1720 in literature

1720 in literature

The year 1720 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


* In October, the South Sea Bubble began to burst. Its collapse would affect the fortunes of many writers and occupy many works of literature.
* The Haymarket Theatre opens on December 29.

New books

* Arthur Blackamore - "The Perfidious Brethren"
* Thomas Boston - "Human Nature in its Four-fold State"
* Jane Brereton - "An expostulatory Epistle to Sir Richard Steele upon the Death of Mr. Addison"
* Thomas Brown - "The Remains of Mr. Thomas Brown"
* William Rufus Chetwood - "The Voyages, Dangerous Adventures, and Miraculous Escapes of Capt. Richard Falconer"
* Samuel Croxall - "The Fair Circassian"
* Daniel Defoe
**"Memoirs of a Cavalier"
**"Serious Reflections During the Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe"
* Charles Gildon - "All for the Better" (fiction)
* Thomas Hearne - "A Collection of Curious Discourses"
* Aaron Hill - "The Creation"
* Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon - "The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in Ireland"
* Hildebrand Jacob - "The Curious Maid"
* Delarivière Manley - "The Power of Love" (novels)
* Alexander Pennecuik - "Streams From Hellicon"
* Alexander Pope - "The Iliad of Homer" v, vi
* Richard Rawlinson - "The English Topographer"
* Martha Sansom - "The Epistles of Clio and Strephon"
* George Sewell - "A New Collection of Original Poems"
* Richard Steele
**"The Crisis of Property"
**"A Nation a Family"
* Jonathan Swift - "A Proposal for the Universal Use of Irish Manufacture"
* William Temple - "The Works of Sir William Temple"
* Ned Ward - "The Delights of the Bottle"
* "W. P." - "The Jamaica Lady"

New drama

* Charles Buckingham - "The Tragedy of King Henry IV of France"
* John Dennis - "The Invader of His Country"
* Benjamin Griffin - "Whig and Tory"
* John Hughes - "The Siege of Damascus"
* John Leigh - "Hob's Wedding"
* Pierre de Marivaux
**"L'Amour et la vérité"
**"Arlequin poli par l'amour"
* Charles Molloy - "The Half-Pay Officers"
* John Mottley - "The Imperial Captives"


* John Gay - "Poems on Several Occasions"
*"A New Miscellany of Original Poems" (various authors)
* Matthew Prior - "The Conversation"
* Allan Ramsay
**"A Poem on the South-Sea"


* January 13 - Richard Hurd (died 1808)
* July 18 - Gilbert White (died 1793)
* October 17 - Jacques Cazotte, romance writer (died 1792)
* October 19 - John Woolman (died 1772), Quaker in colonial America
* Samuel Foote, actor and playwright
* Elizabeth Montagu, future "bluestocking society" founder
* Charles Edward Stuart, "Bonnie Prince Charlie" or "The Young Pretender" to the English throne


* April 21 - Antoine Hamilton (born 1646)
* June 27 - Guillaume Amfrye de Chaulieu, poet (born 1639)
*August 5 - Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea, poet (b. 1661)
* August 9 - Simon Ockley (born 1678), writer on the history of the Middle East
* August 17 - Anne Dacier (Madame Dacier) (born c.1654)
*September 7 - Eusèbe Renaudot, theologian (b. 1646)
*September 9 - Philippe de Dangeau, author (born 1638)
*"date unknown" - John Hughes, poet (b. 1677)

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