Lose My Breath

Lose My Breath

Infobox Single
Name = Lose My Breath

Artist = Destiny's Child
Album = Destiny Fulfilled
B-Side = Why Ya Actin', Game Over
Released = November 1, 2004 (UK)
November 2, 2004 (U.S.)
December 28, 2004 (Australia)
Format = CD single, digital download, maxi single
Genre = R&B, dance-pop
Length = 4:01 (album version)
3:33 (radio edit)
Label = Columbia
Writer = Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels, Fred Jerkins III, Sean Garrett, Shawn Carter
Producer = Beyoncé Knowles, Darkchild
Certification = Gold (RIAA)
Last single = "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"
This single = "Lose My Breath"
Next single = "Soldier"

"Lose My Breath" is an R&B-dance-pop song performed by the American group Destiny's Child. It was written by Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels, Fred Jerkins III, Sean Garrett, and Shawn Corey "Jay-Z" Carter for Destiny's Child's fourth studio album, "Destiny Fulfilled" (2004). The song was already developed by Jerkins before it came to Destiny's Child. After hearing the song, they further improved it with help from Jay-Z.

"Lose My Breath" was released as the album's lead single in late 2004, considered as their comeback after a three-year hiatus. The single was critically and commercially successful, receiving positive responses from critics and the public. "Lose My Breath" reached the top spot on most charts in Europe, making it one of Destiny's Child's most successful single releases.

The song was nominated at the 2005 Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Duo Or Group. The single's music video, which features Destiny's Child in three characters, also received nominations.

Writing and composition

American record producer Rodney Jerkins, who had previously collaborated with the group on the 2000 single "Say My Name", had worked on the material before Destiny's Child knew about it. Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams heard only the drums of the track and they liked it. They went to their band mate Kelly Rowland, who was excited without hearing it after seeing their expressions. Alongside Jerkins, the group asked for help from American rapper Jay-Z. Jay-Z made a chorus without hearing the track. They took the chorus and wrote the verses and bridge around it. [Cite news |last=Moss |first=Corey |title=Beyonce Healing Fast Thanks To Serena Williams |url=http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1492003/20041006/knowles_beyonce.jhtml |work=MTV News |date=October 6, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21]

"Lose My Breath" is an R&B song performed with a dance beat.Cite web |title=Scorch File Destiny's Child Digital Sheet Music: Lose My Breath |url=http://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/scorch.asp?ppn=SC0020410 |work=Musicnotes.com |publisher=Musicnotes, Inc. |date= |accessdate=2008-02-21] The song is composed in the key of C minor and is set in common time. The song features fast snare drum sequences and choppy beats with hand-clappy percussion and clipped synthesizer blips.Cite web |title=Lose My Breath |url=http://www.sonymusic.com.au/cd/releaseDetails.do?catalogueNo=675425.2 |work=Sony BMG Australia |publisher=SONY BMG Music Entertainment (Australia) Pty Limited |date= |accessdate=2008-02-21] Cite web |last=Sinclair |first=Tom |title=Destiny Fulfilled (2004): Destiny's Child
url=http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,784896,00.html |work=Entertainment Weekly |publisher=Entertainment Weekly and Time Inc. |date=November 26, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21
] The lyrics are constructed in the chorus-verse pattern. The song opens with a chorus following Beyoncé's rendition of the first verses. The chorus follows, leading to Rowland's second verses. The chorus is repeated twice before the bridge by Michelle. The trio sings together in a short ad lib ending with a repeated chorus.

Release and reception

Following the three year hiatus of the group, "Lose My Breath" was considered as their comeback release. The single was released to markets in different dates. On October 29, 2004, a maxi single was released in Australia, featuring the album version of the track, two remixes and the new song "Why You Actin'". In the United States, the single was released in a different version. On November 2, "Lose My Breath/Soldier" and "Lose My Breath/Game Over" singles were released.Cite web |title=Lose My Breath/Soldier |url=http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/discography/more.jsp?tp=singles&pid=248498&aid=656501#artAlbumMoreContainer |work=Billboard |publisher=Nielsen Business Media, Inc. |accessdate=2008-02-21] The single was included in the "Soldier/Lose My Breath [Remixes] " and "Soldier/Lose My Breath".

