Government House

Government House

Government House is the name given to some of the residences of Governors-General, Governors and Lieutenant-Governors in the Commonwealth and the former British Empire. It serves as the venue for the Governor's official business, as well as the many receptions and functions hosted by the occupant. Sometimes, "Government House" is used as a metonym for the Governor or his office.

Official residences worldwide


Government House, Canberra is the residence of the Governor-General of Australia.

It is set in 530,000 square metres of grounds at "Yarralumla", which was a large farm on which much of present-day central Canberra now sits. The house itself is the former main house on the property, though it has been extended several times.

The Governor-General also has a house in Sydney, Admiralty House.

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* Government House, Melbourne is the residence of the Governor of Victoria. It is set between the Royal Botanical Gardens and King's Domain in Melbourne.

* Government House, Perth is the residence of the Governor of Western Australia. It is between the Supreme Court Gardens and the Perth Concert Hall, off St Georges Terrace in central Perth.

* Government House, Brisbane is the residence of the Governor of Queensland. It consists of the mansion known as Fernberg, several auxiliary buildings and 14 hectares of gardens and bushland in the Brisbane suburb of Paddington.

* Government House, Hobart, is the residence of the Governor of Tasmania. It is an elegant neo-gothic sandstone mansion, completed in 1857 in 15 hectares of gardens in a commanding position on the shores of the River Derwent.

* Government House, Sydney is the home to civic receptions and functions at which the Governor presides, but it is not the residence of the Governor of New South Wales.

* Government House, Darwin is the residence of the Administrator of the Northern Territory.

* Government House, Adelaide is the residence of the Governor of South Australia.


Falkland Islands

* Government House, Stanley is the residence of the Governor of the Falkland Islands. It was the scene of a battle with Argentine troops during the 1982 invasion.


Government House, Suva is located on Victoria Parade, Suva. It is the home of the President of Fiji and was built in 1928 to replace the original building - the residence of the colonial governor - which burnt to the ground after being struck by lightning in 1921.

Hong Kong

Government House, Hong Kong is located on Government Hill, Central, on Hong Kong Island. It was the official residence of most of the Governors of Hong Kong during British administration. After 1997, its status as the official residence of the head of the Hong Kong Government was abolished and has been used as a place for mere ceremonial uses. However, when Sir Donald Tsang became the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, he reverted it and designated the House as the official residence and office. He moved into the House at the end of January 2006.

Isle of Man

Government House, Governor's Road, Onchan is the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor Vice Admiral Sir Paul Haddacks, Her Majesty's representative on the Island.


Government House, on Hill of Evil Counsel near Talpiot, Jerusalem. Housed the high commissioner of Mandatory Palestine's residence after its move from Augusta Victoria, and after that Mandate's termination became the United Nations Middle East Headquarters.


Government House in St. Saviour is the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey.

New Zealand

Government House, Wellington is the primary residence of the Governor-General of New Zealand. There is a second house in Auckland, Government House, Auckland.

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* Government House of Pakistan in Islamabad.
* Government House of Baluchistan in Quetta, Baluchistan.
* Government House of North-West Frontier Province in Peshawar, N.W.F.P.
* Government House of Punjab in Lahore, Punjab.
* Government House of Sindh in Karachi, Sindh.

Government Houses outside the Commonwealth

* Some gubernatorial residences in the United States of America are also named "Government House".
**Government House (Maryland).

*Government House in Jerusalem is the former headquarters of the government of the British Mandate of Palestine until 1948, and has since June, 1948 been the headquarters of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization.
*Government House of Azerbaijan
*Government House of Thailand

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