Hidalgo (state)

Hidalgo (state)

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leader_title =Governor
leader_name =Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong (PRI)
leader_title1 = Federal Deputies
leader_name1 =PRI:4
leader_title2 =Federal Senators
leader_name2 = José Guadarrama (PRD)
Francisco Berganza (C)
Jesús Murillo (PRI)
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Ranked 26th
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population_as_of =2005
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population_total = 2,345,514 (Ranked 18th)
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blank_name =HDI (2004)
blank_info =0.7515 - medium
Ranked 27th
blank1_name =ISO 3166-2
blank1_info =MX-HID
blank2_name =Postal abbr.
blank2_info =Hgo.
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website = [http://www.hidalgo.gob.mx/ Hidalgo State Government]
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Hidalgo (pronounced|iˈðalɣo) is a state in central Mexico, bordered on the north by San Luis Potosí, on the east by Veracruz and Puebla, on the south by Tlaxcala and Mexico State, on the northwest by Querétaro.

The state covers an area of km2 to sq mi|20502. In the 2005 census it reported a population of some 2,345,514 people. It is named after Mexican independence leader Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.

The state capital is Pachuca. Also in the state of Hidalgo are the town and ancient Toltec ruins of Tula.


A call for a state in or around the area of modern-day Hidalgo was originally made in 1823, led by the representatives of Huejutla to the Constitutional Congress; the proposal, which would have established the state of Huasteca, did not proper.Fact|date=September 2008

In 1851, a movement began for the creation of a state, to be called Iturbide, from the Huasteca regions of Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí, Veracruz and state of México. The corresponding proposal, drafted by Manuel Fernando Soto (after whom Pachuca de Soto is named), was rejected by the 1857 Constitutional Congress. [ [http://www.hidalgo.gob.mx/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=19 Nace el estado] Hidalgo State Government, accessed 2008-092-5]

Hidalgo was created as a state on 15 January 1869, with its escision from the state of México following the restoration of the Republic after the French Intervention; overtures to the effect had again been made by various local federal deputies in 1861, prior to the war. [ [http://www.hidalgo.gob.mx/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=19 Nace el estado] Hidalgo State Government, accessed 2008-092-5] (Morelos was created in a similar fashion in April 1869.) Before deciding on Pachuca, serious consideration was given to Tulancingo as state capital.

Government and politics

The Constitution of the State of Hidalgo provides that the government of Hidalgo, like the government of every other state in Mexico, consists of three powers: the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. Executive power rests in the Governor of Hidalgo, who is directly elected by the citizens, using a secret ballot, to a 6-year term with no possibility of reelection. Legislative power rests in the Congress of Hidalgo which is a unicameral legislature. Judicial power is invested in the Superior Court of Justice of Hidalgo. The last local elections in Hidalgo were held in 2005, and the current governor is Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, whose term expires in 2011.

Territorial division

The State of Hidalgo is divided into 84 municipalities, each headed by a municipal president (mayor). Most municipalities are named after the city that serves as municipal seat, for example the municipal seat of the Municipality of Pachuca is the City of Pachuca.

Major communities

*Huejutla de Reyes
*Tepeji de Ocampo
*Progreso de Álvaro Obregón


External links

*es icon [http://cp.alternativo.net/hgo.php Towns, cities, and postal codes in Hidalgo]
*es icon [http://www.hidalgo.gob.mx/ Hidalgo State Government]
*es icon [http://www.prodigyweb.net.mx/dcwright/sangre.htm Sangre para el Sol: las pinturas murales del siglo XVI en la parroquia de Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo -- Blood for the Sun: XVI century mural paintings in the parish of Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo]
*es icon [http://www.prodigyweb.net.mx/dcwright/oto_edu.htm Los otomíes, la educación y los derechos lingüísticos -- Otomies (indigenous group of Hidalgo), education and linguist rights]
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*es icon [http://www.arqueomex.com/S2N3nLosOtomies73.html Lengua, cultura e historia de los otomíes -- Language, culture, and history of the Otomi]
*es icon [http://www.prodigyweb.net.mx/dcwright/publicac.htm Publicaciones varias sobre la historia mexicana, incluyendo los otomies en Hidalgo y otras areas del bajio -- Bibliography of mexican history studies, including on the Otomi in Hidalgo and central Mexico]
* [http://www.sup-infor.com/navigation.htm Codices otomi -- Otomi codexes in French, English & Spanish]

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