Jenny Eliscu of "Rolling Stone" referred to "Lose My Breath" a "sweat-soaked" track and a "percussive sex romp" where Destiny's Child "pant in time to a marching-band beat." [Cite web |last=Eliscu |first=Jenny |title=Destiny's Child: Destiny Fulfilled |url=http://www.rollingstone.com/reviews/album/6592847/review/6594165?utm_source=Rhapsody&utm_medium=CDreview |publisher=Rolling Stone |date=October 25, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21] Nick Reynolds of the BBC called the military drumming of the track "exciting" and its keyboard stabs "nasty". He compared the song to Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise", Missy Elliot's "Pass the Dutch" and to The Supremes. [Cite web |last=Reynolds |first=Nick |title=Destiny's Child: Destiny Fulfilled |url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/release/55jw/ |publisher=BBC.co.uk |date=December 1, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21] Tom Sinclair of "Entertainment Weekly" commented that the song has more nervous energy than their previous single "Bootylicious". Eric Henderson of "Slant Magazine" called the song a "thigh-snapper" and called it responsible for the "increased use of paradiddling drumsticks as sex toys." [Cite web |last=Henderson |first=Eric |title=Destiny Fulfilled: Destiny's Child
url=http://www.slantmagazine.com/music/music_review.asp?ID=526 |publisher=Slant Magazine |date=2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21
] Tom Breihan of Pitchfork Media complimented Jerkin's drum programming calling it "incredible". But he added that "it needs a tune." [Cite web |last=Breihan |first=Tom |title=Destiny's Child: "Lose My Breath"
url=http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/track_review/29939-lose-my-breath |work=Pitchfork Media |publisher=Pitchfork Media Inc. |date=September 29, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21

"Lose My Breath" was nominated at the 2005 Grammy Awards for Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Duo Or Group. [Cite news |last=Susman |first=Gary |title=Impressed with West |url=http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,927237,00.html |work=Entertainment Weekly |publisher=Entertainment Weekly and Time Inc. |date=December 7, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-22] At the 23rd Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards, British record company EMI received the Publisher of the Year title for publishing several songs including "Lose My Breath". [Cite news |title=ANNIE LENNOX, GREEN DAY, 50 CENT, EMI MUSIC PUBLISHINGRECEIVE TOP HONORS AT ASCAP POP MUSIC AWARDS |url=http://www.ascap.com/press/2006/052206_pop.html |publisher=ASCAP |accessdate=2008-02-22] It also garnered as one of the Most Performed Songs in 2005. [Cite web |title=MOST PERFORMED SONGS |url=http://www.ascap.com/eventsawards/awards/popawards/2006/songs.html |publisher=ASCAP |accessdate=2008-02-22]

Chart performance

"Lose My Breath" entered the top ten of the "Billboard" Hot 100 prior to its physical release. The single debuted at number 30 on October 2, 2004. [Cite web |title=Billboard Hot 100 |url=http://acharts.us/billboard_hot_100/2004/39 |publisher=αCharts |date=October 2, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21] After the release, "Lose My Breath" sit at number three on November 6. [Cite web |title=Billboard Hot 100 |url=http://acharts.us/billboard_hot_100/2004/44 |publisher=αCharts |date=November 6, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21] It did not reach a higher position and stayed at its peak position for four weeks,Cite web |title="Lose My Breath" Global Positions and Trajectories |url=http://acharts.us/song/584 |publisher=αCharts |accessdate=2008-02-21] becoming Destiny's Child's ninth top ten single. The single stayed the chart for 23 weeks. "Lose My Breath" was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America on April 28, 2005. [Cite web |title=Gold and Platinum |url=http://www.riaa.com/goldandplatinumdata.php?resultpage=1&table=SEARCH_RESULTS&action=&title=Lose%20MY%20Breath&artist=&format=&debutLP=&category=&sex=&releaseDate=&requestNo=&type=&level=&label=&company=&certificationDate=&awardDescription=&catalogNo=&aSex=&rec_id=&charField=&gold=&platinum=&multiPlat=&level2=&certDate=&album=&id=&after=&before=&startMonth=1&endMonth=1&startYear=1958&endYear=2008&sort=Artist&perPage=25 |publisher=RIAA |accessdate=2008-02-21]

