Andorra national rugby union team

Andorra national rugby union team

Rugby team
country =Andorra

union = Federació Andorrana de Rugby
nickname = Els Isards
captain = Lionel Prat
coach = Christian Cerqueda
president = Jordi Cerqueda
secretary = Felip Gallardo
from =
caps =
top scorer =
pattern_la1 =
pattern_b1 = _andorra_rugby
pattern_ra1 =
leftarm1 = 0000ff
body1 =
rightarm1 = 0000ff
shorts1 = 000080
socks1 = ff0000
first = Andorra 24 -3 Luxembourg
(1st July 1987)
bigwin = Andorra 76 - 3 Norway
(4th September 2004)
bigloss = Andorra 3 - 62 Spain
(8th November 1997)
no World cup apps = 0
year =
best =
Images are copyright of the Federacio Andorrana de Rugby and are used with their permission
The Andorra national rugby union team, nicknamed "Els Isards" (which is a Pyrenean Chamois) represent Andorra in international rugby union competitions. They are currently ranked 62nd out of 95 Rugby playing nations by the International Rugby Board (IRB). They play most of their home games in Andorra la Vella, the country's capital, though have had some matches in Foix, which is in France.

They compete in the European Nations Cup, and are currently in the second division. As well as playing numerous friendlies they have also taken part in the qualification stages of the Rugby World Cup, competing in every tournament since 1995.


Andorra played their first rugby international in 1987 against Luxembourg. Andorra won the match 24-3.

Andorra first tried to qualify for the Rugby World Cup in 1995. They competed in the preliminary round in the west group of the European qualification. They defeated Denmark, but lost to Switzerland, and were knocked out.

Andorra also attempted to qualify for the 1999 Rugby World Cup. Andorra started off in Pool 3 of Round 1, and won all four of their fixtures, finishing at the top of the final standings to advance through to Round 2. However they were then knocked out of qualifying after Round 2 coming last in a five team group.

They competed in Pool B of Round 1 in attempting to qualify for the 2003 World Cup, but did not advance to the next stage coming third in a six team group.

The 2007 tournament saw many more fixtures and gained the small nation some greater publicity by playing in the first match of the tournament, beating Norway 76-3. They won a 2 leg match, came third in the ensuing five team group thus qualifying for a further 2 leg playoff, victory in which led to a further five team group in which they were last. Competing with the more populous Moldova, Netherlands, Spain and Poland, having beaten Norway, Hungary, Slovenia and Sweden certainly brought Andorra to the attention of more rugby followers, all in spite of a small population of just 70,000.


The popularity of football in Andorra has been on the decline due to a poor record at home and away. This has left room for Andorran rugby to rise out of the shadows. Mainly affected by the fanatical popularity of rugby in southern France, Els Isards continue to impress on the international stage. This has led to the rapid increase in the number of registered players in Andorra. Many are now suggesting that rugby in Andorra has grown to such an extent that it has now become the tiny nation's national sport.

As well as a men's 15 aside team, the men have competed in the European Sevens competition since 2005. In 2005 they won promotion to the next division and in both 2006 and 2007 made the finals of the competition.

Also Andorra have a women's set up. As of yet they have only played sevens, competing in 2006 and 2007.

Youth rugby in Andorra is less developed and has to date only consisted of training camps.

Results Men's 15 aside


Andorra have played friendlies, FIRA competitions and World Cup Qualifiers. The full results list including details of unplayed games can be found below. The various game types can be summarised as follows - note that unfulfilled and defaulted games are NOT included in the analysis although they do count towards the game count in the full list. Also if a game has been both a World Cup and FIRA game then it is only recorded here in the World Cup figures.

Current Squad

Listed end 2007 by FAR

Xavier Vilasetru - Iosif Tchelitze - Xavier Soteras - Roger Font - Joan Fite - Toni Carmona - Peter Ambor - David Kirikashvili - Jonathan Garcia - Josep Magallon - Sergi Abreu - Paul Alieu - Roger Fite - Jeremy Berrier - Marc Abelló - David Martinez - Oscar Cabanes - Franck Mitjana - Alexandro Consuegra - Emmanuel Sarti - Flavien Sayo - Alex Ballesta

Results Men's 7s

To date Andorra (men) have played in fourteen International Sevens Tournaments (WC Qualifier 1996 (1 round), WC Qualifier 2000 (1 round), FIRA-AER 2003 Qualifiers (1 round), FIRA-AER 2004 Qualifiers (2 rounds), FIRA-AER 2005 Qualifiers (2 rounds), FIRA-AER 2006 Qualifiers (2 rounds) and Finals, FIRA-AER 2007 Qualifiers (2 rounds) and Finals, FIRA-AER 2008 Qualifiers). In FIRA-AER, each year a number of tournaments take place across Europe and each nation takes part in two tournaments to decide on a final 12. In 2007 Andorra were joint 12th with Croatia but qualified on points difference. The FIRA-AER qualifiers have seen placings of 5th (5 times), 4th (1 time) and 3rd (2 times). Both appearances in the finals have seen 12th (last) but notable teams have failed to qualify.

