The Seen

The Seen

The Seen is an 8 piece Ska band from Adelaide born from Melbourne band Mad Not Madness. Like Area-7, The Seen is another band that was born from the aftermath of Mad Not Madness and endured as Area-7 has.


In December 1995, Raphael Segal (ex-lead singer of noted band Mad Not Madness) moved to Adelaide. After settling in he started regularly attending a club called Pop held at a venue called Stix. It was here that he was recognised by Ian Houston. Houston, after learning that Segal was indeed the same Segal from Melbourne that was in Mad Not Madness, he asked whether he was interested in joining a band called "Arthur Daley's All Skas".Segal wasn't initially interested but finally relented on the condition that they form a new band from scratch. Houston and Segal then went about recruiting players all over Adelaide.

After the band was put together they performed some obscure cover songs but eventually started to write their own material. Many of the songs from these early years survived in the setlist till current day such as Space Girl, Rudeboy's Lament and Breadhead.Over the years many line up changes ensued. In 1998 they released their first official recording, an EP with 6 tracks recorded at Dave Grice's (of Fattrax fame) garage studio.

The tracks released were:
* Rudeboy's Lament,
* Sally Brown - a Bad Manners cover,
* SpaceGirl,
* Prozac Man,
* Mr. & Mrs. - a Strange Tenants cover, and
* Apache - a cover and rework of the old Shadows classic.

for over six months reaching number one many times.

In 1998 a band called Area-7 came to Adelaide and The Seen supported the show out at Flinders University. Raph for the first time since the demise of Mad Not Madness got to catch up with his old co-horts, Dugald, Chucky, Dan, Stevo from the early days. This formed a nice relationship between the two bands and The Seen has supported Area-7 many times since.

After more line up changes and changes in 2000-2001, they embarked on recording their debut album "Checkout"( The Title track Stuck @ the Checkout was a rather obvious attack on the Howard Government's implementation of the Australian GST tax. Lyrics rang out "Ten per cent more or is it less" and was the first time the band got political in any way.

Checkout's track list read:
* Suits are cool,
* Tex's Big Bendy Banana,
* Liquified Vegies,
* Hey Mr. DJ,
* Stuck @ the Checkout,
* The Incredible Recycled Underpants,
* In the Dough,
* Breadhead,
* Sell it Myself,
* Shadows After Darkness,
* She Comes In - featuring a cheeky rendition of the culture club hit Karma Chameleon spliced into the song,
* Baby Elephant Skank - a rework of the Jose Feliciano classic Baby Elephant walk.

The band got to tour this album with the legendary band Bad Manners and Australian legends The Porkers after Pete Porker extended and invitation to The Seen to join them on the entire tour that travelled through Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra. The Porkers and The Seen bonded on this tour and became great mates. Whenever The Porkers are in Adelaide you wouldn't mind betting that The Seen would be supporting or in the audience.

The album gained some popularity and sold very well especially in their home state of South Australia.

In 2002 the band were asked again to travel interstate to play another gig with Bad Manners which they glady did.

Also in 2002 the band was asked to play a support for Reel Big Fish. After the gig Ian Houston, Joe Mount, Jason Mallia and manager Dave Edwards split from the group forming "Lucky 7" and "Houston's Dilemma". They are quoted as saying that the Reel Big Fish gig was great and that they wanted to leave on a highnote rather than a low one so more line up changes ensued.

In 2003 The band was still going after 7 years. Raphael being the only person left of the original line-up decided to put the band on ice indefinitely while the members formed another ska based project called GasKats. This would have similar aspects as The Seen but would take a few more risks with the songwriting, sound and show, and a newfound sense of seriousness.

In 2006 The Seen has reformed and is to tour Australia in 2007 to celebrate it's 10th Anniversary.

Members over the years

* Raphael Segal - "The Right Rev. Raphael" - Vocals
* Ian Houston - "Tex" - Guitar / Vocals
* Darren Lashford - "Daz" - Bass Guitar
* Monica De Angelis - Keyboards / Vocals
* Scott Malpass - Tenor Sax
* Brett Roman - Alto Sax / Tenor Sax
* Adrian Terrace - "A.T." Tenor Sax / Baritone Sax / Vocals
* Dave Winnall - "Dave" - Trombone / Vocals
* Troy Ottens - Trombone / Vocals
* Tyson Meunchow - Drums
* Kate Mawson - "Miss KT" - Alto Sax / Tenor Sax / Baritone Sax / Vocals
* Andy White - "Andy" - Drums
* Nigel Walters - "Nige" - Bass Guitar
* Alex Briedis - "Miss Al" - Keyboard / Vocals
* Greg Birch - "Greggy" - Keyboards / Vocals
* Kelly Woods - Guitar
* Kirk Shearer - Drums
* Joe Mount - "Joe" - Drums
* Paul Leonard - Drums
* Scott ?? - Bass Guitar
* Another Scott ?? - Drums
* ?? - A guy who looked like Jesus on Drums
* Jason Mallia - Trumpet