"Lose My Breath" was more successful in European charts. In the United Kingdom, the single debuted at number two, becoming its highest entry. It failed to reach the top spot, beaten by Eminem's "Just Lose It", U2's "Vertigo" and Girls Aloud's "I'll Stand by You" for its four week-long run at second place. It remained within the top ten for seven consecutive weeks and spent a total of 11 weeks on the chart. The single topped the charts in Belgium, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland. "Lose My Breath" entered the top ten in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

Across Oceania, the single had similar reception. The single debuted in Australia at number five on November 15, 2004. [Cite web |title=Australia Singles Top 50 |url=http://acharts.us/australia_singles_top_50/2004/46 |publisher=αCharts |date=November 15, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21] It peaked at number three, three weeks after its debut. [Cite web |title=Australia Singles Top 50 |url=http://acharts.us/australia_singles_top_50/2004/48 |publisher=αCharts |date=November 29, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21] It stayed on the chart for 17 weeks. In New Zealand, the single debuted at number 16 on November 15. [Cite web |title=New Zealand Top 40 50 |url=http://acharts.us/nz_singles_top_40/2004/46 |publisher=αCharts |date=November 15, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21] The single spent seven weeks there.

Music video

The music video for "Lose My Breath" was directed by Marc Klasfeld, who had previously worked with Sum 41, Nelly and Alien Ant Farm, and was shot in Los Angeles, California on October 8, 2004.Cite news |last=Moss |first=Corey |title=Beyonce Healing Fast Thanks To Serena Williams |url=http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1491496/20040930/knowles_beyonce.jhtml |work=MTV News |publisher=MTV Networks |date=October 6, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21] [Cite news |last=Rashbaum |first=Alyssa |title=Beyonce Injured At Dance Rehearsal; Some Of Destiny's Child's Plans Delayed |url=http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1491496/20040930/knowles_beyonce.jhtml |work=MTV News |publisher=MTV Networks |date=September 30, 2004 |accessdate=2008-02-21] Destiny's Child had rehearsals for the video late in September and early in October. They prepared three routines for the song to identify their three personalities in the video.

The video takes place in an alleyway, where the girls are having a dance-off with the crowd. It is a showdown of an "in-fashion" and "street" Destiny's Child. Towards the end, the third Destiny's Child even "fiercer" takes the floor.

"Lose My Breath" premiered on MTV's "Total Request Live". The video debuted on the video program on October 26, 2004 at number eight.Cite web |title=TRL Debuts |url=http://host17.hrwebservices.net/~atrl/trlarchive/db.html |publisher=Popfusion |accessdate=2008-02-22] It stayed there for 36 days. On Muchmusic's Top 30 countdown, the video debuted on November 6 at number 26.Cite web |title=Destiny's Child: Lose My Breath |url=http://top40-charts.com/songs/full.php?sid=11490&sort=chartid |publisher=Top40-charts.com |accessdate=2008-02-22] It peaked at number seven on January 15 and January 22, and charted for 12 weeks.

The music video was nominated for the Best Dance Video category at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards, but lost to Missy Elliott's "Lose Control". [Cite web |title=Video Music Awards - Past VMAs - 2005 |url=http://www.mtv.com/ontv/vma/past-vmas/2005/index.jhtml |work=MTV News |publisher=MTV Networks |accessdate=2008-02-22]

Formats and track listings

*Maxi CD single
# "Lose My Breath" (Album Version)
# "Lose My Breath" (Maurice's Nu Soul Mix)
# "Lose My Breath" (Paul Johnson's Club Mix)
# "Why You Actin'"
*US CD single
# "Lose My Breath" (Album Version)
# "Game Over"

Credits and personnel

* Lead vocals by: Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams
* Vocal production by: Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Sean Garrett
* Recorded by: Jeff Villanueva, Jim Caruna at Sony Music Studios, New York City
* Audio mixing by: Tony Maserati
* Mastered by: Tom Coyne
* Introduction by: Michigan Marching Band Drumline



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