1st to 2nd June 1996 at Lisbon, Portugal (RWC Qualifier)

1st Round

Pool 7

0-74 Romania

5-52 Poland

2nd Round

Pool F

10-63 Portugal

5-31 Georgia

1st to 2nd July 2000 at Madrid, Spain (RWC Qualifier)

1st Round

Pool D

24-36 Bulgaria

0-60 Russia

7-43 Italy

2nd Round (Russia swapped with winners of Pool C from first round)

Pool D

19-19 Bulgaria

0-49 Italy

0-61 Portugal

14th June 2003 at Madrid, Spain (FIRA-AER Qualifiers)

Came fifth

Group Games

17-12 Belgium

10-21 Spain

14-33 Portugal

Knock Out (5th to 8th)

12-10 Malta

33-26 Italy

21st to 22nd May 2004 at Lunel, France (FIRA-AER Qualifiers)

Came fifth

Group Games

26-0 Denmark

20-5 Switzerland

0-24 Spain

12-29 Italy

Knock Out (5th to 8th)

17-0 Belgium

29-20 Switzerland

12th to 13th June 2004 at Tbilisi, Georgia (FIRA-AER Qualifiers)

Came eighth

Group Games

71-0 Israel

14-12 Romania

22-12 Ukraine

0-33 France

Knock Out (5th to 8th)

5-10 Georgia II

0-45 Scotland

25th to 26th June 2005 at Lunel, France (FIRA-AER Qualifiers)

Came Fifth (Plate winners)

Group Games

0-35 Spain

27-5 Belgium

43-0 Monaco

5-29 France

Knock Out (5th to 8th)

5-0 Armenia

26-21 Netherlands

2nd to 3rd July 2005 at Andorra (FIRA-AER Qualifiers)

Came Fifth (Plate winners)

Group Games

0-29 Spain

24-5 Belgium

w/o Slovakia

7-28 France

36-7 Invitation

Knock Out (5th to 8th)

26-7 Bosnia and Herzogovina

17-15 Croatia

27th to 28th May 2006 at Amsterdam, Netherlands (FIRA-AER Qualifiers)

Came Third

Group Games

19-21 Netherlands

26-10 Israel

24-14 Portugal

40-0 Luxembourg

Knock Out (1st to 4th)

12-17 Croatia

17-5 Portugal

9th to 10th June 2006 at Madrid, Spain (FIRA-AER Qualifiers)

Came Third

Group Games

24-0 Croatia

68-0 Norway

54-5 Azerbaijan

0-26 Portugal

Knock Out (1st to 4th)

12-19 Spain

26-7 Belgium

15th to 16th July 2006 at Moscow, Russia (FIRA-AER Finals)

Came Twelfth

Group Games

12-42 Romania

0-52 Spain

12-14 Croatia

7-56 Russia

7-19 Portugal

Knock Out (9th to 12th)

19-24 Lithuania

0-21 Ukraine

19th to 20th May 2007 at Amsterdam, Netherlands (FIRA-AER Qualifiers)

Came Fourth

Group Games

41-0 Belgium

56-0 Norway

7-21 Portugal

39-14 Serbia

Knock Out (1st to 4th)

10-21 Italy

5-29 Germany

26th to 27th May 2007 at Croatia (FIRA-AER Qualifiers)

Came Fifth (plate winners)

Group Games

5-31 Ukraine

40-7 Hungary

41-0 Slovakia

12-14 Italy

Knock Out (5th to 8th)

21-5 Greece

47-12 Hungary

7th to 8th July 2007 at Moscow, Russia (FIRA-AER Finals)

Came Twelfth

Group Games

0-36 Russia

5-26 Romania

14-38 Poland

7-28 Germany

12-33 France

Knock Out (9th to 12th)

0-49 Ukraine

17-26 Lithuania

14th June to 15th June 2008 at Ostrava, Czech Republic (FIRA-AER Qualifiers)

Andorra will competed in stage five at Ostrava (Czech Republic) on 14th June and 15th June as 13th seeds. They were in group 2 with Belgium, Germany, Serbia and Slovakia. Group 1 contained Switzerland, Croatia, Czech Republic and IRB circuit experienced Spain and Portugal.

This appeared to be a good opportunity to reach the last four. Failing that then a 5th place final with Croatia seemed likely.

