1719 in literature

1719 in literature

The year 1719 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


* Nicholas Rowe's widow receives a pension from King George I in recognition of her husband's translation of Lucan's "Pharsalia".
*Daniel Defoe launches the periodical "The Manufacturer"
*Richard Steele launches "The Plebian" (periodical).

New books

* Anonymous - "Zulima"
* Joseph Addison
**"Maxims, Observations, and Reflections"
**"Notes upon the Twelve Books of Paradise Lost"
**"The Old Whig I"
**"The Old Whig II"
* John Durant Breval
**"Ovid in Masquerade" ("by Mr. Joseph Gay" - part of Curll's continuing battle with John Gay)
*Daniel Defoe
**"Robinson Crusoe"
**"The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe"
* Charles Gildon - "The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Mr. D -- DeF--, of London, Hosier" (satire on Defoe)
* Eliza Haywood - "Love in Excess"
* Benjamin Hoadly - "The Common Rights of Subjects, Defended"
* Giles Jacob - "The Poetical Register" (biographies of playwrights, by themselves)
* Nicholas Rowe - "Lucan's Pharsalia"
* Isaac Watts - "The Psalms of David" (transl.)
* Edward Young - "A Letter to Mr Tickell" (in re Addison's death)

New drama

* Anonymous - "Heroick Friendship" (attrib. to Thomas Otway but unknown authorship)
* Thomas Betterton - "The Bond-Man"
* Colley Cibber - "Ximena"
* John Leigh - "Kensington Gardens"
* Richard Savage - "Love in a Veil"
* George Sewell - "The Tragedy of Sir Walter Raleigh"
* Thomas Southerne - "The Spartan Dame"
* William Taverner - "'Tis Well If It Takes"
* Edward Young - "Busiris"


* Matthew Prior - "Poems on Several Occasions"
* Allan Ramsay - "Content"
*"See also 1719 in poetry"


* May 30 - Sir Roger Newdigate (died 1806)
* July 4 - Michel-Jean Sedaine, dramatist (died 1797)
* October 17 - Jacques Cazotte (died 1792)
* November 23 - Spranger Barry, actor (died 1777)
* "unknown date" - John Boydell, publisher (died 1804)


* June 17 - Joseph Addison (born 1672)
* September 7 - John Harris (writer) (born c.1666)
* December 2 - Pasquier Quesnel, theologian (born 1634)
* Dr. Samuel Garth, poet and physician
* John Flamsteed, Astronomer royal, colleague of Isaac Newton and Charles Boyle
* Maintenon, consort and belle of the French court

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