect Kari while she saved herself. Finally escaping Zeo's body, she realizes that spitting her out took a lot of energy out of him. She lays him in his bed meanwhile Death notices that he found Zeo's brain, getting an idea. The next moment Kari knew, Zeo was standing up, as Death himself.After finally getting used to being Death, Zeo begins to do Death's job and collect souls and transport them to the afterlife. Meanwhile, the Hellbeast summons the real Death and strikes a deal with him, his freedom for The Dark Wielder's free will. Meanwhile, Kari deals with demons going crazy in the middle of town while Zeo returns to Netfrica in order to destroy the final crystal The Beast needs to be free. Once realizing it, The Beast gets control of Zeo and finally decides to bring the last crystal to The Beast. Kari decides to travel to Netfrica after losing contact with Zeo because of her fear of The Beast. On the airplane she meets a transporter demon which transports her inside of Zeo's body to release the real Death. After finally releasing him, she wakes up outside the Hellmouth with the final crystal in it's place and the Apocalypse finally starting. The sky darkens and the sun begins to melt away as meteors fall down on earth. The Beast is finally released from his prison and as he does, he flies away in order to destroy the world. Kari stands in shock as the end of the begins.

Three weeks later, Kari has finally recovered from her shock thanks to Zeo's faith in her. But much to Zeo's surprise the Druid finally returns after being away for so long. She confesses that she was the one who left the notes at Kari's grave and at the cave outside of Netopia. She also finally confesses that she did have the child, and she introduces him as Connor. The little boy of maybe eight years old comes into the room saying that he knows how to destroy a hellbeast. Kari, Zeo and the Druid begins to plan a final attack on The Beast, as he continues to destroy the leftover of the sun and the moon. Soon the group realize that they need the Sun Mystified Objects. The Beast decides to pay them a visit and right when it was about to strike the little boy, the Druid stands in the way, thus saving her son. The Beast leaves enjoying what he caused while Connor and Zeo cry over her dying body. Kari thanks her for saving her a few months ago. Finally feeling complete and like a normal human, the Druid dies happily. Conner, Zeo and Kari decide to destroy The Beast in memory of the Druid. They find the locations where the objects are and decide to travel to Netfrica, where the Mystical Sun Temple is located. Once inside, the group deal with the traps left by the country's ancestors while trying to collect all three items. Once they have the three items, The Beast reappears finally having guessed their plan and decides to attack. The three objects give them a protective shield when they're close but separated they all have their unique abilities. Finally tired of The Beast, the group finally decide to try again the mental link Zeo and Kari used to destroy The Triad months ago. Once mentally linked, they finally find a way to use the objects to restore the moon and especially the sun, which completely destroys The Beast, right under the ancient mirrors of the Sun Temple. Finally rid of the evil, Kari, Zeo and Connor decide to move on with their lives as a family, because nothing else was going to get in the way of their new life.

eason Four: Enter The Spy

Four months later, Kari and Zeo continue life as college students in ACDC Community College. After an initial bad start, Zeo finally meets a new friend, Karone Lovell. Karone, is secretly a spy hired by SciLab in order to get information on Kari and Zeo. Once together, Kari, Zeo and Karone return home where they find Connor living his life by investigating on his own anatomy. Some nights later, SciLab arrive on Kari's bar, The Pearl, to terminate it for lack of pay. Kari explains to them that it is wrong but they do not listen to her, and end up closing it for good. A few weeks later, Zeo returns from once again searching for his parents to finally reveal to Kari that the woman who died in the mysterious fire of his house was not his real mother, but a stepmother. Kari begins to have visions of a mechanical woman trying to destroy them and believes it may be connected to Zeo. Finally, Kari and Zeo begin to think about rebuilding the Elder's Council, but with no avail.

After a demonic attack, Zeo begins to realize that demons will always disturb his life. One night patroling the city, he finds a girl wearing a tight leather outfit. After fighting with her, she reveals herself as The Spy. After that she escapes. Zeo gets fixated on finding out who The Spy really is and what does she want. The Spy causes trouble at the local museum, where Connor is going to gather information and kidnaps him. Zeo and Kari find where Connor is and rescues him only to battle The Spy, who proves to be an exceptional fighter.