Group Games

12-17 Belgium

32-7 Slovakia

17-21 Germany

38-7 Serbia

Knock Out (5th to 8th)

14-7 Czech Republic

5th Place

12-28 Croatia

21st and 22nd June 2008 at Porto Carras, Greece (FIRA-AER Qualifiers)

Came fourth

Andorra competed in stage six at Porto Carras (Greece) on 21st and 22nd June. They were in group 1 with Luxembourg, Israel, Bosnia-Herzogovina and IRB experienced Russia. Group 2 contains Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and IRB experienced Spain.

Second place in the group was very achievable with a showdown with Spain likely in the last four.

Group Games

42-10 Corfu (standing in for Israel)

35-5 Bosnia-Herzegovina

5-31 Russia

47-0 Luxembourg

Knock Out (1st to 4th)

0-19 Spain

3rd Place

0-28 Italy

12th and 13th July 2008 at Hanover, Germany (FIRA-AER Finals if qualified)

Andorra did not qualify - they came 17th in the rankings with only 12 teams making it. If Scotland, England and France (all pre-qualified for Dubai) are included, that gives Andorra 20th place in Europe

Nation Analysis

"The Slovakia record includes one "w/o". It is counted as a win with no effect on points scored."

Current Squad

The following 20 man squad was announced on 29th May 2008 for the WCQ tournaments.

Paul Alieu - David Kirikashvili - Toni Carmona - Peter Ambor - Gerard Soteras - Jonathan Garcia - Esteve Perez - Marc Abello - Renaud Calvel - Roger Fite - Marc Gispert - Josep Magallon - Sergi Lucas - Miquel Barbolla - Kim Jordan - Emmanuel Sarti - Benjami Taurinya - Flavien Sayo - Maxim Taurinya - Gerard Gimenez

Results Women's 7s

To date Andorra (women) have played in four international Sevens Tournaments

25th to 27th May 2006 at Limoges, France (FIRA-AER Division B)

Came Second and promoted

Group Games

17-0 Poland

0-7 Hungary

29-0 Austria

15-0 Malta

Knock Out (1st to 4th)

22-0 Bulgaria

0-7 Romania

26th to 27th May 2007 at Zagreb, Croatia (FIRA-AER Division A)

Came 8th and should maintain status

Group Games

7-29 Germany

22-5 Bulgaria

7-12 Lithuania

19-5 Poland

15-7 Norway

Knock Out (7th to 8th)

0-5 Romania

0-29 Norway

30th May to 1st June 2008 at Belgium (FIRA-AER WCQ Stage 2)

Came third

Group Games (Pool A)

41-0 Luxembourg

5-17 Moldova

10-0 Norway

14-5 Switzerland

5-0 Malta

Knock Out (1st to 4th)

0-50 Germany

Knock Out (3rd place)

7-0 Czech Republic


14th June to 15th June 2008 at Limoges, France (FIRA-AER WCQ Finals)

Came 13th (Shield winners)

Group Games (Pool B)

7-36 Sweden

0-56 England

7-45 Germany

Knock Out (9th to 16th)

0-17 Portugal

(13th to 16th)

34-0 Israel

(13th Place (Shield Final))

10-5 Romania

Nation Analysis

Current Players

Myriam García Ramón - Iolanda Gispert Sancho - Marilia Ferreira Gomes - Carla Ferreira Gomes - Sílvia Cuaresma - Sandra Guerrero Soria - Magali Paradelle - Tània Albino Ferreira - Mariona Vila Torrents - Anna Casals Casas - Beatriz Candela Callejero - Gisela Escolà i Marsal - Olga Arrú Solana - Juana Gutierrez Lopez - Judith Riba Mateu - Cèlia Ferreira Gomes - Carol Dañobeitia - Lorena Ledesma Torres - Sònia Llopis Carreras - Isabel Tejero Cano - Sílvia Arrú Solana

Youth Rugby

There are only limited records for Andorran youth rugby.

A training camp (with Spain and Portugal) took place in 2001/2002. A similar camp took place at Tarazones from 7th to 12th April 2006 with 23 players and 3 coaches attending. These are both for Under 17s.

A camp is planned for 14th to 19th March 2008 in Spain, with Spain and Portugal. This too is for under 17s.

Andorra took part in the 1996 Junior World Cup (winning group C) and also took part in the pre-classification stages in 2000.

Off Field

Not counting youth training camps (which are mentioned in that section) and hosting tournaments, Andorra also endeavours to be involved in non-playing activities.

1993 Hosts 52nd FIRA conference

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External links

* [ Federació Andorrana de Rugby] - Official Site Catalan, English and French
* [] - Andorran Rugby Fan Site

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