All-star (disambiguation)

All-star (disambiguation)

All-star (or All Star) has the following meanings:

*All-star, a sports player or an all-star motion picture
*"All-Star Comics", a comic book series published during the 1940s by All-American Comics (AAC)
*"All Star Comics" (without the hyphen), an imprint of comic book titles published by DC Comics beginning in 2005
*All-Star Olivia Dawson, a superheroine featured in the comics "Justice League Adventures" (she appears to be a variation off Stargirl)
*"All Star" (song), a song by the American band Smash Mouth
*All Star Wrestling, a British professional wrestling promotion run by Brian Dixon
*All Stars (band), a band with Louis Armstrong
*All Stars (film), a Dutch film starring Danny de Munk (1997)
*allSTARS*, a UK pop band who had their own TV show, "STARStreet" between 2001 and 2002 and four Top 20 singles in the UK.
*Doug Anthony All Stars, an Australian musical comedy group
*Allstar (cosmology), part of the Ray of Creation in the cosmology of the "Fourth Way" taught by G. I. Gurdjieff
*Allstar (fuel card), a British brand of fuel card
*GAA All Stars Awards, the Gaelic Athletic Association's annual awards
*Allstar International, a major Fencing equipment manufacturer
*Chuck Taylor All-Stars, a popular line of sport shoes by Converse
*, a popular "Warcraft III Frozen Throne" custom map
*All Star Records, a reggaeton record label
*All Star Cashville Prince, Rapper

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