Zeo and Kari begins to wonder what's wrong with Connor when he begins to act out. They finally find out that since he's half-demon, half-human, he is bound to be special. Zeo and Kari take Connor to a special doctor in the Underworld which tells them that Connor's demonic side is taking over him which is causing him to grow rapidly, both mentally and physically. Zeo and Kari begin to wonder what would be good for Connor, now that his demonic side is taking over his human side. Kari wonders if it will be better to strip Connor of his demonic powers.

SciLab releases a powerful weapon, The Mother Load, to destroy Zeo and Kari. Connor begins to wonder why SciLab wants to hurt Zeo and Kari, and then he realizes that since their scientists, they want a subject, which is him. After discovering the reason behind their attacks, Zeo and Kari decide to Resolve their problems with SciLab by force, by destroying their latest weapon. The Spy returns to fight alongside The Mother Load until she realizes that The Mother Load used to be a human woman. After falling into a trap planted by The Mother Load, Kari begins to put the pieces together and discovers that The Mother Load is the same mechanical woman who is connected to Zeo. Once upon reach, Kari receives another power, which let's her see into the past, and by touching The Mother Load, she discovers that she is Zeo's mother.

Zeo decides to infiltrate SciLab to destroy them from the inside out. Kari and Connor begin to plan an elaborate plot to get Zeo in and out of SciLab without waking up The Mother Load. After reaching the inside, Zeo begins to destroy the lab with his mental powers until he reaches a locked office. Once inside, Zeo finds an important file on a Cullen family member and realizes that SciLab kidnapped his mother the day he was born and transformed her into a mechanical weapon of destruction. The SciLab Top Members discover that Zeo has that important file, so they send The Mother Load after him. Zeo manages to escape with the file, while The Mother Load ends up trapped by her own restoration cables. Kari realizes that Zeo knows the truth and confesses that she found out too and offers to look into his past in order to understand why they kidnapped her. Kari learns that Zeo's mother was a scientist there who stole an important compound which was supposed to kill all the demons in the world. After misplacing the compound, Zeo's mother gave birth to him and on the same night, SciLab members kidnapped his mother. Zeo becomes horrified on how a bunch of crazed scientist would do that to a humble family. Kari also learns on the events that happened after Zeo's birth and his mother's kidnapping. Kari decides to keep it to herself and begins to suspect who The Ultimate Power is.

The Spy decides that she has to prove herself to her employers, as they begin to lose faith on her abilities to destroy The Dark Wielder. She plots her revenge by kidnapping Connor and planting a bomb on him. Once safely hidden, The Spy begins to call out for Zeo, who in turn appears out of the shadows. Once discovering her plan, Zeo begins to lose his mind as he cannot find Connor anywhere and Kari begins to use her remaining demonic powers to use dark magic to find Connor. Kari finally saves Connor from the bomb and his doom, while Zeo finally realizes that he might need to cross over to the dark side in order to get revenge on SciLab. Zeo loses his sanity and begins to beat The Spy to death, and before she is about to die, Connor decides to help his dad find his way back to the good side. Zeo, Kari and Connor leave The Spy bleeding on the floor, while she decides that her battle has become personal.

Zeo, Kari and the still growing Connor decide its time to stop The Spy once and for all. They form a plan in which they decide to trick The Spy into a trap. The Spy arrives at Zeo's home for revenge and after fighting with Zeo, she reveals herself as Karone Lovell. Zeo's trap is put into action and Karone finds herself trapped in a dark dimension. SciLab finally get tired of The Spy and decide to reprogram The Mother Load to go after her instead of Zeo. Kari devices a spell which takes Zeo into The Mother Load's mind, after casting it, Zeo is finally reunited with his real mother. After a long talk about how their life could have been if together, she finally confesses that she has to be destroyed, that she wishes to rest in peace now that her baby boy has finally grown up. Zeo returns from The Mother Load's mind and decides that he will grant her wish and get revenge on SciLab for causing so much pain.

Karone finds a way to escape the dark dimensions and finds herself in Yumland without any memory of what happened. The Mother Load finds Karone and decides to attack her and while running away she notices that she has a phone number in her mind. Finally finding a phone, Karone calls the phone number and finds out that its Zeo's. After begging for help, Zeo, Kari and Connor travel to Yumland to rescue Karone from The Mother Load. Once finally stopping The Mother Load, Zeo decides to have a pep talk with Karone, who finally resigns from being a hired gun for bad people. Karone decides to stay Yumland to start a new life, while Zeo, Kari, and Connor return to their old life, believing they finally stopped SciLab from coming after them. A few hours later, The Mother Load scrap begins to move, lighting her own eyes by itself.

