Hobble (device)

Hobble (device)

A hobble is a device that prevents or limits the locomotion of a human or an animal, by tethering one or more legs. Although hobbles are most commonly used on horses, they are sometimes used also on other animals. On dogs, they are used especially during force-fetch training to limit the movement of a dog's front pawsFact|date=February 2008. They are made from leather, rope or synthetic materials such as nylon and Neoprene. There are various designs for breeding, casting and mounting horses.


Western horse hobbles

"Western"-style horse hobbles are tied around the pasterns or cannon bones of the front legs of the horse. They comprise three basic types:
* the vaquero or braided hobble These hobbles are often of a quite fancy plaiting and lighter that other varieties and are therefore only suitable for short term use.
* the figure eight hobble or Queensland Utility Strap is a common style of hobble that can be used as a belt, neck strap, lunch-time hobble or a tie for a “micky”.
* the twist hobble is made of soft leather or rope and has a twist between the horses legs.

The above patterns are unsuitable for training as they can tighten around a leg and cause injury.

Other hobbles

* drovers’ or grazing hobbles have a buckle on a wide double redhide or chrome leather strap and a swivel and 5 ring chain connecting them. They are placed around the pasterns.
* sideline hobbles may be made in the same manner as above, but with a longer chain to hobble a front and back leg. Rope may also replace the chain. They, too, are placed around the pasterns. This pattern may be useful on a persistent jumper or a horse that has mastered the art of travelling in front leg hobbles.
* three or four leg hobbles are made in a similar pattern to the above and hobble three or four legs. Used for securing legs for operations etc.
* humble or one leg hobble is a strap is placed around the front pastern, and then the leg is lifted and the strap is wrapped around the upper leg and then buckled, leaving the horse with three legs to stand on.
* mounting hobbles are knee hobbles that are made with a quick release, on a lead that passes to the rider. They are used to mount fractious horses and when mounted the rider can retrieve them.
* picket hobble is a single hobble that is placed on a front pastern and then attached to a tether chain.
* breeding or service hobbles usually fasten around a mare’s hocks, pass between her front legs to a neck strap. They are used to protect a stallion from kicks.
* a hind leg pull up strap passes from a neck strap and around a hind pastern to draw up a hind foot for shoeing or treatment.
* casting hobbles are the same as the above, but with another rope or strap attached to the other hind foot. When these straps or ropes are pulled up together the horse will fall.
* hopples (sometimes called hobbles) are a piece of equipment used by Standardbred pacers to help the horse maintain his pacing gait.
* cattle hobbles are a strong strap with a metal keeper in the middle and a buckle at the end. They are used on the hind legs for a short period when capturing feral cattle.


Hobbles date at least as far back as Ancient Egypt. Two Egyptian hieroglyphs are believed to be hobbles.


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