(regular but not officially core members)
* Emily Taheny - Vocals - (Now on TV with Comedy Inc.)
* Andy from Kinetic Playground


* Travis Young - Live Production
* Jason from Tomahawks - Live Production
* Darren Lashford - Live Production
* Hans-Robert van Amstel - Live Production (also Gig Photography)
* Steve Smith - Hippo Studios - Recorded Album "Checkout"
* Martin Pullen - EdenSound - Mastering Album Checkout
* Dave Grice - Fattrax - Recorded the first EP "Self Titled"


* Tavik Morgenstern
* Jon Mutter
* Travis Young


* Raphael Segal - Marketing posters/packages, adverts, T-shirts, Logos, Album and EP covers etc.
* Mango Chutney - Assistance with Artwork on Checkout.


* Andrew Dundon and Limelight Entertainmemt (Current)
* Ian Houston - Gigs
* Darren Lashford - Gigs
* Raphael Segal - Mediation and Negotiation
* Dave Winnall - Bookeeping
* Ian Beaton & Rob Pippan - Managed - 2000-2001
* Dave Edwards - 2002


* Self Titled EP "The Seen" SEP01 Be Seen Records 1998
* debut Album "Checkout" SLP01 Be Seen Records 2001

Points of note

* The Band featured in a film called "Which Case" currently as yet still unreleased although apparently is in the can. This had the band actually play themselves in the film rehearsing in a Port Adelaide derelict warehouse. Some gangsters show up to do some business and when it goes sour some stray bullets and fast cars fly extremely close to the band playing in the scene. As a result, in the film, Raph takes a stray bullet in the guts and is carted off to hospital. The band also wrote a song as a them song to this movie aptly named "Which Case". This song will appear on the soundtrack in some shape or form.

* The band's first self titled EP stayed in the South Australian TripleM SAMIA (Music Industry) charts for a total of 7 months repeatedly reaching number one during 1998.

* The band's first album "Checkout" also shot to the number one spot of the South Australian TripleM SAMIA (Music Industry) charts also staying there for over 6 months. It Hovered betwwen the number 1 and 2 spot for nine weeks even keeping nationally acclaimed band The SuperJesus in the second place on the launch of their album at the time for a total of two of those weeks.

* During 1999 the EP achieved the acclaimation of being named The "Most Playable" record for 3D Radio (Adelaide) Top Twenty plus One.

* During 2002 the band faced a most public crisis when two members walk out on them during a live to air performance at 3D Radio Adelaide. The band replaced them an hour later and played a gig that evening at the Exeter in Rundle Street Adelaide.

* The band had a little air play on TripleJ but only after prompting by Peter Porker of The Porkers requesting a Seen song during a live interview at TripleJ in 2001.

* Played Vans Warped 1999

* Toured with UK Ska Legends Bad Manners, Aussie Ska Legends The Porkers on the Heavyweights tour. Covering all the eastern states.

* Regularly played the Adelaide University's O-Ball.

* Supported Reel Big Fish. Apparently RBF requested to play with The Seen as they wanted to meet the band that gave the world Skahoo - The ska search engine.

Notable gigs and supports

* Bad Manners (UK) – Full First (Heavyweights) Aust Tour & 2nd tour in Melbourne, Reel Big Fish (USA), The Porkers, Area-7, Buck-o-Nine (USA), Ballistic Allshorts, Diane Anaid, Grinspoon, 99 Reasons Why, Honeyfix, Sunk Loto, Machinegun Fellatio, Bodyjar, 28 days, Hepcat (USA).
* Premier Local act at Vans Warped 99
* Museum Annual Charity Function – Sole Act
* Normans Wineries – Sea and Vines Festival 98
* Fringe Festival 98 and 2000
* Prosh After Dark – Adelaide Uni – CANTEEN Benefit
* O-Ball – Adelaide University – 2000/2001
* and hundreds of gigs locally in Adelaide

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