Zeo, Kari and Connor return to find that ACDC Town's branch of SciLab has been destroyed by imperfect clones of The Mother Load. Zeo and Kari decide that Connor's demonic powers linked with Zeo's might be what could destroy the clones in one shot. After casting multiple spells, Zeo and Connor link their minds and become an unstoppable force that destroys all of the clones in a few seconds. The SciLab Top Members decide that Connor is not their only priority and decide to move on from ACDC Town, finally leaving Zeo, Kari and Connor alone. Kari decides to check out SciLab's ruins and discovers a machine that turned herself on and after an initial attack, she discovers that it's the real Mother Load. Zeo cast the spell to take himself back to his mother's mind and talks to her about her final wish. She gives him the instructions to finally destroying her mechanical body. Once returning, Zeo gathers all the electricity of ACDC Town and releases it onto The Mother Load, finally killing her.

Zeo, Kari and Connor return home to find that their home has also being destroyed. Once figuring out that it wasn't SciLab who is after it, Zeo faints and wakes up in a world where he never existed. The Reaper demon appears to Zeo and explains that all the electricity that he used is still in his body and the only way to recover is to let his mind wander through his own mind dimension. The Reaper escapes Zeo's mind and once recognizing Connor as the Druid's and Zeo's spawn, he kidnaps him and causes Kari to fall into a coma. Zeo finds his way through his mind dimension until he begins to receive glimpses of the real world, where he sees Connor being taken away by The Reaper and Kari falling into a coma. Zeo finally wakes up to find an angel offering to reverse time and change his destiny to live a normal life with his parents. Zeo decides that the life he has is the one that he prefers to live, because if he wasn't like this, then he never would've met Kari or have his wonderful son Connor. After turning down the offer, Zeo uses Kari's dark magic spell to locate Connor once again and after finding him he notices that The Reaper has a big demonic portal open in the middle of downtown. Zeo and The Reaper fight and he learns that Connor is destined to be The Ultimate Power's greatest warrior. Zeo then fights back and after The Reaper's final attack, he wakes up seeing that both The Reaper and Connor have gone through the demonic portal. Zeo returns home depressed after losing Connor to find Kari in a coma. A few minutes later, Zeo's apartment explodes, leaving his life and Kari's in question.

Main Characters

Zeo Cullen (1+)
Kari Demonia / Sapphirex (1+/7)
Connor Cullen (4+)
Kai Johnson (7)

Recurring Characters

Karone Lovell / The Spy (4 / Special guest-star in season 5)
Kai Johnson (6)

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  • The Night Angel Trilogy — The Way of Shadows Shadow s Edge Beyond the Shadows Author Brent Weeks Cover artist Illustrator: Calvin Chu Design: Peter Cotton Country United States …   Wikipedia

  • Dark Bring — (Shadow Stones in the English anime) are evil magical stones from the Japanese anime show and manga series Groove Adventure RAVE (called Rave Master in the American version). Dark Bring generally take the form of dark purple stones of any size… …   Wikipedia

  • The Boy and the Darkness — infobox Book | name = The Boy and the Darkness title orig = Mal chik i t ma, Мальчик и тьма (Russian) translator = author = Sergei Lukyanenko (Сергей Лукьяненко) cover artist = Vladimir Bondar country = Russia language = Russian series = genre =… …   Wikipedia

  • The Legend (TV series) — Infobox Television show name= Legend caption=Original title card format=Historical/Fantasy Drama audio format = Surround sound camera= runtime=60 per episode director=Kim Jong Hak, Yoon Sang Ho creator=Kim Jong Hak, Song Ji Na starring=Bae Yong… …   Wikipedia

  • Karone The Spy — Infobox television show name = Karone The Spy caption = genre = Action/Adventure/Supernatural Drama creator = Bryan Alvarado location = Yumland starring = Karone Lovell Jon Greene (2) country = USA language = English first aired = August 20, 2006 …   Wikipedia

  • The House (The Keys to the Kingdom) — The House is a domain that serves as the center of the universe in the Keys to the Kingdom series by Australian author Garth Nix. Anything in creation not in the House, such as earth (the solar system and indeed this universe), is part of the… …   Wikipedia

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