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Eleanor (also Elinor, Eleanore, or Elynor) is a female given name

The first known bearer of the name was Eleanor of Aquitaine. She was named after her mother, Ænor de Châtellerault, and called "Aliénor", (from "Alia-Aenor"), which means "other-Aenor" in Occitan). It became "Eléanor" in the northern "Langue d'oïl" and in English. Therefore the meaning of the name is sometimes given as "The Other." Ænor is a Provençal name, coming from "lenire" ("to heal") and "adoucir" ("to soften"). In English the name is sometimes connected to Elena, Ellen or Elaine (Helen, Helene) as well. It could be connected to the Greek "eleos" ("compassion") as well.

Equivalent names in other languages are:
*Елеонора (Eleonora) (Bulgarian)
*Eleonore (German)
*Ελεωνόρα (Eleōnora) Greek)
*Eleonóra (Hungarian, Slovak)
*Eleonora (Italian, Polish, Swedish)
*Leonor (Spanish, Portuguese)
*Lianor, Alionor, Leonora, Eleonor, Eleonora, Elionor, Elianora (Portuguese)
*Elinor (Hebrew, Welsh)
*Alinah (Malay)
*Ellinor (Swedish)
*Elenoa (Fijian language)

The similar Hebrew name "Eliora" is the feminine form of Elior ("my God is light"). The similar-sounding Arabic "Allahu Nuri" also means "God is my light"; the modern version is "Nurullah" ("Noorullah") ("light of God").

Notable Eleanors

* Several queens are known as Queen Eleanor, most notably Eleanor of Aquitaine
* The Infanta Leonor of Spain
* Saint Helen is sometimes referred to as Saint Eleanor.
* Eleonora by Edgar Allan Poe
* Eleanor Boardman, American actress
* Eleanor Bron, British actress and author
* Eleonora Dziekiewicz, Polish volleyball player
* Elinor Fair, American actress
* Eleanor Marx, writer and daughter of Karl Marx
* Eleanor Roosevelt, the activist, diplomat, and wife and First Lady of President Franklin D. Roosevelt
* Eleanor Powell, a tap-dance legend
* Eleanor Rigby, the fictional titular subject of a 1966 song by The Beatles; although she is fictional, a gravestone bearing the name Eleanor Rigby exists in a church in the band's birthplace of Liverpool
*Elinor Dashwood, the heroine of Jane Austen's popular novel, "Sense and Sensibility"
* Eleanor Murray
* Eleanor Moore
* Eleanor Butterbean a character of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
* Eleanor Friedberger, vocalist of New York indie rock band The Fiery Furnaces
* Eleanor Hapeshi, was Under Seven Chess Suprema in Gloucestershire UK Land Chess Challenge 2007 and Joint winner of the Under 7 UK Land Chess Challenge, for Northern England 2007. On the 10th May 2008 she won the title of Under-8 Suprema in the UK Land Chess Challenge in Gloucestershire.
*Elinor Blankenship, world famous clarinetist originally from Frankfort, KY.

Other uses of Eleanor

* Franz Ferdinand have recently released a song titled 'Eleanor Put Your Boots On'.
* Jet have recently released a song titled 'Eleanor'.
* The Turtles released a song titled 'Elenore' in 1968.
* Eleanor is also the codename for the legendary Mustangs seen in both versions of the film Gone in 60 Seconds: in the original 1974 version, Eleanor is a 1973 Mach 1 coupe, while in the 2000 remake, Eleanor is a modified 1967 Shelby GT500.
* The Beatles released a song titled 'Eleanor Rigby' on the album Revolver.
* Eleanor, Youngest of The Chipettes.
* Lady Eleanor is a song written by Alan Hull which featured on the first Lindisfarne album, Nicely out of Tune, and was released as a single in 1970
*In the fictional world of "The Lord of the Rings", J. R. R. Tolkien created an alternative meaning for this name in his created Elvish language. In the novels, "Elano"r means "sun-star" ("el": star, and "anor": sun), and is the name of a golden five-pointed flower that grows in the woods of Lothlórien and the given name of a golden-haired child.

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