Banding (medical)

Banding (medical)

Banding refers to a medical procedure which uses elastic bands for constriction. Banding may be used to tie off blood vessels in order to stop bleeding, as in treatment of bleeding varices. Banding may also be used to reduce the size of the stomach as a treatment for obesity.

Types of banding

Banding of blood vessels

Esophageal varices: A rubber band may be placed around the bleeding and/or dilated veins as either an acute or preventative treatment.

Hemorrhoids: Elastic banding may be used to remove hemorrhoids. Bands are placed around the enlarged vessels, cutting off blood supply and causing the hemorrhoids to shrink and fall off.

Gastric banding

Gastric banding a medical procedure used to assist in weight loss. Usually performed as a laproscopic procedure, an elastic band is placed around the stomach. As a result, the patient's stomach capacity is reduced causing the patient to feel full after consuming a small amount of food, thus reducing the food that they eat. The procedure is usually performed only on obese patients who need to lose in excess of 100 pounds.


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